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Why we are all connected and what that means for your life

In this article I want to share with you something that goes very deep. It is something that many people are not ready for. Especially when they hear about it for the first time, many react with rejection.

A few years ago I would certainly have paid no attention to this topic and dismissed it with a smile. On my personal development journey, I experience ever crazier things and have to repeatedly discard old beliefs and outdated ideas.

I know that not only will I make friends with this article, but I got a whole new perspective on the subject from an interview I saw recently.

It's about an issue that can change all of your decisions and actions forever. The only requirement is that you accept what pretty much all religions have in common and what science, quantum physics, not only claims but also proves. (e.g. double-slit experiment)

We are all one:

The impetus to address this topic on my blog gave me an interview that a good friend and entrepreneur sent me. (Thanks Monique :-))

It's an interview from the London Real podcast. (I can really recommend the YouTube channel to you. The slogan "People Worth Watching" does what it promises.)

Brian Rose, former banker, interviews greats like Tim Ferriss, Eliott Hulse, Dorian Yates and Dan Pena on his show.

He conducted the interview with Marianne Williamson. Incidentally, the quote at the end of the welcome email of the newsletter comes from her and it also appears at the end of my book. (The "Your deepest fear .." quote is mistakenly attributed to Nelson Mandela.)

Marianne Williamson is a 4-time bestselling author and spiritual teacher. She has been a guest of the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.

Based on her area of ​​expertise and expertise, Brian Rose asked her a question on the subject of "We are all one".

Following you, I translated the excerpt from the interview into German.

Brian Rose:“Talk to me about this“ we're all connected ”idea. I was lucky enough to speak to hundreds of people who have come here. Some of them were pretty advanced and could really sit here and say, "Brian, we are all one".

It took me many years to even get a glimpse of it. Sometimes it even took a psychedelic experience for me to get some insight into it, but I'm slowly starting to see small parts of it at the age of 44.

But if you try to explain this to a normal person, or to a person on the street or on Twitter, they might have a hard time with the fact that a terrorist in Paris is supposed to be themselves. Where do you start this conversation? "

Marianne Williamson: “Most people know that science is now telling us that this chair appears like a solid object, but while I hold onto it, it's actually not a solid object.

Einstein said time and space are an illusion of consciousness. This whole question of reality, the solid reality of the three dimensions, the time and space continuum, is now, according to the deepest areas of science, itself an illusion.

Science now agrees with Buddha. She now agrees to books like "A Course In Miracles" that say the same thing. This three-dimensional plane is of course real within the three-dimensional plane, but this is a great illusion in itself.

Beyond this space there is a quantum field. It is beyond time and space. It doesn't matter whether you look at it in religious terms like the Spirit of God or in a scientific way. It is the idea that separation does not exist in this room.

According to my physical eyes, you are over there and I am here. Again, Einstein agrees with the Buddha. That itself is an illusion. Who I am is energy and it is not limited. These clothes that I wear, not just the clothes, the body I live in is a suit itself.

Who I am doesn't stop at the limits of my skin. It goes on outward and there is actually an energy within you where you go outward. There is really no place where you stop and I start.

We are like sunbeams who think they are separate from other sunbeams, when in fact there is no place where one sunbeam ends and another begins. We are like waves in the ocean who think we are separate from other waves. There is no place where one wave ends and another begins.

When I was in Mexico many years ago, I was in this beautiful aspen plant. I remember a friend telling me "You know Marianne, this is the biggest living thing in the world".

I said, "What are you talking about?" And this man was telling me how aspens are actually related. The aspen plant is connected in its root system. Above the ground, they appear to be separate trees, but below the ground, they are all a system.

We are like when you look at a wheel. We are all separate spokes in the wheel. But who are we really? If you identify us with our position on the frame, we are all separated from each other. But if you see our ultimate identity, who we are at the starting point of the wheel hub, then we are a point.

Someone like Carl Jung articulated that there are, as he called it, archetypes within the collective unconscious. That is the idea that there are mental archetypes in your mind and mental archetypes in mine that are the same.

The idea of ​​the Christian mind, or the one mind, the cosmic mind, whatever name you want to give it is the idea that if you go deep enough into your mind and deep enough into mine, it won't just be images there that we share, we share because we are the same spirit, the same mind.

Once you realize that, you will see that whatever I do to you, I do to myself. Therefore, if I judge you, I will be judged myself. You will either judge me back, attack me, or even if you are too enlightened to do it, I will feel like you did.

That changes everything. When that becomes your mental filter and that is what enlightenment is, a shift from body identification to spiritual identification, a shift from attachment to the three-dimensional reality on which your self-esteem is based, your feeling of who other people are and from which you make all your decisions how you behave in this world completely meets a different mental filter.

I know what I do to you, I do to myself. It will just take some time. Everything will change.

Within the body identification that I give you, I no longer have it myself. Within the spiritual identification, I can only have what I give. It's a complete shift and it's actually the metaphysical meaning of what was meant when Jesus turned the other cheek. See it with a different eye. "

Is this the first time you hear about this concept or are you already familiar with it? What are your thoughts on that?

Please be sure to let me know your thoughts on this in the comments.

Here is the full interview:

What are your thoughts on that?
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