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The power of shyness / of introverts

The current issue of Time Magazine from February 6th is about the "Power of Shyness".

In reality, it's actually about the strengths of introverts. The article also correctly distinguishes between shyness and introversion. But shyness was probably chosen for the cover, as the term is better known than introversion. More about the difference between shyness and introversion in the section characteristics.

What does the article tell us?

First it's about
the problems of introverts

In a noisy world, quiet introverts often have a hard time being heard. Permanent meetings, parties, open offices, marketing and “socializing”. Everywhere introverts are asked to come out of themselves, which is often very exhausting for them and can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be depressing for introverts when it is not the quality of something that counts, but how loudly or often you say it. The volume at which someone / something is presented says nothing about its quality.

but then it continues

the strengths of introverts!

Quite a few positive sides are addressed in the article, most of which extroverts are missing. Here is a small list:

  • Introverts are more cautious and more deliberate. You are not taking such high risks and are less likely to make hasty decisions.
  • Introverts listen better and more closely. This is particularly important in management positions.
  • Introverts can focus on something on their own for a long time. This enables them to develop ideas, learn or perfect something better.
  • Because they can focus more on themselves and their work, introverts are often better athletes, musicians, or students.
  • Introverts take risks and warnings more seriously. In contrast to extroverts, who often pounce on it in the prospect of a reward or success. This makes introverts better poker players or investors, for example.
  • Introverted leaders work best with self-employed people who show initiative, while extroverts work best with people who follow instructions as directed.

There is also a list of
Celebrity Introverts:

Including Bill Gates, Mother Theresa and Gandhi, who are also found in the personality test of introverted types in the type test. Further examples (not represented in the type test) are. E.g. stock market tycoon Warren Buffett and Google boss Larry Page. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also listed as introverts. So far, however, I have assessed both of them as extroverts. It may well be that the two are in the middle of the introversion and extroversion scale, which results in the different assessments.
Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs or George Bush are mentioned as extroverted examples, which can also be found on Typentest.de among the extroverted types.

Overall, a good, well-founded article from Time that highlights the strengths of Introversion.

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Anecdote on the side: the European and international version of Time features the footballer Lionel Messi on the cover. Since hardly anyone is interested in football in the USA, shyness made it onto the cover there.

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