How do I clean a glass tube

The magic of glass vases & 6 simple tricks to clean them properly

We have our hearts on Glass vases lost. Why is that so, which are currently fully im trend are with which Home remedies Ye clean get what you can do when you don't want to clean them anymore and what all this has to do with coffee grounds - you can find out more here.

Bulbous, narrow-necked, transparent, colored, with trapped air bubbles, dangling from the ceiling ... there are countless variants and you are sure to have some of them at home long ago.

Now they are celebrating their big comeback - and we love it, because glass vases have a lot more to offer than just offering a light stage:

  • Their delicate transparency fills entire rooms with airy lightness and the aesthetics of the captured sunlight can change entire room atmospheres.
  • Without further ado, we can transform glass vases into small and very personal works of art: With a single wild branch, a delicate cherry branch or a spherical hydrangea blossom.
  • Breaks in style look particularly cool here: if we completely sink the flowers into the vase, it becomes an elegant sculpture.
  • Glass vases can be easily converted: with a pillar candle for a romantic one Lantern, with sweets for a sweet eye-catcher.
  • Also hypnotic when we leave the fine roots of plants to admire. Later we can still decide whether we want to stay with the Aquaplant or whether we prefer to plant it in the garden.

The vase gives shape to the emptiness and the music of the silence.

Georges Braque

We see how right the French painter and co-founder of Cubism is every time when even unfilled glass vases sparkle like small jewels on the windowsill - and this does not only apply to the facet-cut ones:

Glass simply has this simply elegant expression and at the same time can be integrated into any interior in an incredibly versatile manner.

This season we will discover glass vases in countless colors and shapes.

Glass in 100 ways: the current vase trends

We are currently excited about the Bonseki and Iki Doll vases by Denis Guidone for our new brand Serax.

Since the Italian designer commutes back and forth between Milan and Tokyo, he can take a particularly close look at the contrasts between East and West. In his vase designs, he hypnotically fused his fascination for the Japanese arts with Western influences:

Bonseki - This is an old Japanese art form in which miniature landscapes of white sand, pebbles and small stones are created on black 'Bon' (lacquer trays in English) with the help of feathers, small flax brooms and wooden wedges.

Iki on the other hand is the name of traditional Japanese dolls that were popular in their homeland during the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The life-size dolls were designed to be particularly lifelike and were presented at exhibitions.

The vases look great with spring-like effect branches, but are also a wonderful still life on their own.

The Bauhaus-inspired one is an everlasting classic and sought-after collector's item Lyngby vase. In the legendary grooved vase, clear shapes and straight lines meet noble craftsmanship, which makes it an icon of modern design.

And not only in the porcelain version, but also in the version made of hand-blown glass - here the play of light from the glass columns creates a fascinating liveliness. Psst, little insider: This glass vase even works as a drinking glass.

Tip: The traditional brand is now under the umbrella of the Rosendahl Design Group, but the hand-printed monogram on the bottom of the vase has remained: Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark EST 1936. Make sure you pay attention when buying - it is the authenticity guarantee for your design icon that you can pass on to generations.

Classics & current favorite vases in the shop

  1. Plisse vase from TineKHome | 2. Urna vase by Marimekko | 3. Iki Doll vase by Serax | 4. Vase glass from Ib Laursen | 5. Vase set Bonseki by Serx | 6. Vase Flower by Marimekko | 7. Vase Votive from Bloomingville | 8. Vase Ada with stand from Bloomingville

Two souls live, alas!

It's clear and obvious, do you agree with me? Glass vases are simply beautiful shapes with a soul. But, oh - sometimes they are really not that easy to clean, because their light transparency makes them open and vulnerable to ugly ones Dirty edges and Limescale deposits. And as if this wasn't enough, make it difficult for us narrow vase necks additionally cleaning.

We have therefore made ourselves smart and put together all the home remedies that promise help so that glass vases retain their full radiance and may even regain them.

How do I clean vases? Tricks & Home Remedies

First of all we remove coverings that leave behind plant residues and flower water, mechanically:with the Rinsing, nail or Bottle brush plus a little Dishwashing or Vinegar cleaner. Is the vase neck for it too closely or the result is not satisfactory, leave different Home remedies our vases shine again and remove unpleasant odors at the same time.

Because, be careful - the most obvious thing is unfortunately out of the question: In the dishwasher should flower vases Notbecause thin-walled glass vases, but also high-quality ceramic and porcelain vases, can burst at the high temperatures.

For all listed below Home remedies then applies: always top up with warm water, at least an hour act leave - in stubborn cases, even overnight. Then close the vase opening (use a folded tea towel if necessary), swivel vigorously and then several times with water rinse.

You (or your pantry) will quickly become yours Favorite trick 17 find out - they are definitely all worth a try:

  • Braces / denture cleaning tabs: Dosage 1 -2 tabs, depending on the size of the vase. Tip: Also works great with drinking bottles and thermos flasks. For vases you can also try a dishwasher tab - but this is better, e.g. B. with a hammer.
  • Vinegar / citric acid: 2 - 4 tablespoons. Caution: Never use undiluted and it is best to also wear gloves.
  • Baking powder / baking soda: 1 sachet or 1 tablespoon.
  • rice: Put 2 - 3 tablespoons of raw rice grains in the vase and shake vigorously. In this way, even the roughest dirt should be removed. Only then add warm water and proceed as usual.
  • Potato / egg shells: Add 1 handful and, if necessary, some washing-up liquid.
  • Coffee grounds: 2 tablespoons. Here I would be careful with the spout, because coffee grounds have an abrasive effect, but (contrary to Omi's tip) they are not suitable as a pipe cleaner and therefore have no place in the drain.

You have one special stubborn and narrow-necked comrades, where even repeated cleaning processes and the combination of several agents still leave dirt or limescale marks?

Give it a try: Wrapped around one Wooden spoon with a dishcloth or microfiber cloth and move even more stubborn edges with one Shish kebab skewer to body.

By the way, you can always use your flower water as a preventative measure Freshness retention agent because this inhibits the formation of bacteria and, as a result, the dirt on the vase does not appear.

Do you want to do without the plastic bags from the florist? A Copper coin or a bit Charcoal in the vase is a great alternative. By the way, you can find more here 5 simple tips to help flowers stay fresh longer.

Oh, would you prefer to save yourself the ugly limescale and the annoying cleaning of flower vases completely?

There is also a solution: flowers that last a particularly long time - even without water

These branches are particularly uncomplicated, stay beautiful almost forever and are therefore the ideal permanent decoration:

  • Pampas grass - still very popular.
  • Cotton twigs - say hello to the good old 80s.
  • Pussy willow - only without water they stay fluffy and do not bloom. But be careful: Please do not cut wildly, because they are under nature protection.
  • Eucalyptus - nice and juicy at first, but also smells very pleasant when dried and looks great.
  • Large sedum plant - belongs to the succulents and is therefore a robust cut and dried flower.
  • Craspedia, the yellow ball flowers are also known as drumsticks or billy buttons.
  • Gypsophila - colored right now right on trend.

Do we want to sift through our glassy treasures, rearrange them and stage them? Individually or in groups, with colors and contrasts, unfilled, combined with filigree branches or lush bouquets of flowers - how do you like it best?

We wish you a lot of fun with the magical sparkle!