Why do people like hip hop

Everyone is as unique as their taste in music.

Music expresses who we are - not who we appear to be. We don't just concentrate on them - at a concert, for example - but use them everywhere. In sports, for example, music is an indispensable companion for many. And in everyday situations, such as cooking or cleaning and on the road in the bus, train and car, you will certainly hear one or the other song, although you are concentrating on something else. And everyone has their own taste in music. That is why it is said at Panasonic: “Your style. Your sound. Your music."

The taste in music can be read from your own playlist.

Music fascinates us, influences our mood a lot and plays a big role in life. Our playlists in particular reveal a lot about us: What makes you dance? Which songs do you sing along loudly? And which genre do you basically skip? All of this says a lot about the character, because music can be interpreted as a kind of mirror of ourselves.

The four basic dimensions of musical taste.

Researchers at the University of Texas have worked out extensive studies of people's preferences for music. In doing so, they named four musical preferences and associated them with character traits:

  • People with a more reflective and complex character prefer blues, jazz, classical and folk
  • People with rebellious traits prefer rock, alternative, and heavy metal
  • Euphoric and conventional people are most likely to like pop, country, and soundtracks
  • dynamic character traits are ascribed to rap, hip-hop, soul / funk and dance

Do you recognize yourself in one of these basic classifications? If not, it doesn't matter, because this limitation only shows that the researchers are trying to bring some clarity into the complex and highly diverse musical tastes of people.

The true passion for music is often hidden from others.

Be it at work or in dealing with friends: We slip into different roles every day. Perhaps you secretly like German hits, but are generally more of a friend of upscale classical music? No problem: With the right headphones, you can pursue your inner musical taste in everyday life and indulge in your favorite songs without any problems. With the in-ear RP-HDE5M, for example, your music belongs only to you.

Experience the sound of conventional and high resolution audio sources with excellent sound. The high-polymer membrane in the HDE5M ensures precise and linear music reproduction. The in-ear headphones are also visually impressive. In addition, the two models come with silicone adapters in five different sizes, so that you get the best possible wearing comfort.

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Do you prefer on-ear headphones? Here you go.

The HF400B is ideal for fans of on-ear headphones! It enables you to play your music via Bluetooth in a simple, clean design. This on-ear model stands for robust bass, dynamic sound and up to 20 hours of battery life. With the swiveling and folding mechanism typical of the Panasonic HF series, you can conveniently stow the headphones in any pocket.

If you want a particularly dynamic sound with a 30 mm driver unit and prefer practical ribbon cables, the on-ear headphones RP-HF100M are your headphones.

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Enjoy your very own music in your own four walls, for example in the shower.