What is philosophy in symbolic logic

Introduction to symbolic logic

In the form of symbolic or mathematical logic or logistics, logic has taken on a completely new form for about 100 years. The use of symbols, while the most striking feature of the new logic, is not the most essential. More important are the exactness of the formulation, the large extent of the field, especially in the theory of relations and the concepts of higher levels, and the diverse application possibilities of the new methods. In recent decades, therefore, interest in symbolic logic has awakened in wider circles, especially among philosophers and mathematicians, but also among specialists who are interested in analyzing the concepts of their specialist fields. In the United States in particular, symbolic logic is now a recognized research and teaching subject; Here most authors consider the philosophy of knowledge, language analysis, methodology of science, fundamentals of mathematics, axioma. Writing a table method and the like, symbolic logic as an indispensable aid. This book aims to contribute to promoting interest in symbolic logic in German-speaking countries. It differs from the other textbooks, which are mostly published in English, mainly in the following points. Here not only the elementary parts of the theory are presented, as is usual, but also the higher areas, especially the logic of the relations, which are particularly important for the application. Furthermore, the whole of Part II is devoted to the application of symbolic logic.