How long will IFTTT stay free

IFTTT introduces paid subscription models - users are looking for alternatives

In future only three "Ifs" ​​will be free of charge, IFTTT - "If This Then That" - introduces various subscription models. Private customers can still choose their monthly fee, business customers pay according to size or individual agreement. Developers get an annual package for $ 199. Numerous users are now exchanging ideas about alternatives. That could be Zapier, Automate and Conrad Connect. But there are also open source variants.

With IFTTT, routine tasks in the network can be automated - without having to do great programming. The procedure is already in the name: An easy-to-understand user interface offers the option of entering the "ifs" and "thens", for example "If I post something on my blog, share it on Facebook". Web services offer programming interfaces that IFTTT uses for implementation. So far it was free and ad-free. You just had to register with your email address.

If you want to use more than three applets, you can currently pay $ 3.99, $ 5.99 or $ 9.99 as a private person. "For a limited time you can choose the price for IFTTT Pro yourself and we will reward you indefinitely," says the IFTTT registration process. The only way to find out the costs for business customers is to contact the service.

These can be alternatives

But IFTTT has long ceased to be the only automation service for online and IoT applications of all kinds. Its competitors include Zapier, although only five automation routines (Zaps) and a maximum of 100 executions of so-called tasks per month are free. The next higher plan is $ 19.99 per month. Automate allows 300 actions per month in the free plan. With Conrad's IoT platform Conrad Connect, a maximum of three private projects with two app connections can be realized free of charge. The prices for private customers depend on the number of connected devices and start at 4.99 euros per month.

If you only want to automate workflows in Office 365, you can use Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow), which is included in some versions of the package. And Huginn and are open source solutions that you can host yourself. Of course, this requires a little more expertise.


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