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What does the Insect Protection Act affect me?

by Ingrid Martin • 05 Feb., 2021 •

"What does the Insect Protection Act affect me?" 😏 "Why do the farmers always go to Berlin and go to the barricades?" 🙄 You could ask yourself these and other questions ........ ❓ Without food, humans cannot survive - no new knowledge. 🥗 And this is exactly why the insect repellent paper affects YOU, ME, ALL OF US ❗ "The" Great Famine "between 1845 and 1852 in Ireland brought great suffering to many Irish families. Around 1 million people, about 12 percent of the population, died as a result of the long-term effects Poor harvests of potatoes, caused by the late blight, the fungus Phytophthora infestans. At that time, potatoes were the main food of the population, which could not be easily replaced by another food. Effective pesticides were not available at that time. Almost 2 million Irish people left their country and migrated a us. In Germany, too, the late blight caused a famine in the winter of 1916/17. "** In order to protect the population from famine and to be able to produce sufficient food for the world population in the long term, PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS must and must inevitably be used. What some of you may still have in mind, namely that GIFT is applied, dates back decades‼ In Germany we have been working according to the highest standards for many years. "Paragraph 2 of the Plant Protection Act defines INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION as a combination of procedures that are given priority The use of chemical pesticides is restricted to the necessary minimum in terms of biological, biotechnical, plant breeding and cultivation and culture measures. Integrated pest management is seen as “good professional practice”. "** Our agriculture cannot do without pesticides. This applies to both integrated and organic farmers.‼ This is where YOU come back into play. Please click just click the link and read the relatively short article to get your OWN picture of how modern and responsible agriculture works in Baden-Württemberg: ➡ school-knowledge / what-does-integrated-plant-protection mean Now back to the insect repellent paper and why it concerns YOU, ME, ALL of us: Svenja Schulze wants to pass a federal law that a ban on pesticides applies to around 10% of our agricultural land. The result: We can no longer operate integrated plant protection on our land and economic production is no longer possible. The HÖFESTERBEN will continue in a dramatic way.‼ The DANGER: - The production of our food will be relocated abroad - Goodbye regionality 😢 - Out of sight, out of mind - because the standards are nowhere near as high in all countries as here . The KEY QUESTION:⁉ Why do we allow the responsible production of food as it takes place in our country (namely according to the highest standards) to slip away from us and be relocated abroad? There we have no influence on the requirements and the implementation of the laws. . MORAL:⁉ Or to put it another way: Why is it not finally recognized by some associations and politicians that we farmers always keep an eye on environmental welfare because we do not saw off the branch we are sitting on ourselves (yes, as in every industry there are black sheep with us too, unfortunately)? . So why are we constantly being tamed with ever stricter requirements and pushed into economic dilemmas? Yes, agriculture gets subsidies, but no, subsidies are not what they look like! The whole point of subsidies is to secure food for the population at an affordable price. Because we couldn't do business with the price we farmers get for our products. Then the question arises: Are some of the theses correct that some associations and politicians pursue completely different goals with their ever new laws? Namely, a de facto defection of the farmers by expanding the protected areas? And where is the moral then? So is the moral of the story that we can always designate more environmental protection areas in order to get our food from distant foreign countries? Then what did we learn from the last great famine? And does responsibility end at our external borders? ❓❓ The KASUSKNAXUS:⁉ It is not feasible that all farms convert to organic farming. Organic cultivation is very complex and therefore expensive. Ecological cultivation also means lower yields and thus scarcity and is therefore more expensive. If there was a guarantee that the consumers (i.e. YOU, I, ALL OF US) would pay this additional price in the long term, so that the production would be economical ...... then ....... This guarantee will never exist. And that is why it is not realistic that we switch to 100% organic farming (but some politicians and associations want that). AND it is not necessary, because the INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION guarantees responsible treatment of our nature! . So why another new insect protection law Svenja Schulze❓❓ Then why the key issues paper of the state government in Baden-Württemberg last year, in which a reduction in pesticides is already described? What about the planning security for our successors, the young farmers? . Now you may understand why we are constantly "protesting", defending ourselves ......... Do you have any questions on the subject? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. ❣. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. 👩‍🌾🚜. ** Source: