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I can only warn against it!

I can only warn against it, you don't feel safe there! I was harassed and downright hunted because of my opinion, which was also due to the fact that I was forced by the administration at the time to write in full real names (I've now learned that the real name requirement has been lifted in the meantime, but it was definitely that way back then). If I hadn't done that at the time, my account would have remained blocked and I would have been completely released for shooting, because I would not have been able to remove my posts or deactivate the account myself. My objection to the admins that I no longer felt safe was dismissed: I could delete other people's comments under my amounts. Strangely enough, the duty to release a complete identity only applied to certain people, namely those who dare to have a different opinion than the mainstream - others are of course allowed to write under pseudonyms and even threaten others.

I have never been so unsure of myself on a platform - whether I was writing my opinion on keeping pets, homeopathy, religion, German orthography or politics, whatever. When I received threats and a large number of my followers and friends had suddenly disappeared (either they had left themselves or had been deleted by the administration for reasons incomprehensible to me), I have now deleted my account and will look for another place around me to exchange.

In summary it can be said: Real knowledge exchange, from which one can benefit, does not count there and does not take place either. The stupidest questions have even recently been rewarded, unfortunately not the well-founded and professional answers. And the questions that arise there are not only bursting with spelling errors, but are also devoid of meaning in terms of content.

Quora leaves the comment function for the contributions of people who have been shot open. Automated warnings are used to ensure adherence to the line, not the open communication of knowledge and opinion.

In October 2018, I was the first to register in the English language Quora and posted a total of 365 replies there by January 13, 2020.
In April 2021, these posts were clicked 12,500 times. The English Quora has a wider range than the German. My 482 (preserved) posts in the German Quora were currently clicked over 8,100 times in April.
With the content of "decapitated" contributors, Quora generates reach. That is to say, slaughtered chickens can still lay eggs for Quora, albeit significantly less.

Below, the evaluator Thomas Ueberall has already complained that expulsion in the German Quora (the reasons for which, contrary to the criminal law, are usually not stated) is automatically valid in all quoras in other languages. This measure seems unfair. It is as if an international hotel chain has arbitrarily banned a guest who volunteers in all of its properties.

I recently scrolled through my English Quora profile to see if there were any new comments after my expulsion. And yes, you can find them on the German and the English Quora, but not consistently. In some posts the comment section is cut, in others it is intact.

On July 9th, 2019 I wrote an answer to the question "Who made this quote: 'Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought'?"
Since I have been collecting quotations from childhood and have stored them in my bilingual data collection Spiritualwiki, it was easy for me to write a researched answer with appropriate quotations.

M.E.C. commented on April 14, 2020 (3 months after my quora ban):
"Fantastic answer Elfriede!
You produce like an elite Quoran. "
Translated: "Great answer, Elfriede!
You contribute like a top Quoran. "

As a victim, you learn nothing about praise and criticism from others. You can only partially discover them via the cumbersome way of scrolling through the profile. Insulting comments cannot be deleted, questions cannot be answered, and those readers cannot be thanked for their appreciation. Quora, always mindful of the number of clicks, does not bother to instruct its programmers to automatically close the comment function for the contributions of sidelined writers.

It took over a year before I was no longer listed as the admin of the "Nice Short Stories" salon as part of a layout change in all Quora salons. Even the founder of the salon didn't bother to contact me or at least to delete my name from the admin list.

Are top Quorans top authors crowned by Quora? When the Community Manager SP disappointed me for the first time because of his laissez-faire nod to moderate abuse, he praised my "good contributions" and wished I wouldn't run away because he had let me down. Half a year later he dealt me ​​the virtual death blow. Internally, he does not need to fear getting into trouble because of arbitrary acts. At Quora, the principle "Might makes right." [Clicking power creates justice.]
I still wonder today whether I was eliminated as a result of unwanted contributions to the metadiscussion or my less pronounced servile attitude. Or was it because I violated the unwritten "rules" of the house by not using the line of "politically correct" narratives, but questioning them.
It seems to me that "The science is settled" is one of the sayings from the political propaganda box that must not be touched in Quora.

Nowadays, a Quoraner, regardless of whether it is a top contributor or not, who dares, receives for example Paul Schreyer's informative video "Pandemic Simulation Games - Preparing for a New Era?" to discuss, a computer-generated warning combined with the suggestion, but rather to leave the "knowledge platform" prematurely, which guards mainstream narratives in a way that controls opinion and enforces system conformity by means of punishment.

Anonymous machine warnings from Quora fail to name the offense [["Paul Schreyer" is on Quora's banned list]], especially since taboos and personae non grata are not to be found in the catalog of rules. They also fail to state in which post the unnamed offense should have occurred. Its purpose is to preventively intimidate and to educate the free and self-thinking Quoraner to self-censorship.

Only the most recent rating counts towards the company's TrustScore.

QUORA experience No. 4: Blocking of responses and deletion of names from July 13, 2020 due to untrue accusation of non-use d. Real name by community manager JG and moderator SP

After two years of membership, on July 13th, 2020, I was withdrawn from answering questions in the German and English Quora without warning or justification. At the same time, my name was deleted from my Quora account due to the false claim that I had not registered with my real name.

Quora had previously asked me several times to provide my references below:
- Captain on a long voyage (Patent AG)
- Industrial engineer for maritime transport FH
- Graduate physicist, thesis in theoretical nuclear physics, University of Hamburg
- Physicists in the materials testing office (fire protection, fire research)
- 15 years as calibration director in the calibration directorate in Cologne

As a result of their unjustified punitive measures, SP and JG are guilty of defamation by claiming something untrue to my detriment.

While maintaining the proportionality and in view of my two-year membership, it would have been appropriate for the Quora support, SP or JG to ask me for a copy of my identity card with a deadline.

The deletion of my name and the prohibition of answering in Quora DE and Quora EN triggered the feeling of having been mistreated and signaled to fellow Quorans and readers that I, the "outlawed nobody", must have committed a serious violation of the rules.

After unsolicited presentation of my identity card on July 13th, 2020, there was initially no reaction from those responsible for Quora, SP and JG.
Only after submitting my university certificates was I given the opportunity to answer questions again after 3 days.

Hannes Lorenz (Quora) apologized on July 16, 2020 "for the inconvenience this caused me!"

Quora’s approach seems fraudulent, brazen and inappropriate to me. The "Be Kind and Respectful" house rule that applies to all Quorans does not seem to apply to Quora administrators. They act according to the motto "first flatten it and later, if necessary, apologize through a third party".

The above moderation decision shows that the SP and JG responsible for the German Quora do not shy away from untrue accusations (defamation: here the non-use of the real name) and sanction unfounded.

Only the most recent rating counts towards the company's TrustScore.

Censorship of opinion

Preliminary remark: Even if my experience was some time ago, I can still reproduce it because I described it in my news letter at the time.

In November 2019, Quora censored five of my replies within seven minutes and then sent me the message: "The Quora moderation has banned you from Quora for this reason: racism, bigotry, conspiracy theories"
The absurd thing about the third point is that I had answered questions that were specifically about the subject of "conspiracy theory"!

Question: "Which conspiracy theory is credible?"
censored reply: “That certain powerful and rich families have long been working towards a socialist world dictatorship, and that the apparent collapse of socialism, the EU, mass migration and the lie of man-made climate change serve this purpose.
Also: That the WTC was blown up after the aircraft impacted - whatever conclusions one may draw from it. "

Question: "What is a conspiracy theory that you are sure is correct?"
censored answer: "That certain powerful and rich people are striving for a socialist world dictatorship, and that mass migration and the lie of man-made climate change serve to dissolve nation states and national consciousness, to redistribute wealth worldwide and to fight people in the face of ethnic conflicts and one only global fight To force disaster scenarios under a yoke. "

"Conspiracy theory" apparently also includes the answer to the question:
"How do you feel about this event today, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall?"
Answer: "I now see that the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification had long been planned by the Soviets in order to turn the FRG into a GDR 2.0 (see the Trojan horse Merkel!) As the center of an EUSSR."

The last two answers then fall into the categories "racism" and "bigotry" (the English word can also be translated as "fanaticism"):

Question: Should Europe never have colonized other continents?
Answer: “From today's perspective you have to say: yes. Because then the global socialists would not be able to convince the Europeans so easily that they were to blame for the poverty on other continents. "

Question: How can the housing shortage be combated?
Answer: "Since 2015, two additional people with a million population have been allowed into the country. Where should a sufficient number of apartments come from so quickly? These people, if they are not entitled to asylum, have to be expelled, with a few exceptions. That would at least be the first step. "

The reason for the censorship of the individual answers was: "Your answer does not answer the question directly." As you can see, this is nonsense. It was not until the lockdown that the cat was let out of the bag with accusations of “racism”, “bigotry” and “conspiracy theories”.

In short: Quora is used to implement a specific political agenda. Anything that does not match is censored, and the user is ultimately blocked.

I've never had such a bad ...

I've never seen such a bad side ... And as a budding media educator, I wonder what the point is. This page seems to me to be a box of experiments and a hodgepodge of halfway useful to technically completely wrong to dubious content.
If you have an unsuitable name, you will be banned immediately and are no longer allowed to write or comment.
The topics feel only about illness, war and death, so if you really want to be dragged down, you are in good hands on this page.
In addition, one is constantly spammed with such topics, half of my e-mail folder is full of Quora e-mails about new posts after a few months.

The site is also incredibly confusing and looks completely out of date.

So if you want simple, quick information without attaching importance to professional competence, you can also post on
If you want more competent information, you should perhaps look around on Wikipedia - lay people often write there, some contributions are sometimes incorrect, but for an initial overview, mMn in many subject areas is okay. Google still exists, plus various specialist pages and specialist forums.

In any case, I will avoid Quora in the future, and I really hope that nobody thinks that you can get 100pro reliable information there - at best an inspiration for further research.
It's actually a shame for authors who really make an effort there. Instead, write for money on suitable platforms - there your work that you have earned will be recognized and the readers can expect research from you.

No freedom of expression

It's a shame that you can't give zero stars. If you have an opinion that differs greatly from the moderator's opinion, you will be blocked. Example: I was critical of electric cars because, as an engineer for electric drive technology, I see certain things critically. I was blocked. Someone insulted me on an ethnic level with "Russians are not real people for me and I think you should ...". Nothing was done here, although I had complained to the moderator. When I commented on the benefits of SUVs, my comment was also blocked. Then I left because it reminded me a lot of a surveillance system

There are a lot of evaluation questions ...

There are very many evaluation questions of the type "what is your favorite color", very often questions are asked several times, there are very many suggestive questions. Particularly noticeable are questions about National Socialism, which tend to be played down and belittled, such as "why was he beaten so often as a child? Why did no one help him?"
I was permanently banned myself, a few days after I reported an anti-Semitic post. This was justified by referring to the guidelines. When I asked, I was not told which post I was supposed to have violated which guideline. I guess it was my message. Two stars for the helpful content that you can still find there.

was blocked

was blocked, at Quora Germany autistic people are even refused to comment on their measures. This is even wrong under press law. The associations must warn their members about Quora.

A lot has happened in the meantime.

A lot has happened in the meantime.
Since I've brought friends, acquaintances and colleagues to Quora, it's still up to date. I also have contact with other users.
I also have contact with an interest group of former and active writers who want to improve the conditions and circumstances at Quora and who want to point out the grievances here in Germany to the founders in America.
So whoever has problems is no longer exposed to the arbitrariness of the moderators. You can contact me. If possible please not via facebook but with JFeichtner I'm on the web. So you have to cobble together my address. If you wish, I will pass it on confidentially and anonymously. An alternative medicine specialist and a fluid reactor engineer work together at IG. All those who have reported so far have an injured ego, because some of their posts were covered with shadow ban or the like.

That's gotten to be the annoying thing about Quora for me.In August / September more and more of my contributions suddenly disappeared. Whenever I asked why, it always said - too many negative reviews or computer breakdown. When I asked, I always got an answer that had no meat on the bone. I was just kidnapped and lied to.
At some point I wrote a cliffhanger when terrorist investigators arrested me.
When a very nervous policeman put his pistol to the windshield of my car, I stopped on the grounds that it would be extinguished soon anyway.
(How it turned out I resolved downstairs with Gaby) Somebody took the trouble and sent all communication between Gaby and me.
I don't miss Quora, but I already miss a few of my followers.
In any case, several people responded to this post who felt the same way.
An employee in retail linked me to a post that was so harmless that it is completely incomprehensible why Quora cannot stand it. Perhaps it was not optimally structured and sometimes a little poorly worded - but my God, it had over 1,200 views in four months. Presumably, a moderator with Bremen's 3-year Abi was blessed and felt prompted to correct it.
Since I have the offer to write for others as a Ghost, I have rewritten the post as a test and published it under a different name. All contributions that I have published since my suspension remain and are sometimes even recommended to TARAAAA by Quora as worth reading. :))) No negative reviews. No programs that run amok. It was just me.
I just have to be careful not to give myself away with my style. Probably only one of them had me in their sights. If he had too many absent hours in the subject of humor in his Wahhabi Koran school, it would be understandable that he does not understand what is meant. But then he's in the wrong position.
After talking on the phone, some of which lasted for hours, I realized how hurtful such paternalism can be. When men have a whole professional life behind them and want to share something with good intentions. When women, owing to nature, have to switch from erotic to esoteric and, after a period of getting used to them, express their opinion in an ugly way. All of this should actually have a place in such a forum. Only the impression remains that the stupid, restrictive do-gooding racism and the Meininug dictatorship are becoming more and more prevalent. Now, of all times, something like that shouldn't happen anymore.