What is funnel analysis

Track the journey of your visitors on your website and uncover triggers for jumps


Track the various paths visitors take on your website, find out where they are jumping off, and get rid of conversion blocks.

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What is a funnel analysis?

A funnel analysis will help you identify the different steps it takes to achieve the desired result. At the same time, you can use a funnel analysis to track the number of users who go through these steps. The sequence of steps is called the "funnel". With Freshworks CRM, you can gain insights into the various conversion paths on your website, reduce jumps and improve your conversion rate.

Visually track your traffic and maximize conversions

Find out exactly where visitors jump off

Funnels in Freshworks CRM help you determine precisely where visitors are jumping off from on a multi-page web presence. Find out how many visitors who come to your homepage actually make a payment on the checkout page or register for your product or service.

Rearrange your funnel to get even deeper insights

Learn the paths your visitors take on the website and find out which ones lead to high conversions. With the function for switching funnels in Freshworks CRM, you can create new combinations or compilations of important paths and thus gain valuable insights into the journey of your visitors.

Dynamic funnels for improved conversions

If you have a dynamic website, you need to use dynamic funnels that keep track of the various events on your website, as well as the pages that don't have a unique URL. Virtual Page Views in Freshworks CRM helps you monitor additional interactions on your website, for example pages opened by pop-up windows and overlays.

Set up website funnels with Freshworks CRM

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