Card games are still widespread

Card games

were widespread in the 1960s. There were countless card games that were distributed differently from region to region, e.g. Skat is still played more in the north and middle of Germany today, while in the south sheep's head is the most popular game, which in turn is hardly known in the north. Some games had different regional names or different rules of the game. The so-called French hand was used almost exclusively as playing cards. It consists of the number cards 2 to 10 (or 7 to 10), the face cards B = Jack, D = Queen, K = King and the AS. The 4 card suits are diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs. The German sheet used in southern Germany with the colors bells, heart, green and acorn and the images U = lower and O = upper was not known to us.
My grandparents taught me my first card game. It was a game that on an old one traditional russian card game declined. It was called "Durak". In this game, which was played with 2 to 4 players, there was no winner, only one loser - the Durak. The Anglo-American hand was played, which roughly corresponds to the French hand. In the pictures, however, the jack has been replaced by J = Jack and the queen by Q = Queen. My grandparents named the cards according to the German paper, so bells, hearts, green (grass) and cross for the colors and J = under and Q = upper for the pictures of jack and queen. Sounds a bit confusing, but it wasn't because the terms German, French or Anglo-American paper were completely meaningless. There were simply cards with a value and a certain suit. I only played this card game within my family. It was a relatively unknown game and later on I didn't meet anyone outside of my family who knew this card game. With my 2nd major card game, the group of gamblers shifted from family to friends. My 2nd card game was called Rummy. The game was played with the French hand. In addition to the numerical values ​​2 to 10, the pictures jack, queen, king and the ace, 3 jokers were added. Since Rummy is played with 2 cards, there are 110 cards in the game.
In addition to the classic playing cards, there were also card games with other motifs, such as "Black Peter", "Elfer out" or quartets. Quartet games (played as a pure query game) were the card games during my early school years, up to about 6th or 7th grade. This card game was then replaced by Skat. Skat was the card game of my youth. The game was played in the family with my father and siblings, with my schoolmates at school, during the free periods, the breaks or even during class, with friends at home or later in pubs with one (or more) beers.
Other card games for in between were "Mau-Mau", "66", "Swimming", "Seventeen and Four" or "Poker".

Illustrations (top down):
1: Playing cards, French sheet
2: Playing cards, Anglo-American hand