Why do people look down on me

Everyone looks down at me

And honestly it doesn't matter how you are dressed and what you represent. The important thing is that you are at peace with yourself and that you like yourself. And I think that's your topic.

Personally, I prefer to wear the Brazilian national costume - So shorts, flip flops and T-shirt. I have to wear a suit Monday to Thursday, but I don't like it at all. Shorts and a tshirt and I feel good. And honestly, the girls also look more at how you look than at your clothes ...

In my opinion, representation is just an attempt to fill a void in oneself in order to fill oneself valuable. In truth, it has to come out of yourself. Otherwise you are dependent on your success in the job / with women or whatever you define yourself and will be thrown back and forth like by a wave. Only if you are at peace with yourself. Then you find peace with yourself - you just have it.

Ask yourself:
- do you like yourself?
- If not - why not - or what is missing so that you like yourself?
- are you looking down on yourself? (I think so!)
- What do these criteria say, which you place on yourself so that you are worth something about yourself and your world of thoughts?
- is a baby worth anything to you? (If so, why? It hardly meets your criteria for success, does it? What about a 12 year old? What about someone who is 40, was abused as a child, slipped into drugs and got up again when he was at the very end - is this person worth something in your eyes?) And yes, in my opinion, all people have value - and it doesn't matter how much they do, what they portray, etc. some of my best friends are unemployed actors who waitresses to make ends meet and I like them simply because they are great people and i get on well with them and have fun

1-I like it