What can be a symbol of sensitivity

Sensitivity is a sign of strength, not weakness

Last update: 17th August, 2017

Sensitivity, expressed through the way we behave, understand and communicate, is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. This statement says the opposite of what is probably present in the minds of many people who believe that feelings only make us look weak.

Emotions, feelings and sensations have been punished many times in the course of our human history, It is therefore not surprising that in our society it is assumed that feelings make us less efficient, less strong and reduce our ability to make the right decisions and thus to progress on our life path.

Fortunately, that is starting to change and we are placing more and more importance on our emotional side, such as the ability to communicate with sensitivity and to relate to our social environment with more sensitivity.

Intimacy, authenticity and sensitivity in communication

Sensitive communication requires sincerity. However, it can happen that by saying what we think we are sincerely hurting the other person. Therefore, not only should we be honest, we must also learn to communicate in a way that does the least harm.

What is the key to sensitive communication? To express a feeling, not to pass judgment. Judging others implies destroying any kind of sensitivity and sincerity within communication. That is, instead of telling someone that he is "a liar" we should ask what that means.

So instead of judging someone, talk about the feelings that are caused in us by that person's behavior. For example, you can say: "It annoys me when you do this", or, "I get very angry when you do that." We always remain polite and emphasize which feelings a certain situation triggers in us.

Statements that do nothing but make judgments lack sensitivity and they have only one function: It is to protect the ā€œIā€.

There is no vulnerability in our feelings, emotions and sensations

Many people communicate with judgments for fear of being sensitive, as they understand feelings to be a sign of weakness. As we have just shown here, however, there is nothing further from reality: because while judgments and opinions are nothing more than mere conjecture, there is no speculation whatsoever with feelings.

The moment we show more sensitivity in our closer relationships, we can assume that others will not take advantage of our feelings, and we in turn use our feelings to promote effective communication.

Without a doubt, in less close and stable relationships, we tend to adopt an attitude that expresses itself in judgment and detachment, as if this were more successful than appearing sensitive and therefore vulnerable. We think that we come across so well and that the mind demands insensitivity in order to be more objective.

As a consequence, we do not communicate clearly and honestly, but fall into the temptation to do everything quickly and easily. At the same time, we fear that others will discover that part of us that we consider to be inferior, but which, on the contrary, makes us wise in our hearts.

Showing ourselves sensitively and making it clear to others that we are not made of stone means showing ourselves to be safe, open, relaxed, enthusiastic, full of willingness to learn, understanding and wisdom.

It is difficult to speak with sensitivity, but it is worth trying. Rather, it seems very useful to us to grow up in a competitive society and to unlearn what makes us strong, as this is perceived as weakness.

As we already know, we can only achieve a gradual increase in tension if we only criticize, ridicule others or ignore what is bothering us. This in turn leads to conflicts that are difficult to resolve. So what society is constantly drummed into us telling us not to show sensitivity may be useful in some circumstances, but not usually of the cases.

Attacking instead of showing feelings and sensations is a mistake that we pay very dearly. Knowing this, it should have become clear to us that sensitivity is a gift that deserves to be increased, because living from the heart is what makes us special and authentic.