What do you think of topless sunbathing

To do or not: sunbathing naked

Have you ever gone sunbathing naked? When I was on vacation in St. Martin, Drew and I ran around a nude beach, and while it seemed really liberating, I couldn't be paid enough to put me on the buff - I'm way too shy!

I just read about a beach in California that goes nuts while skinny dipping. I thought it was illegal to go naked on a public beach (well, unless it's in a nudist colony), so I was surprised to read that there are sanctioned nudist beaches around the United States.

California's Department of Parks and Recreation had tolerated nude sunbathing on San Onofre State Beach for years, but they drop out after reports of sexual activity in the area. However, people ignore the ban (and risk a $ 500 fine). The article said, "Half a dozen middle-aged men just basked in the buffalo last November when the temperatures were high in the 1970s." Talk about surrender ... these men must really want to be naked!

What do you think about skinny dipping? Have you ever done it Are you too shy And do you think people should be allowed on public beaches as long as there are signs that no one is accidentally wandering through?

P.S. Do you like to be naked Would you ever do yoga naked or practice in buff? Do you have nudist tendencies, and set up this workplace “Nudist Fridays!”

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