Is it Safe to Drink Melted Plastic?

Plastic melted in the oven is my food poisonous?

Hello my dears :)

I know an endless number of questions have been asked about gastritis, but none of them really answer what I want to know :)

I am 25, female and 1 week ago I was diagnosed with gall reflux and chronic gastritis during a gastroscopy. It all started over 2 months ago; I found it a little easier to eat because I got breathing problems while eating, and that's why I went to the doctor who suspected that I had reflux disease. He gave me pantoprazole, which I took in double doses for 3 days. However, I discontinued this because I learned that pantoprazole is logically no solution to the cause of reflux and that more can be achieved through a natural healing path. So it was a few days before I was sitting on the coutch one afternoon and noticed how I had an unusually large amount of burping. This was not angry, I did not have any pain, but it got worse and worse towards the evening until a big lump formed in my throat (felt lump, in reality there was none). The burping was so bad now that it felt like gases were pressing against my esophagus from below. Talking or sitting still or even sleeping was not possible for 2 days because I just kept pushing open. From then on I changed my diet radically, ate only a few light foods a day (severe loss of appetite) and lost a total of 11 kg. From then on, nothing improved for weeks, there were good days, I only felt the lump after eating and there were bad days when I could hardly sit down without burping permanently. I started making myself a shake in the morning with very little turmeric and ginger, wheat grass powder, banana and almond milk and after a few days I noticed an improvement in my throat. Then I was recommended healing earth and after 2 days it even began to exist for days that did not let me feel any discomfort. I still do these two things to this day and the diet is still limited to strict light foods, but now I can eat a lot more. I drink water, chamomile tea, rooibos tea and fennel-anise-caraway tea.

First of all, thank you very much if you've read this far !! :) So my question is, do I have a good chance of a permanent cure? Can I hope for a pub evening or a visit to a pizzeria again in the future? Or even your daily cup of coffee?

What is the best thing to do about gall reflux? Has anyone had a good experience?

Thank you very much in advance! :)