Why do people eat animals

The meat paradox: why do we eat animals?

The meat paradox: why do we eat animals?

Paradox (n., Singular only) - the contradiction in terms; the opposite

Sequence, -n (f.) - here: the consequence

give up something - here: do not eat / drink something

disassemble something - here: taking apart the individual small parts of something

Living being, - (n.) - someone or something who is alive; a human, an animal or a plant

Cattle breeding (f., Singular only) - keeping animals for meat production

Cultivation (m., Singular only) - planting, production, e.g. B. of vegetables

Feed, - (n.) - the food given to animals

Rainforest, rainforests (m.) - a natural forest in the tropics where it rains a lot

Consumption (m., Singular only) - the fact that someone uses something and that makes it less

Antibiotic, antibiotics (n.) - a medicine for diseases caused by bacteria

Factory farming (f., Singular only) - have many animals and let them live in a confined space under poor conditions

morally - so that it is about what is good and right

Argument, -e (n.) - the reason for a particular opinion

Condition of life, -en (f., Mostly in the plural) - the way people, animals or plants have to live

butcher something - kill an animal, usually so that it can be eaten

Nutrition, -en (f.) - the food and drink

Development, -en (f.) - here: the fact that something has changed over time