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How to learn to ride a bike best

When children do that first time on the bike climb to learn to ride a bike, an exciting new section begins for all family members. We would like to give some tips here on how to learn to ride a bike in a relaxed manner.

When does children's cycling make sense?

The most important advice comes first: there is no right one to learn to ride a bike time, not a fixed one Age and not the best tips that apply to all new young drivers. Children can learn to ride a bike anytime. This is because they all develop differently and individually. This can also be seen in the ability to finally ride a bike.

While one child is already sitting on the saddle safely and without training wheels at the age of three, the other child may need a little more time to learn this skill. Every child has his own pace learning to ride a bike. Patience is therefore the order of the day, especially for parents, so that the kids can enjoy riding a bike right from the start.

Teaching to ride a bike: With fun and without pressure

Good advice is to simply listen to the child's signals and take the motor skills to keep an eye on. If you feel that your child is ready to finally try their hand at two wheels, leave it just drive off. Your child may come up to you and express a desire to learn to ride a bike themselves. Trust your gut feeling. Children often judge what they are capable of doing better than we adults think.

Balance bike training for the sense of balance

Children usually learn to ride a bike much faster and with little effort if they have already done so practiced with a balance bike to have. Many parents experience this. Balance bikes are practically small children's bikes. They just don't have pedals. However, the child already gets a good feeling to sit in the saddle and with the bicycle handlebars Determine the direction of travel to be able to. Pushing your feet off the ground allows you to move forward.

This is particularly good Practicing locomotionso that the little learner drivers learn how to use their own Shift body need to do that to keep balance to be able to and not to tip over. If it comes to a real bike later, what you have learned is applied and implemented the first time you ride it. After a short time you will be pedaling safely without losing your balance.

Children learn to ride a bike faster if they have already experienced a sense of balance with a balance bike.

The first bike with training wheels?

Training wheels, yes or no? Whether you do that first Cycling with training wheels Let practice or not is an individual decision. If your child has been on the balance bike for a while, it doesn't hurt to try it out first without additional help from the training wheels.

Most of the time, children learn to drive without training wheels more easily in the long run because they get exercise in keeping their balance right from the start and don't rely on the additional supports. If you notice that the offspring are using training wheels safer when driving feels that is of course not a problem. Even the little cyclists want to have fun and not be afraid on two wheels. You just have to get one later further learning phase accept to wean the child from the supports again.

Which bike is good for learning to ride a bike?

The decision for the first children's bike is not necessarily easy today, because the Choice of bikes for children is big. Choosing the color is probably still easy, but with the variety of brands and models it is not so easy to find the right children's bike.

That's why we have a tip: a bike that is particularly suitable for small children little weight Has. The children's bike should therefore not be too heavy so that the child can hold the bike without any problems during the first attempts at driving. It helps the child to get a better feeling while driving in case they lose their balance.

In addition to the load, the right sizeof the bike suit your child. The frame height is based on the height of the child. The smallest bikes are usually with 12 inch wheels fitted. This size is appropriate for kids from 90-95 cm height.

The right place to practice cycling

To learn to ride a bike, find a place where you can ride as undisturbed as possible. There should be only a few or, in the best case, even no other road users be on the move. The first attempts at driving are ideal on one Undergroundthat is free of potholes or other tripping hazards. Make sure that this does not make the exercise on the bike even more difficult. For example, they are ideal Park pathsthat are rarely visited during the week. Also the Parking lot of a supermarket can be used as an area on Sundays or public holidays to learn to ride a bike.

So that children can practice cycling safely, flat stretches with little traffic are suitable for their first attempts at driving.

Safety when learning to ride a bike comes first

We don't really need to mention it, but one Bicycle helmet is compulsory. This applies not only to the first few attempts on the bike, but whenever your child later wants to ride a bike. Because a Bicycle helmet protects the head of the child in the event of a fall, accident or other collision.

In addition to the bicycle helmet is also the appropriate clothing important. Other road users have to Recognize child well. That’s why you’re allowed on the bike Bicycle lights and reflectors are not missing. A child's height alone has a disadvantage because it can easily be overlooked. Dark clothing increases this risk.

So that the exercise units on the bike do not end immediately in the hospital, we recommend that the child do one before the first ride understandable instruction to explain all bike parts and their functions. For example, it is very important that children understand what a bicycle brake is for and how they do it Bring the bike to a stop can. We also advise you to go to one closed chain guard pay attention to the learning bike. It reduces the risk of the child's pants getting caught in the chain. In case of doubt, the dirt can be overlooked, but unfortunately not the possible fall.

Although at the beginning of the cycling career, the children usually do not start immediately Road traffic Participate, the commandment applies, they gradually with the usual Traffic rules to familiarize. If you find out early on that while cycling, too Caution and consideration have great importance, learn for life.

Learning to ride a bike is a joy

Learning to ride a bike is pure joy. Provided the child is allowed to do it with the right equipment, at their own pace and without outside pressure from parents. Playfully accompany your offspring on their next milestone in independent locomotion. And enjoy his small and large successes on two wheels. Then there will soon be the first joint Bike tournothing more in the way. Practice creates masters. This also applies to driving as a child.