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  1. How does tracking work with Amazon
  2. Amazon Logistics tracking
  3. History of the special Amazon tracking
  4. Why is Amazon so popular?
  5. How does Amazon Logistic differ from other service providers?
  6. Conclusion
  7. Individual evidence

How does tracking work with Amazon

The shipment number or Amazon Tracking URL are relevant in order to be able to track the shipment. For Amazon shipments, the link that you will receive in the email will be inserted.

There is no point waiting for a package all day. Each shipment is compared with the deliveries made by other Parcello users. You can immediately see when another user's parcel was delivered the day before. It is worth mentioning that Parcello is free of charge for the most popular mobile devices.

When you are not home what happens? Amazon calls you.

The drivers drive different routes every day, so a minute-by-minute forecast is not possible. Parcello checks the entries of other users in the area, as already explained, and estimates the arrival time based on this data. The delivery route determined by Parcello gives an approximate arrival time of the shipment.

Parking permit

Of course, you cannot be at home all the time, Parcello offers you the option of a parking permit. There are a few alternatives, to be found at getting-a-package-although-not-at-home /.

  • The parcel can be handed in to the neighbor without any problems.
  • Amazon has its own packing stations.
  • You can also have your package sent to a post office. However, it should be mentioned that you always have to ask there whether a package has arrived for you. You cannot pick up your parcel outside of the opening times.
  • You can also agree on a parking permit. Your delivery service will be informed where your package can be left without a signature, in other words you can enter your garage or your balcony, terrace, etc. It is important that you know that you are responsible if your package gets lost. So this solution is not the most recommendable one. The parking permit can be issued for shipments via DHL, Hermes, GLS, DPD and GLS.
  • Your own parcel box is safer. The box is attached to the door or installed on the wall. The box can be used by all parcel deliverers, the box is locked by the deliverers. Theft is therefore impossible. This option is preferred and recommended by many customers.

Amazon Logistics tracking

Amazon Logistic is the in-house delivery service that was founded by Amazon. Tracking is easy to carry out: Amazon will send you the shipping confirmation by email after the order has been received. The button “Track your parcel” or track the delivery provides information up to the estimated time. You can also use the Amazon order overview button under "my account" and "my orders" to track the delivery route.

Each order is complete for itself, has a separate delivery date and its own tracking number. With the tracking number you can track the shipping route of your parcel and at the same time find out the current location. If the parcel is already with the parcel deliverer, you can see how many parcels still have to be delivered before the driver comes to you. If you are not at home, you can find out whether your parcel was delivered to the neighbor or to another location. So you are informed about the whereabouts of your shipment and the number of recipients who will receive their parcels before you. This information can be found using the link (1)

Have them shipped via Amazon Logistic, use tracking and parcel tracking, that's what Amazon recommends. You can track your shipment on the card and find out from Parcello which street the driver is currently in and how many parcels have to be delivered before your delivery.

Millions of people order from Amazon and these people want to know when their shipment will arrive. Parcello is able to give rough estimates which are to be used as a guide. Amazon provides options for this, which are listed below. At the end of the explanations, you will agree that Parcello's shipment tracking scores with good results. When ordering, arrange for the tracking via Parcello to be on the safe side. In the past, the parcels were handed over to the neighbor. However, if all residents work outside the home, this solution is not promising. You can find more alternatives below.

However, if you know when your package will be delivered, there is a possibility that you will be at home at that time or find another solution. You can roughly plan if you know when the shipment will arrive. In about 3 hours you think about where to drop off your package. The day of arrival must be determined in advance, but under no circumstances the exact delivery time to the minute. Parcello strives to make its AI precise, but the team has no way of knowing if there is a traffic jam somewhere or if there are delays for other reasons. Parcello never sticks to an exact delivery time, but is able to give a realistic time frame.

History of the special Amazon tracking

Amazon Logistics (2) has existed since 2016. The aim of the transport service is to get parcels to the customer even faster. The option of delivering the consignment on the day of the order is also available with the special same-day delivery service. The first location was Munich, followed by Berlin. Amazon Logistics works with regional shipping providers.

The route software is well thought out. The addresses approached are filtered by the software; Road crossings, bridges, rail crossings and current construction sites are taken into account. The driver gives his daily feedback in a tool, the ratings are decisive.

Amazon has the advantage that customers can access the goods they have ordered in a timely manner. Fast delivery is an important factor for online shipping. The link provides the information that 50% of all parcels are transported by Amazon Logistic. Amazon is campaigning for the rolling parcel station in the future. The small delivery vehicle was demonstrated to consumers in the media. The parcels are transported with the rolling parcel station. The vehicle has extensive capabilities, the addresses are approached independently, the customer can remove his package. The compartments can of course be locked. Returns can also be stored in the compartments so that returns can be processed just as easily.

Why is Amazon Logistic so popular?

  • Amazon does a lot of things right
  • The customer is important, as is the fast delivery to the customer,
  • Processing via Amazon Logistic is uncomplicated for the customer,
  • Shipments on the way could be rerouted without any problems,
  • if necessary, call the driver,
  • the aim is that the customer gets his parcel as quickly as possible.

Amazon Logistic has quickly become a large, well-known delivery service in Germany. We are constantly looking for drivers for the routes. Drivers are told that no local knowledge is required. The tour is completely pre-planned and can only be driven with navigation.

The management endeavors to build its own sorting systems in certain regions if there is insufficient supply in terms of delivery.

Interesting news can be obtained via the link When does Amazon deliver. Orders from Amazon were increasingly sent via DHL, Hermes or DPD. Recently, customers have noticed that Amazon Logistic is being used more and more. Amazon does not employ its own drivers everywhere, but commissions subcontractors.

How long does delivery via Amazon Logistic take on average?

The process is as follows: You have placed an order and are wondering when will the shipment be with me? After your package has been sent, you will be informed by a shipping confirmation. Here it is also indicated when you can expect the shipment. Since the confirmation is sent via email, you are able to follow the progress of your order on the Internet. The shipment tracking at Amazon is the same, regardless of which transport service is used:

  • You log into your Amazon account.
  • You look in "Overview - my account",
  • now you click on "my orders".
  • All orders placed are listed transparently.
  • Now you look for the order in question and click on "Track delivery". You will be informed where your shipment is at the moment.

Amazon receives a large number of orders every day that have to be shipped. In order to avoid burdens on the shipping companies, Amazon founded the logistics company. No specific company is responsible for the delivery, but many subcontractors who do not employ their employees after certain working hours are involved here.

For Prime customers in Germany there will soon be the Amazon Air Prime, which delivers by drone within 30 minutes. (3)

Amazon Lockers are conventional pick-up stations. The pick-up code sent to the recipient allows the parcel to be picked up within 3 days. After the barcode has been scanned, the parcel compartment opens. You choose a "Locker" as the shipping address. The Internet lists where a Locker station is near you. If the locker is noted in the delivery address, you will receive the pick-up code by email.

How does Amazon Logistic differ from other service providers?

Amazon Logistic also delivers on Sundays. Amazon employs independent contractors, in other words it is delivered through the Amazon Flex program. In addition, Amazon also delivers deliveries to Amazon Delivery Service partners, which means franchise franchise operators. Amazon Logistic is advantageous because the shipments are dispatched directly from Amazon's warehouses. The shipping company does not have to pick up and sort deliveries from third parties. The route of the shipment is therefore from the Amazon warehouse, into the transport vehicle and to the customer. (4)

How is it that packages are still delivered too late?

The delivery man couldn't deliver, why? The address cannot be found and may well be in remote areas. There is also the possibility that the driver felt threatened by aggressive dogs or the like.

The package went to the wrong address? How is that possible? If you save multiple addresses in your Amazon account, you may well tap the wrong address. Amazon will send a new package to the new address if the customer notices it in time.

The package will not be delivered if it is not accepted in person. This is possible for orders of, for example, alcohol or certain video games, the recipient of which must be 18 or 21 years old. Perishable items must also be received "supervised".

The last but not impossible situation is when the package has been stolen. If you allow your package to be dropped off on the balcony or terrace and it is stolen, you are liable yourself.

Detailed information is useful. However, it makes sense if you have your package come via Amazon Logistic. Have your order tracked with Parcello.

Parcello scores with the app

The shipment tracking app is recommended. Anyone who orders from Amazon and tracks via Parcello can find out when the shipment will arrive approximately. If you cannot be at home, you can redirect the program from the app or you can arrange an appointment of your choice. Consumers are convinced of Parcello, Parcello has a top website. You create a free account and log in. All functions are available to you, you will find out immediately when your package will be delivered to you.

Consumers rate it positively that Parcello's predictions are also made without a consignment number (5). Parcello generally tells you which parcel service is where. The time window of 8 hours, which is forecast by conventional services, consists of 3 to a maximum of 4 hours at Parcello.

Parcello is practical and sustainable? Yes, consumers rate it positively that Parcello stores more than a million shipments a year. Every 1000 shipments Percello plants a tree, of course no employee drives into the forest and plants a tree. The tree is planted through the organization plant-for-the-planet-org. This fact increases customer sympathy.

The Parcello team is able to help you track your shipment. The time of delivery is limited. Parcello provides a lot of benefits with little effort. Parcello points out that the information is not guaranteed, as unforeseen situations can always occur that make a forecast impossible.

Yes, artificial intelligence tells you the approximate delivery time (6). You have certainly experienced that in the past; You are waiting for an important shipment that is forecast to arrive between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Parcello can limit this time to 4 hours, which is tolerable for customers.

Parcello limits this point in time much more closely and scores with fairly exact predictions. You buy a lot from Amazon, then track via Parcello to be better informed about the delivery time. Amazon Logistic and Parcello work together, which is an advantage for you. The forecast is made on the basis of the user data, the expected delivery date, etc. Digital assistants, including AI, enable usable forecasts. Several million broadcasts were saved, the data of which represented the pattern for the AI. The predictions are based on this data and are estimated.

You can find out your shipment data either on the desktop or on the app of your mobile phone. Of course, the AI ​​provides more valuable information than the conventional way of tracking consignments via delivery staff. Even without a tracking number, Parcello is able to find out whether the package will arrive on a certain day.

Geographical shipment tracking in conjunction with the AI ​​is promising. The customers confirm the forecast, the recipient can plan his day and take precautions as to where the parcel should be dropped off. Parcello and Amazon work well because the algorithm has been improving over the years. It therefore makes sense if you track on Parcello to find out when your shipment will arrive.

You know that you are wisely tracking with Parcello when you place orders on Amazon. The information Parcello gives you are estimates. It is quite possible that the statistics are off the mark. The information is to be regarded as a guide. Customers prefer Parcello, arrival times are roughly estimated. The information is useful for the recipient because Parcello limits the arrival time. The possibilities of depositing the shipment or depositing it in one place are to be used. The deliverer depends on the wishes of the customer.

According to the latest news, Parcello is launching open beta in the US with artificial intelligence. The aim is to forecast the arrival of the shipments to within a few hours. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Amazon Logistic are involved. The service is available on the Parcello website.

As a shipping service provider, it makes sense to involve Amazon yourself through Amazon Logistic. The seller, in this case Amazon, naturally endeavors to ensure that the shipment is quickly transported to the recipient. The in-house service provider is preferred. Parcello's shipment tracking also offers significant advantages, as already mentioned.

The connection between Amazon Logistic and Parcello is ideal; You plan where your package can be dropped off if you cannot be at home. There are many possibilities, from the Packstation, Locker Amazon to your own parcel box. It is conceivably unfavorable if you allow your parcel to be placed on the terrace or balcony. This unloading location is by no means recommended in the big city.


You are familiar with all the alternatives that you can use when you are not at home. You keep coming back to Parcello, because the artificial intelligence calculates the forecasts from actual data, which are usually fairly accurate. The more people use Parcello, the more precise the tracking data will be. The more data is available to the AI, the more precise the calculations will be. Parcello scores with precise times and is not limited to Amazon Logistic.Other service providers are also listed on Parcello. If you don't like the delivery time, you can redirect the shipment using Parcello.

Individual evidence:

  3. https: //www.dealbunny,de/info-amazon-logistics-check-was-taugt-das-eigene-verandunternehmen.html
  6. Lieferzeitpunkt

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