Why do my wishes never come true

Unfulfilled longing - bring your wishes instead of leaving!

When dearest wishes are denied!

"What you wish for the most will be the least fulfilled," said the speaker at the awareness conference I attended recently. That sentence got me thinking. Mainly because I was enthusiastic about one Wisher and thus have great success in certain areas, while my greatest wish for health has so far been denied. After intensive deliberation, it became clear to me what the speaker wanted to convey to me with his words and what solution this wise sentence contains. To explain this, I fall back on a personal experience.

Wishes, success and love

For many years my friend Marina and I have been enthusiastic about mental training and wish fulfillment. When we temporarily shared an apartment a few years ago, the sympathy for the wishes of the other also increased. Marina wished dearly Success in the job and I wished nothing more than a partner by my side. While everything went wonderfully for me professionally and I was soon able to show umpteen successes, Marina attracted charming and intelligent men in paws. One got what the other wanted.

Never wish out of a lack of consciousness!

We soon understood that only our consciousness, which relates to the existing deficiency focused, which was the reason why our longing desires were denied. We began to reverse the polarity step by step with the help of our thoughts. I learned from Marina which thoughts can be used to create an awareness of abundance in the area of ​​partnership. Conversely, Marina learned from me for the field of work. It didn't take long for Marina to shine with professional success and I finally found the partner that I longed for.

Reverse thoughts - abundance instead of lack

For years Marina and I formulated our wishes out of a lack of awareness. Something like this: “I'm so unhappy. I don't want anything more than a partner. Oh please, can't this wish finally come true?“Unfortunately no, because you don't get from life what you need most, only what you cause.

So if someone is desperately looking for a partner, they have one inner deficiency and this is reflected in his charisma and his actions. He is unlikely to meet someone who goes through life happy and fulfilled.

It is exactly the same in many other areas of life. Not those who need more salary most urgently get it, but those who are aware of their abilities and expect nothing else but success. In short: Only when the abundance is present inside can it manifest itself outside.

But what to do with the unfulfilled, most ardent wishes?

As mentioned at the beginning, Marina and I have reversed our consciousness. From deficiency awareness to fullness awareness. The following three steps were of great help to us:

1. Bring yourself and your desires in abundance

If one area of ​​your life is still completely unfulfilled, take a closer look at it and investigate which harbingers of abundance are already there. For example:

  • You wish for professional success. What are the prerequisites for this? An apprenticeship, a job in an established company, a goal, good ideas, certain skills ...?
  • You wish yourself health. What positive signs are there already? A positive attitude, a doctor whom you trust, all those body parts that are healthy and enable you to do a lot despite illness (e.g. your legs that carry you - your eyes that open up a colorful world to you every day, etc.)
  • You want a partner. Are there any positive harbingers that your partner will soon find you? Acceptance and love for yourself, your positive charisma, your increasing sociability, registering with a dating platform ...?
2. Instead of I would like it so much, just say I already have!

Formulate your wish in the Present tenseas if it had already been fulfilled. For example: I live in a fulfilling partnership, I am successful, I am wealthy, I am happy, etc. Repeat this sentence out loud or in your mind over and over again.

Reinforce this intervention by simply acting for a few days as if the wish has already been fulfilled. It might feel like acting at first. But soon you outsmart your mind, which constantly draws your attention to your deficiency and you actually feel in abundance.

3. Make yourself aware of what is already in abundance in your life!

Write down all areas of your life that make you happy. Whenever you long for your great wishes, you consciously withdraw your thoughts from your lack and focus on the areas that have already been fulfilled. In this way you will remain in abundance and will soon acquire the necessary power of desire for your longings.

What you are looking for is not on the top of the mountains, not in the depths of the sea, not on the streets of the cities. It is in YOU!*unknown

Sincerely, Melanie

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