Is chilli healthy

In summary, capsaicin has a beneficial effect on a number of heart-related factors. It is true that chillies should not be consumed excessively and they are no substitute for appropriate medication for serious heart diseases. But they can certainly enrich the diet with their preventive properties,

concluded Chen at this year's meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Diego.

Chili - hot makes you slim!

As a spicy flavor note in our diet, chili not only fires up our health, the small pod can also help to slimline.

Previous studies had already shown that the "agitator" capsaicin can suppress hunger and increase energy consumption, which burns calories.

New insights into the figure-friendly properties of chilli were made last year by researchers at the American Purdue University in the journal Physiology & Behavior set out.

Commercially available cayenne pepper containing capsaicin was used for the tests. Cayenne pepper is the name given to the dried, ground fruits of the cayenne chilli variety, which is one of the most widely used spices in the world.

The 25 normal-weight study participants, of whom 13 people liked spicy food and 12 people did not, were given 0.3 g to 1.8 g of cayenne pepper daily over the course of six weeks, depending on personal tolerability.

In all test subjects, the chilli consumption led to an increased core body temperature and increased calorie burning due to increased calorie consumption. Surprisingly, especially those who did not consume chilli regularly showed a reduced feeling of hunger and less craving for fatty, salty and sweet foods.

Chili consumption has been shown to regulate appetite and increase calorie burning after eating. As a dietary measure that does not require a lot of effort and overcoming, chili could be a valuable aid in weight management, said Prof. Richard Mattes.

Similar studies have been carried out with chilli in capsule form. But it is precisely the taste sensation that maximizes the digestive process and contributes to weight loss. In Mattes ‘words, the burning sensation in the mouth is responsible for the rise in temperature in the body and the resulting increased energy consumption.

Recipes with chilli

So that you can also benefit from the many advantages of chilli, we have put together a few recipes for you:

We hope you have fun trying it out and enjoy your meal!


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