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Color symbolism: the meaning of violet and purple

Purple, in the tone of an amethyst, is complex, multilayered and complicated in its character as well as in its symbolism. In violet and lilac, the earthly red unites with the heavenly blue and becomes the epitome of the mystical and mysterious. At the same time, violet unites all the other opposites of red and blue: the cold with the hot, the present with the fleeting, the masculine with the feminine. The latter is the reason why feminists have made use of the colors purple or violet to represent androgyny - equality.

The mystical beauty of violet is complex and charged with tension.

The far-sighted equilibrium of blue in combination with the power of red gives rise to one of the meanings of violet: psychological strength. Violet also stands for supernatural - the sensual red "removed from the earth" by the spiritual blue. Another meaning of violet is transformation - through the merging of the opposites of red and blue, it represents coping with phases of upheaval in life from which the personality emerges stronger. However, the transformation also has a symbolic downside: purple is the color of deep sorrow. The fiery red is extinguished by the blue. At the same time, blue sacrifices its freedom for the earthly component of the red component. Violet stands for insight, profundity and psychological strength - as well as for grief and loss.

For a long time, purple was the most expensive of all colors and reserved only for kings and spiritual dignitaries - it stands for opulence and sublimity.
Red violet / purple

If the violet tone is clearly in one direction, it is perceived as much less tense. As in the case of the fascinating purple product details - the once most expensive color in the world - the color of kings. Here blue only acts as “taming” the wild character of red and creates a dignified, glamorous color. This symbolizes royal opulence and royal extravagance like no other. It stands for fascination, luxury and beguiling, sublime beauty.

Blue violet

If the violet tone leans towards the blue side, a tone is created that stands for thoughtful introvertedness. In contrast to pure blue, however, it has become tangible through the red. Blue-violet product details symbolize sober certainty, melancholy and sensitivity.

Light purple / lavender / mauve
A friendly day ends with light purple and mauve tones - they are said to have a dreamy nostalgia.

Light purple nuances are the last tones in the evening sky before it gets dark. They represent the farewell of the day. Lilac product details, lavender and mauve product details also stand for the end of a journey and for the “last look back” at the end of a stage. These tones stand for a fragile, graceful beauty as well as for melancholy, sentimentality and nostalgia.

Dark purple / night purple

In its dark nuances, violet product details acquire a dark mysticism. It stands for impenetrable depths - hypnotic, absorbent and mysterious. Its symbolism is the obscure complexity, the drama, the magic and a dominant kind of extravagance and power.

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