Why is it all about beauty

Everything revolves around beauty and the cult of the body

Current data from the Timescout youth study makes one sit up and take notice: every fifth young girl would be willing to go under the knife for beauty.

Of the 800 young people between the ages of 11 and 29 who were questioned:

  • almost 80 percent believe that "people who look good have a better career"
  • another 60 percent say that "looks are very important" to them
  • over 30 percent "hold back when eating so as not to get too fat"

Tolerance towards people who do not conform to the current ideal of beauty and the body is not the best. Over 30 percent believe that "people with ugly bodies shouldn't be too lightly dressed in public".

The desire for eternal youth and flawless beauty is already widespread among very young people.
The booming body cult has an impact on all areas of life, especially on sport. Young people particularly appreciate those types of sport that demonstrate the body in the foreground. The sport that will be most popular in this context in the coming year is beach volleyball.

Little by little, cosmetic surgery seems to be gaining widespread acceptance, especially among the female target group. Almost 17 percent of the girls and young women interviewed can imagine undergoing cosmetic surgery.
The approval rate is greatest among the very young (11-14 years). A fifth of them are ready for cosmetic surgery.

Source: www.presseportal.de/story.htx?nr=530923&search=jugendstudie

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