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Because my upcoming stage anniversary concert on May 5th was supposed to take place six months ago, but had to be canceled at the end due to a cold that started 6 days earlier, the daily Pelican general condition report starts here (7 days before the new attempt) you know and can cheer if necessary.


Sunday [7 more days], April 28, 12 noon

Hello friends,
my voice is currently in the absolutely green area, but it is a bit uncomfortable here because the heating does not work for me, so that for the third day in a row I have been sitting at my desk with 2 sweaters, leather jacket and scarf. At the moment I have 18.5 ° C here, and that is just not enough for me. Perhaps the sun will be able to warm up my booth a little over the next few hours.

Body temperature: 36.6 ° C

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Monday [6 more days], April 29, 10:15 am

Outside temperature: 11 ° C
Room temperature: 18 ° C [heating still only brings zero]
Body temperature: 36.5 ° C
Voice: slightly scratchy, as it always sounds to me in the morning, so everything is still OK.

Otherwise: Just received the message from the property management that the heating circulation pump is broken and the fitter is already on his way. Well, things are looking up.

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Tuesday [5 more days], April 30, 11 a.m.

Since yesterday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. my heating has been working again, so that I was well warmed up for the evening rehearsal. That could be a nice evening on Sunday, because everyone looked really healthy, and my voice is still there today, in contrast to the day after the dress rehearsal six months ago. So, everything is OK, only the inner tension is growing.

outside: 14 ° C
in the room: 22 ° C
inside me: 36.2 ° C

Otherwise: I bought a new clinical thermometer yesterday so that I could give you the most reliable data possible, as my old thermometer was over 30 years old. But it's funny, without having to shake off the mercury strip.

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Wednesday [4 more days], May 1st, 11 am

Yesterday evening I found out that two of my favorite women (from Bielefeld and Jena) would be coming to the concert on Sunday, and today I am really looking forward to this evening for the first time, whereas in the last few days I had generally been concerned about whether I'll hit the right notes and all that. But when you see so many old friends again, that shouldn't be the most important thing.

And before I forget: It's Desi's birthday. Congratulations to Berlin.

The sun is shining, it's warm in the room, my temperature is acceptable (36.0 ° C), BVB is in the final, life is good.

Otherwise: One of my neighbors has been looking at me a bit strangely since yesterday, almost like a year ago after the Bob Dylan story. On his (Dylan's, not the neighbour's) 70th birthday, the alarm clock rang at 4:15 am, because I had calculated beforehand that I would have to start exactly at 4:18 if I had all my Dylan by midnight -CDs wanted to have listened to. And because I didn't want to miss anything while I was in the loo or in the kitchen or downstairs by the post box, the music sometimes had to be turned up quite loud, and it's a noisy house anyway ... but really cracking once a year Celebrating a birthday is also allowed, isn't it?

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Thursday [3 days left], May 2nd, 12:25 pm

Didn't sleep well last night, but had a bad dream, and now the temperature is slightly higher: 37.4 ° C, probably the famous stage fright. I feel vocal but strong and physically fit and I'm still looking forward to Sunday.

To be fair, after yesterday's soccer game I have to say “respect and appreciation” to Bayern, with an additional greeting to Harry.

Otherwise: The neighbor is still looking at me as if I were an alien. He has probably recognized me (although lately I've only been walking around with a beard and my hair tied up) on one of the 27 concert posters that I have put up in the hallway and (twice) on each apartment door.

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Friday [2 more days], May 3rd, 2:10 pm

"Who knows what it was good for," Anja said to me when I had to cancel the concert in November, and now I know: to look better on stage. Because six months ago my scales showed 86 kg (three months earlier it was even 90), while I have now returned to my desired weight of 80 kg. And because my weight has fluctuated several times in the last thirty years by up to a maximum of 18 kg [after a period of eating, a famine was proclaimed from time to time], my jeans often didn't fit anymore either, so that I (since the mid-80s) From a certain waist size I only wore one-size-fits-all dungarees from Aldi. And when I was thin enough again, I bought new jeans because I hadn't thought about the old ones or something ... that could at least be an explanation for my many pants. Because I wanted to look a little fancier for my appearance, I rummaged through my closet for old jeans and found the astonishing number of 9 copies. Had expected 2 to 3 in total. And any of them will suit me on Sunday for sure. And I have just measured the differences in the pants, namely how far they are on the hips when they are buttoned and folded. Result: 45 cm, 49 cm, 40 cm (white, from the early 80s), 45 cm, 46 cm, 44 cm, 48 cm, 42 cm, 47 cm (black). But I won't try it on until Sunday.

Weather: slightly overcast, but nice (12 hours of sunshine have been announced for Sunday), and my body temperature is again below 37 ° C.

Otherwise: Two very strange things happened to me yesterday. For one thing, I thought I had seen John Lennon sitting in a taxi rushing past, and that evening on the way home from the Kraan concert I actually saw a UFO again. It seemed to have started from the roof of the VHS building and was dark blue with red glowing windows or something. I spotted my first (and until yesterday last) three UFOs flying in formation one night to the Eschhaus on the 6-Seen-Platte, and they were shiny gold, but also quite far away above the trees on the other side of the lake. Yesterday's UFO sighting now worries me a bit, because I don't believe in UFOs (at least none that could make it from their own solar system to this point) ... but I saw what I saw. So should I be worried about my mind now? Anyway, I can definitely still sing, and that should be the most important thing at the moment.

Then stay healthy and see you tomorrow ...


Saturday [1 more day], May 4th, 11:10 am

Do you remember John Lennon? I even saw him twice yesterday. First on a short walk, where he was unexpectedly standing behind Lucky's window, but when I stopped to make sure, he ducked away quickly, and later in the chip shop. But because he served there, I guess it was just a double. But what does Lucky have to do with french fry clerks?

There are just days that feel like they're out of this world. And if I didn't know better, I would say that the day before yesterday the UFO left some of its occupants here because some people look pretty strange. At the bakery, for example, a kind of Uli Hoeneß with tentacles pushed his way up to the head, and the beggar at the Deutsche Bank under the large sign that reads "I advise my customers confidentially. But I don't recommend anything that I couldn't publicly advocate, ”he looked somehow scary with his six-fingered hands.

But what am I talking about here? Shouldn't I tell you something completely different? Oh yes, my temperature and such: probably normal. I just can't see the small numbers on the thermometer properly today because they wobble around like that, and some other objects also seem to develop a kind of life of their own when I take a closer look at them. Should I go to the ophthalmologist? But it's closed today anyway.

And what else was there? My performance tomorrow. Funny, my stage fright is gone and my voice sounds great. So everything in the green field - I mean: level. Or rash?

P.S .: My neighbor. Today for the first time I have a certain resemblance (I never noticed before) to - I know !, but I can't help it either! - John Lennon noticed ... although he definitely had a nose too much on his face. But it probably just stuck on to annoy me.

Then stay on track ...


Sunday [the big day], May 5th, 11:10 am

Hello friends,
I slept quite well [just a little too little], but had a totally crazy dream: someone in Duisburg had put LSD in their drinking water, and because I - all my guitar students can confirm - I only drink tap water, I had such a hefty dose of it got that all I saw were UFOs and aliens that looked like John Lennon or something. Was one of those dreams in color that looked extremely realistic.

But now I'm awake, a little bit tired, but that will definitely pass this evening, and my voice is slightly scratchy (so normal) and my temperature is 36.3 ° C. So no more excuses.