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In order to be able to keep up in the age of digital upheaval in terms of customer service, user experience and seamless interaction, companies must constantly ensure that their employees also have the necessary know-how. So what are the most sought-after jobs in the industry right now?

Top 16: Well-paid IT jobs with a future

Personnel consulting and placement Onward Search has identified the 16 most popular IT professions - based on the data collected in ten branches and the personnel requirements of their customers.

Mike Ondocin, President of Onward Search, sums up the needs of the tech job market: "Nowadays companies are eager to go beyond conventional, digital offerings. They work to improve their products, to provide better customer service through non-traditional channels and to offer their customers the latest and most useful applications. Our data is a great example of how the market is increasingly focused on user experience, interaction and the creation of new products. "

So here they come, the 16 most sought-after tech jobs in 2016:

  1. Product designer
    The needs and preferences of the end users are moving more and more into focus, which is why the role of the product designer is becoming more and more important for companies, as Mike Ondocin from Onward Search explains: "For companies, what internal designers think is no longer decisive The role of the product designer was previously a pure developer role - now there is the additional task of recognizing and defining strategic problems, as well as visualizing, designing, testing and ultimately implementing new solutions and products . "
  2. UX designer
    The user experience (UX) can become a decisive competitive advantage for companies that want to know from their customers which direction to take with new products.
  3. Frontend Developer
    An elegant, intuitive and engaging front end is the key for companies to create customer loyalty. According to Ondocin, good front-end developers are characterized by the fact that they understand that the first impression is decisive for the user.
  4. Digital designer
    A digital designer needs a special skill set that includes elements of traditional design work as well as technical skills and experience.
  5. Full-stack developer
    Full-stack developers have the technical know-how to design front-end, back-end and complete web solutions and apps. These skills are very popular in the industry due to the digitization boom, as the data from Onward Search shows.
  6. Digital copywriter
    "Content is king" - writing skills are at least as important for companies today as technical know-how and an eye for design. After all, the advantages over the products and solutions of the competition are also communicated to the end customer in words. Ondocin's tip on this: "It's almost impossible to find someone with both technical and copywriting skills. So when you have a good copywriter, do whatever it takes to keep him."
  7. Digital producer
    Robert Kyncl, YouTUbe's chief business officer, said in early 2016, "Digital video content will overtake television and become people's favorite pastime before the end of this decade." As long as the video boom does not stop, talented multimedia producers are also very popular with companies.
  8. Interactive Project Manager
    More and more digital solutions, more and more complex IT projects: Talented project managers are a must-have for every digital company, according to Ondocin, regardless of whether they are generalists or specialists.
  9. Creative director
    The creative director can typically be found in the media industry. Often these are also employed as managers in advertising or marketing companies. Many creative directors work with artists, designers, copywriters, sales teams or marketing specialists in order to realize a holistic vision for products and services.
  10. Marketing Analyst
    Under the influence of big data, data analysis is becoming an increasingly important undertaking for companies. After all, companies want to understand which aspects of their advertising campaigns work particularly well. In addition, new insights should of course be gained by collecting and evaluating user data.
  11. Digital Marketing Manager
    The digital marketing manager plays a decisive role when it comes to developing, planning and implementing a company's digital marketing strategy. His tasks also include collecting and analyzing data about campaigns in order to increase their effectiveness.
  12. Graphic designer
    Graphic designers are responsible, among other things, for the design and presentation of advertisements and marketing material. The packaging design of new products also falls within their area of ​​responsibility.
  13. Social media manager
    If you're not on social media, you may be missing out on good opportunities. Because social media has meanwhile blossomed into an incredibly powerful marketing and communication tool for companies. Here you can not only reach new target groups, but also get in touch with your customers.
  14. SEM manager
    A SEM (Search Engine Marketing) manager should be a master of both data analytics and search engine optimization.
  15. Presentation designer
    The role of the Presentation Designer combines the skills of graphic design, content creation and user interface / user experience development in order to create striking presentations. These are then used for marketing, advertising or sales purposes. Ondocin knows that start-ups also rely on Presentation Designer when they are vying for the favor of investors.
  16. Email Marketing Manager
    Email marketing has been around for about as long as the web itself. And it's still a great tool for businesses to reach their customer base. Professionals in email marketing not only determine the best way to reach customers, but also distribute internal messages to the workforce and about new product developments.

Stress at work: risk of burnout

All of the professions in this compilation not only have a future, but are - in many cases - also well paid, as a look at the current remuneration study by Compensation Partner and COMPUTERWOCHE shows. Despite all the monetary enthusiasm, you should also remember that the stress level in many ICT jobs is not bad. It is therefore imperative that you take a look at the eight most stressful IT jobs at the moment:

  1. 8th place: programmer
    Programmers are faced with similar requirements as software developers - however, they write, test and code the applications and software developed by the developers. Amazingly, according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fewer and fewer programmers are being sought.
  2. 7th place: software developer
    The job of a software developer is to develop computer programs. Ideally, he should meet his deadlines, satisfy customers and meet the expectations of his company for software development. The demand for this job profile will increase by 17 percent by 2024, according to the BLS. That also makes the job as a software developer more stressful.
  3. 6th place: IT service technician
    With the technological upturn, the need for service technicians who keep computers and other devices alive in the workplace is growing. So it's not surprising that the IT service technician is one of the eight most stressful IT jobs.
  4. 5th place: data scientist
    The "data madness" has been spreading for a long time. Many companies are therefore desperately looking for data specialists, but cannot find any (or only a few) suitable candidates. The few who already hold such a position have a lot to do.
  5. 4th place: network administrator
    The job of network and system administrator is not enjoying growing popularity (BLS: minus 8 percent by 2024) - but it is still one of the most stressful IT jobs. No wonder, after all, the poor guy with this title on the business card is responsible for all of a company's network traffic.
  6. 3rd place: IT system analyst
    System analysts are responsible for examining a company's IT systems and processes. Your goal: maximum efficiency. The job itself is blessed with a pronounced level of stress - but the stress factor is given a significant boost thanks to the technological zeal of the digitization era.
  7. 2nd place: technical writer
    According to BLS, the profession of technical writer will become increasingly popular over the next eight years (growth by 2024: 27 percent). The main task of the technical writer is to work closely with developers on the basis of which technical documentation, specialist articles, tutorials or operating instructions are created.
  8. 1st place: web developer
    Web application developers have the most stressful job in IT. But also those most in demand by companies - according to BLS, more than one in four HR professionals is looking for skilled workers now or in the coming years.

For some people, a stressful working life is not a problem at all, others quickly reach the limits of their resilience or even become seriously ill - keyword burnout. Various scientific studies confirm that work stress can have a negative impact on life expectancy and health. The American Psychological Association (APA) specifies the findings: "In addition to emotional stress, prolonged stress at work can have a drastic effect on physical health. Overwork at work often leads to nutritional problems; in combination with insufficient exercise, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can occur occur."

The APA also speaks of the loss of mental energy that can be triggered by a negative work atmosphere or an increased stress level in the office. This lack of mental energy can in turn lead to mental health problems and even depression.

  1. The salaries of IT executives in 2015
    A total of 16,547 current salary data were evaluated for the remuneration study “Executives and specialists in IT functions 2014/2015”.
  2. Salary is a question of the industry
    How much an IT manager earns depends primarily on the industry in which he works. Our picture gallery shows you which industries are the most lucrative.
  3. IT project manager ...
    ... usually move hierarchically between department and group leaders. In recent years they have caught up in terms of salary, but they are now often earning more as group leaders.
  4. ... earned ...
  5. ... a project manager in the software house
    This means that his salary has increased by 3.3 percent compared to the previous year.
  6. ... gets ...
  7. ... a project manager in a system house
    The system houses are also paying better than last year. Salaries have increased by 2.2 percent.
  8. ... receives ...
  9. ... an IT project manager in the automotive industry
    In the automotive industry, too, the salary for project managers has increased by 2.2 percent.
  10. ... earned ...
  11. ... a project manager in the telecommunications industry
    He is paid very well, but his income has only increased by 1.5 percent compared to the previous year.
  12. ... gets ...
  13. ... an IT project manager who works at a bank
    This means that banks pay their IT project managers the most in an industry comparison.
  14. The salary prospects of group leaders
    Group leaders are the first hierarchical level in the company. The earnings prospects in the individual industries are between 64,000 and 87,000 euros.
  15. ... receives ...
  16. ... a group leader in the clothing and textile industry