Will my girlfriend get obese

My girlfriend is getting fat, what to do?

Hello, my name is Florian (23) and I have been together with my friend Lisa (22) for 2 years.

She is beautiful and I love her, but she has gained so much weight over the years that her figure can no longer be called attractive.

When we first met, she weighed 1.71 kg and was 62 kg when she was 20 years old.

Diseases and pills are ruled out as the cause, but their weight gain is only related to comfort.

It all started when we moved in together. Before that, she lived with her parents, who attached great importance to healthy eating. When she moved in with me, of course, she took advantage of the freedom of eating.

After a short time I noticed that Lisa had put on a little weight. I found the few new folds of bacon very cute back then.

After moving in together, Lisa quickly made new friends (all of them a bit thicker) and together they often went to hearty and such food, and Lisa often unpacked her bag at home.

She then bought a car, and every route is now driven comfortably.

3 months after moving in, I noticed that some of the clothes no longer fit her. I also noticed that large rolls of bacon were already forming when sitting down.

I asked her about it and she replied that she was fine and that she would work on it. I then asked her to stand on the scales, which now showed 68 kg.

Now it was her birthday, and soon afterwards it was Christmas, and her family said that she would be good at the food.

Everything went on like this, and when we went swimming soon after Christmas I noticed the weight gain again clearly. When she left, everything about her wobbled, her stomach hung down, her bulging thighs pushed aside, only that beautiful, thin face was reminiscent of the past.

I asked her to stand on the scale, and it showed 72 kilos at 21 years of age. She had gained 10 kilos in one year. Again she said she would work on it. I also noticed by chance that almost none of her clothes fit her anymore, so she went shopping.

Everything went on like this, she got even bigger, and in the summer on the beach you could also see how fat she got. She said she was fine, she now weighed 75 pounds.

Hardly any kilos were added in autumn, and in winter it would be really bad. Her loud face became rounder, her buttocks wider, her stomach bulged more and more out of the clothes that were too tight again. For our birthday soon afterwards we got a 7 day trip, all inclusive for free, in which she was really happy.

After Christmas she had really eaten a big belly and I really couldn't bear to watch it get bigger and bigger. “Honey, we're going to the doctor. Maybe he can do something. "When she stood on the scales, she showed 79.5 kilos at the age of 22. The doctor said she should lose weight, of course that still doesn't happen to this day!

Today she weighs around 85 kg, and every time she runs, everything wobbles, her arms soon look like her thighs, and when she laughs the fat is pushed over her eyes. Every movement is exhausting for you, but she is still fine, she says. Personally, I don't want to watch it for much longer.

When I told her that, it came naturally that she would work on it. Despite the weight, I love to sweat them, and I don't want to lose them from their pounds.

Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks in advance.