What are the best mission games for pc

PC games: These are the best games for your computer

Top titles on Steam and more

Enjoy the best PC games with the finest graphics and with a smooth frame rate, provided your desktop computer or gaming notebook has the necessary hardware. You don't know which titles to buy? These are our recommendations.

  1. Resident Evil 2 (Remake) 2. Dark Souls 3 3. Pillars of Eternity 4. Overwatch 5. Fallout 4 6. Rocket League 7. Anno 1800 8. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls 9. FIFA 20 10. Borderlands 3 11. Shenmue 3
  • Nice graphics
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Additional pressure from the Tyrant
  • Contemporary gameplay
  • Additional modes
  • Fair save points
  • Unlockable
  • Cool zombies
  • Nice graphics
  • Great level architecture
  • Diverse areas
  • Fair, demanding level of difficulty
  • Exciting boss fights
  • Allusions to the first part
  • New Game +
  • Dark atmosphere
  • rousing story
  • expandable fortress
  • lively game world
  • interesting group dynamics
  • very good usability
  • complex set of rules
  • No launch problems
  • Fast matchmaking
  • 60 FPS gameplay
  • Real teamwork
  • For casuals and hardcore gamers
  • Perfect gunplay
  • Believable wasteland
  • Fantastic soundtrack
  • Extensive crafting options
  • Simple controls
  • Tactical depth
  • Many game modes
  • Millions of ways to customize
  • No pay-to-win
  • Cars and soccer balls!
  • Modding is to be added
  • Cross platform
  • Exceptionally lively game world
  • Great attention to detail
  • Picturesque soundtrack
  • Enormous playful freedom
  • High replayability
  • Very high volume
  • No system requirements that are too high
  • Booty 2.0
  • Endgame motivation thanks to adventure mode
  • No more auction house
  • Nice graphics
  • Lots of licenses
  • Large scope
  • Volta mode
  • Fun modes like surprise ball
  • Round gameplay
  • Long game time, many main and side missions
  • Many convenient improvements to the menus ...
  • Huge and varied game world
  • Diverse mission design
  • A "Quadrillion" weapon with tons of fun effects
  • Co-op both local (2 players) and online (4 players)
  • Loot and enemy level can be adjusted separately in co-op mode
  • Nice comic style
  • Extensive endgame content
  • Shenmue feeling
  • Good soundtrack
  • Nicely designed venues
  • Story could be a little longer
  • No VR mode
  • A couple of technical quirks
  • Little news
  • Camera perspective sometimes unfavorable
  • Quite challenging for beginners
  • The level of difficulty increases rapidly
  • minor translation errors
  • some bugs
  • Microtransactions
  • The contents of the loot boxes are often garbage
  • Slimmed-down dialogue system
  • Humor is neglected
  • Lame frame story
  • Rarely connection errors
  • Partly unjust team composition
  • Rare lags
  • Campaign could be longer
  • Tutorial doesn't explain all mechanics
  • A difficult entry for those new to the genre
  • Short fifth act
  • Crusader uninspired
  • High price
  • Penalty system poor
  • Header goals too difficult
  • Goalkeeper AI weak at times
  • Uninteresting story with irrelevant antagonists
  • Humor and characters seem a bit annoying in the long run
  • Minor stutters in online multiplayer
  • Gameplay out of date
  • Searching rooms is very time consuming
  • Very poor graphics

Before we show you the best games for the PC, you should first be able to understand our test procedure. There are three criteria: playing time, entry level and technique. Playtime indicates how long you can spend with the game. Entry describes how well beginners get along and technology stands for the technical advantages of a game, such as graphics, frame rate, effects and sound.

However, the overall grade is usually not exactly the cut of these three ratings. This can be because one of the points is particularly important and the gameplay, the story and the overall fun are also taken into account. A game experience is difficult to express in numbers, the grade for a game is only intended to provide a classification and help. You can find detailed impressions in our test reports.

This is how netzwelt tests

Our testers first get an overview of the market and record all possible games. From this mass of products, the titles that are relevant from the editors' point of view are individually tested and the test results are presented.

If you want to get the best PC games, you can't ignore what is probably the most famous platform for computer games. We're talking about Steam, of course. Here you have the opportunity to buy hundreds of games or even play them for free, including free first-person shooters and many indie games.

But there are also other platforms besides Steam that you need for some top titles. For example, you have to install Origin from EA if you want to play FIFA. For Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Origins you need Uplay. For Blizzard games like Hearthstone, you install software for Battle.net, Epic Games now offers the Epic Games Store and Rockstar games will be launched via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

PC games sorted by genre

On the PC you have a large number of games on offer and therefore, for the sake of clarity, it is worthwhile to narrow down the selection according to your own preferences before buying. The division into genres can help. Maybe you prefer action titles to role-playing games, or you prefer to play sports games. In the following we name you the best games according to genre in the opinion of the editors.


The action game genre encompasses many titles and touches many other genres. Shooters or beat 'em ups, for example, are very action-heavy, in action adventures there is usually a stronger focus on adventure and hurdles in the form of puzzles. The choice is really big.

Special highlights are Rockstar Games titles like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Both got top marks in our tests. We make further recommendations for Devil May Cry 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Action Games: The best games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch


If you like shooters, you are in good hands on the PC. In any case, PC gamers swear by the shooter control with mouse and keyboard. Do you still need suitable games? Since 2017, the "Battle Royale" shooters Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite have particularly stood out. Alternatively, you can use Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), games from the Call of Duty or Battlefield series, Far Cry 5 or Blizzard's hero shooter Overwatch.

Strategy games

Strategy games can also be played well on the computer, because complex commands and skillful tactics on the battlefield ("micromanagement") can be implemented quickly using the keyboard and mouse. We recommend you take a look at Civilization 6, XCOM 2, Stellaris, Battletech, the card game Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or DOTA 2. The last five titles are even free.

Sports games

Friends of sports games can also let off steam on the PC and do virtual physical activity. Football fans cannot avoid FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). White sports fans play Virtua Tennis 4 and basketball players grab a release from the NBA 2K franchise.

Racing games

If it's more about motorsport that gets your blood pumping, install the best racing games for the PC - and ideally also a gaming steering wheel. With a powerful computer you can enjoy some titles with top graphics. Above all, Project CARS and Project CARS 2 offer a really nice look and gameplay of a real simulation. Alternatively, we advise simulation fans to use Assetto Corsa and iRacing. Forza Horizon 4 is also worth a look.

Racing Games: The best racing games for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Role play

Fans of role-playing games become witcher Geralt in The Witcher 3 and roam a beautiful fantasy world full of mythical creatures, demons, wizards and robbers. If this highlight brings you joy, you should definitely take a look at the expansions ("Hearts of Stone" and "Blood and Wine").

Other top titles from the role-playing genre are Blizzard's mouse-click massacre Diablo 3 including the Reaper of Souls expansion, Fallout 4, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and of course Dark Souls 3 by From Software. The latter title convinces with a dense atmosphere, crisp gameplay and a demanding level of difficulty.

If you really want to get involved in an online role-playing game, then maybe MMO titles ("Massive Multiplayer Online) are something for you. The most famous MMO role-playing game (" MMORPG ") is World of Warcraft, which Blizzard has already sold for more than Still supplied with expansions for a decade on the market. Alternatives are titles like Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy 14.

If you have already reserved a few titles, you may be able to try them out before you buy. Sometimes publishers offer free demos that you can try your hand at first. Then you can still think about whether you really want to buy the game.

PC system requirements too high? Streaming can help

Always check before buying whether your PC meets the system requirements of the game. Maybe it doesn't work on your hardware at all or you have to reduce the graphics settings a lot. Then the fun of the game may be decisively clouded.

If so, you can still consider subscribing to a game streaming service. With the Shadow service, for example, you get access to a virtual high-end PC with which you can play the latest games with high graphics settings. Google Stadia for the browser could also be your solution. You pay a monthly fee to use such a service, but you also need a sufficiently fast internet connection.

Gaming hardware and accessories

Are you also looking for hardware for your PC, additional accessories or even a new computer? We present you an overview of gaming notebooks and several mouse pads in a comparison test. We can also recommend a couple of gaming mice. Take a look at the test for the Logitech G903 and the test report for the Roccat Kone AIMO. Racing game fans can also buy a gaming steering wheel for an immersive gaming experience.

If you want more information from the world of games, have a look at our gaming area. You can see upcoming releases in our game release list.