Does Coinbase have an affiliate program

Four Coinbase alternatives

Alternative 1: Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a German-speaking based in Austria and was founded in 2014. Bitpanda makes the purchase of crypto currencies as easy as possible and, in addition to a smartphone app, offers a number of other functions that not only make the provider an alternative to Coinbase, but even scores better in our test.

  • Account verification is carried out by German-speaking employees using a webcam.
  • The platform offers excellent German customer service.
  • With SOFORTÜberweisung, the first crypto currencies are in the account shortly after the account is opened (however, it costs 2% extra).

A detailed test from Bitpanda can be found here

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on these exchanges:
Bitpanda from Austria is an innovative provider for the direct purchase of crypto currencies (also BTC)
  • largest range of functions of all brokers (savings plan, crypto index, ..)
  • very clear, easy to understand, modern design
  • German-speaking provider (support, payment methods)
  • many coins, as well as metals, stocks and ETFs
  • Source of funds required for sales over 10,000 euros
33.011,20 €

including fees

Number of coins: 43 Features: Payment methods:

Alternative 2: BISON app

The BISON app is a German provider backed by the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Within a very short time, BISON has established itself as a valuable alternative to the providers that have been on the market for a long time. Not least because of the very user-friendly app and the feeling of security that it is a reputable provider. In a detailed test we have more information about the BISON app

  • BISON offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP (Ripple) for direct purchase and is cheaper than all other direct purchase providers.
  • The verification is very quick, only the bank transfer takes one day