Why doesn't affiliate marketing work

10 reasons affiliates don't earn anything

Affiliate marketing is not the quick way to make big money. And it is certainly not a sure-fire success.

The majority of those who try affiliate marketing earn next to nothing.

In this article, I am listing 10 reasons for this.

10 reasons affiliates don't earn anything

The following 10 reasons have arisen from my personal experience and my observations.

Sure, there may be one more reason or another, but if you address these 10 points and avoid the mistakes, you have much better cards to earn money with affiliate marketing.

not a profitable niche
There are 3 important requirements that must be met before starting an affiliate website. One of them concerns the theme of the website.

When planning an affiliate website or e.g. a blog that you want to assemble with affiliate marketing, you have to make sure that the topic is profitable.

There are just issues that don't make a lot of money. So you should check whether there are enough affiliate programs for the chosen topic and whether they are going well and are profitable.

inappropriate affiliate programs
I often see websites that advertise completely inappropriate affiliate programs. These affiliate programs aren't bad in and of themselves and have hefty commissions, but they just don't fit the website.

And no matter how high the commissions are, you will hardly earn anything with them.

Instead, you have to choose the partner programs that match the needs and problems of your own visitors and test a lot.

no "good" traffic
Traffic is not always traffic. Above all, you need the right traffic.

So 100 visitors who have a certain interest in buying are better than 1000 visitors who are only looking for free information.

When marketing and content creation, one should be careful to attract the right visitors. Quality is more important here than quantity. Ideally, both go hand in hand.

too much competition
When choosing a website theme, one should also pay attention to the competition.

No matter how profitable the topic and the search volume may be, if you don't make it through the strong competition in Google, you won't have many visitors and therefore you won't earn a lot.

Better to go into the niche a little more and get ahead more easily in Google.

no optimization
Build in affiliate programs and make money. At least that's what many new affiliates think.

But that's not how it usually works. Instead, there is a lot of testing to be done. Other affiliate programs and promotional materials. But also other content and positioning.

Without tests, you will often earn nothing, or at least not even come close to realizing the potential.

nothing special
The thousandth loan comparison site is going to have a very hard time. That is why you should do something differently and look for topics that are not yet so overcrowded.

In addition, you can always set yourself apart from the existing competition in terms of content, appearance, technology, etc. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do successful things, but you should also differentiate yourself.

1: 1 copies are 99% unsuccessful.

don't think about the visitor
Affiiate sites littered with advertising banners are now almost a rarity, thanks to Google.

Still, I see and you can see a lot of affiliate websites that are primarily built for making money. Lots of advertising, bought cheap texts, no added value.

Instead, one should concentrate on the visitor and find out their motives, problems and wishes. Then you offer solutions and then also affiliate links.

too much or too little SEO
It doesn't work without a few basic SEO measures, even if some people think so.

However, you shouldn't overdo it. The times of tons of cheap links and co. Are coming to an end and you won't get very far with such SEO tricks in the long term.

A basic search engine optimization within the framework of the Google game rules is best.

no marketing
Newsletters or the social web offer many marketing opportunities that should be actively used.

After all, an affiliate website is quite "lonely" at the beginning. You should help and provide new / first visitors with useful content and added value.

Content marketing is certainly one of the buzzwords of the hour.

no patience
"What? No three-digit income after a month? What a shame. "

Unfortunately, some affiliates really have this expectation and quickly slacken their commitment, do not test or optimize anything, etc.

It is important to be patient and to give an affiliate website the necessary time.

Patience and perseverance are also very important in affiliate marketing.


There are many reasons affiliates fail to make money.

One should know these mistakes and analyze oneself critically. If you discover one or the other of the points listed here in yourself, you should do something about it.

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