What are the cons of WordPress

Six disadvantages of WordPress and how to work around them

Yes, I'm a fan: What I particularly appreciate about WordPress is the quick results that can be achieved with the CMS and the existing plugins and themes. Our eBook Quick start WordPress is also a small plea for the open source solution with its countless advantages. Like every system, WordPress has its rough edges. Readers keep asking about the disadvantages and what to look out for. So here are my personal top 6 WordPress disadvantages: If you have these points in mind, you can easily avoid unnecessary problems and use WordPress professionally.

WordPress disadvantage # 1: security holes due to bad plugins

The hard-working programmers create many plugins in their spare time - unfortunately that means that security precautions and permanent optimizations are sometimes overlooked. Such plugins pose a security risk and make it easy for hackers.

Tip: Use as few plugins as possible and update them regularly. In addition, only use plugins that are regularly updated or expanded by the developer (pay attention to the date of the last update).


WordPress disadvantage # 2: malfunctions due to faulty plugins

In addition to the security holes mentioned, many plugins also have functional errors. It can happen that after an installation or an update of the plugin WordPress no longer runs.
In particular, you should avoid plugins that have been badly rated or have only been installed infrequently.

Tip: If WordPress no longer runs after a plugin update, simply rename the plugin that has just been updated. Then WordPress has to be reloaded and you can deactivate the plugin or replace it with an alternative one.


WordPress Downside # 3: Bad Themes Issues

There are big differences in quality when it comes to themes - not just in terms of design, but also in terms of implementation and programming.

While some theme developers value loading speed, modern frameworks and error-free codes, there are unfortunately also black sheep who deliver bad programming.

Tip: When making your selection, pay attention to the comments and ratings of previous buyers or users. Modern themes should also offer a so-called responsive design so that your website is displayed well on all end devices.