What is the homeopathic treatment for cancer

With homeopathy against cancer?

What happened if? What if a religious hospital claims to kidney patients that it has had such good experiences with renal insufficiency with holy water from Lourdes - applied externally? When an Austrian urologist reveals his knowledge of voodoo rituals that are well established in Ghana and recommends the patient to cut the throat of five chickens and one puppy in order to appease the goddess Mawu-Lisa and with it the enlarged prostate? Doctors with a weakness for West African or southern French magic would be invited to the ethics committee of the medical association and the mockery of their colleagues. When a noble private clinic advertises that it can treat cancer with homeopathy? Then - of course - she has the sanctuary of the Styrian Medical Association.

Doctor from the controversial "Spinedi Clinic" gives a lecture

On November 13th, the doctor Martina Schörghofer will give a lecture in the House of Medicine in Graz on the topic: "Approach to an oncological disease in the Clinica Dr. Spinedi with homeopathy." The participating doctors are rewarded with three advanced training points. The invitation to the Voodoo Talk comes from the Department of Complementary Medicine of the Medical Association and is also signed by Herwig Lindner, President of the Styrian Medical Association.

The lecturer works in the "Spinedi Clinic" in Orselina in Ticino, Switzerland. The "Homeopathic Clinic" above Lake Maggiore has made a name for itself with homeopathic treatment for serious illnesses including cancer, but not just friends.

Serious allegations against the Spinedi Clinic

In the past few years, the Spinedi Clinic has repeatedly been suspected of having discouraged gullible patients from conventional therapy in favor of a homeopathic one. The case of a 33-year-old breast cancer patient made waves in the media. After a successful operation, doctors advised the patient to undergo radiation therapy. The woman hesitated and trusted a doctor at the Spinedi clinic. Its treatment was unsuccessful and cost valuable time. The return to conventional medicine came too late. The woman passed away.

Based on such reports, the clinic is now open to evidence-based medicine, at least on the website. With homeopathy you complement conventional medicine, you use it to accompany chemotherapy, the patient's will comes first. Numerous statements by proponents of the "Homeopathy Clinic" testify that there is also a legally motivated calculation behind this, in order to be on the safe side in an emergency.

In a TV report in the MDR magazine "Fakt" in 2017, the case of the deceased breast cancer patient was reopened. With a hidden camera, journalists asked a doctor at the Spinedi Clinic whether cancer could be treated purely homeopathically: "That would be a justifiable decision, yes, yes you can. If you can stand behind it that way, then yes," he replies Doctor. In another interview, the namesake Dario Spinedi emphasizes that "the expertise of four generations of homeopaths flow together in a straight line in his facility."

"Unfortunately, you have to do it almost secretly"

The deceased breast cancer patient was treated in the clinic by the homeopath Jens Wurster, according to the MDR article. In his book "The homeopathic treatment and healing of cancer and metastatic tumors" Wurster complains less about the victims of his ineffective methods and more about the circumstances that the usury-sugar charlatanry has to grapple with: "If you only want to treat tumor patients homeopathically, you have to unfortunately nowadays almost secretly, so as not to be labeled irresponsible by the dear medical colleagues. "

The renowned German health economist and book author Norbert Schmacke ("The Faith in the Globules") takes Wurster hard: "Even the Catholic Church is more critical than Mr. Wurster and many of his disciples when it comes to alleged miraculous healings. It is high time, that the competent authorities prevent such dangerous advertising. "

The Spinedi Clinic hardly contests such criticism, on its website it proclaims wisdom with the depth of a calendar saying with stoic calm: "The homeopathic medicine, if chosen correctly, fits the disease like a key to the lock and leads to healing."

Theses and counter theses

The President of the Styrian Medical Association, Herwig Lindner, defends the event. It is aimed only at interested doctors and is an opportunity to get "an overview of methods in complementary medicine and an opportunity for critical discourse on theses and counter-theses". "Complementary healing methods are requested by the population because they help them. I don't believe in not dealing with them."

That there is another way. shows the Bremen Medical Association. Starting next year, events related to homeopathy will no longer be recognized as further training. President Heidrun lattice sums up the matter with North German sobriety in the "Weser Kurier": "We find that a bit silly to offer structured advanced training including curriculum and examinations for procedures and means whose effects are scientifically incomprehensible."

Study: homeopathy for cancer shortens life

The former homeopathic doctor and author Natalie Grams ("Homeopathy rethought") notes that an allegedly prosperous coexistence of homeopathy and medicine is also problematic: "As far as the treatment of side effects of chemotherapy is concerned: there is simply no reliable evidence of an effect homeopathy. " Rather, current studies show: The death rates of patients with combined, "alternative" treatment are significantly higher compared to cancer patients treated exclusively with conventional medicine. This sounds absurd in view of the ineffectiveness of homeopathy, but it can be explained by the lack of compliance with standard therapy: Sick people who focus on the "alternative" accompanying treatment are prone to neglecting or refusing conventional therapy and the doctors' instructions. Grams: "The combination of good medicine with humbug doesn't make medicine better, it can lead to dangerous wrong decisions."

Q-potencies in cancer patients

Where doctors at the Spinedi Clinic think they are among like-minded people, the child is called by name anyway. The Austrian "Medical Society of Classical Homeopathy" is promoting a course that leaves little room for interpretation: "Homeopathy in Cancer". It is headed by Monika Hartmann, a long-time doctor at the Spinedi Clinic. The announcement states: "We are very pleased that Dr. Hartmann will give us more information about the use of Q-potencies in tumor patients in theory and practice in this seminar." It has not yet been determined how many further training points will result in attending this lecture on October 26th. An application has been made to the medical association for this. (Christian Kreil, October 23, 2019)

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