Which operating system do Facebook engineers use

Facebook wants to escape Google and Apple with the XR operating system

“We want a stronger strategic position in the next generation of computers,” writes Zuckerberg. "We can only achieve this if we build our own platform with key applications."

Four years later, Facebook's XR boss Andrew Bosworth reinforced this strategy in an interview with The Information: “We want to make sure that the next generation has room for us. We don't think we can trust the market or our competitors to give us this. Therefore we take care of it ourselves. "

Facebook's operating system project is said to be from the former Microsoft engineer Mark Lucovsky who is jointly responsible for earlier Windows versions. In his Twitter biography, Lucovsky describes himself as the “head of the AR software platform”, which apparently goes by the name “The Reality Platform”.

Facebook is investing heavily in personnel

Since Facebook has little to report in the smartphone market, it wants that Change to a new interface Accelerate: The group has been selling VR glasses for a number of years with so far limited success. Bosworth called Oculus “just part” of the XR strategy in October.

This is how Facebook imagines the new XR campus, which should start in 2020. Image: Facebook

AR glasses that are potentially more relevant to the market are more difficult to build, but should come onto the market in the next few years.

With Portal, Facebook offers an assistance system for the home that wants to network TV, voice, communication, smart home and more. An AI-supported language system is also in the works.

These Interface future with a focus on AR and VR to bring about 4,000 employees on a good 71,500 square meters of work space in a new office complex. Facebook is investing around 515 million in the new XR location. It is located in Burlingame near the Facebook headquarters and is expected to go into operation in the second half of 2020.

The building should offer a publicly accessible area in which interested parties can test new Facebook technologies. Facebook's XR team is also located in California, Washington, New York, and outside the United States. According to The Information journalist Alex Heat, Facebook invests annually Billions in AR and VR.

Billions a year is spent on the AR / VR org, which is getting its own HQ next year miles away from Facebook’s main campus. It will seat around 4,000 employees. This all represents a huge bet FB is making to be more integral in the next wave of tech that follows mobile phones.

- Alex Heath (@alexeheath) December 19, 2019

VR, AR, voice, anything: the main thing is to get rid of the smartphone

According to The Information, Facebook is working on hardware and software for companies. Facebook already offers an enterprise conference system for portal, and Bosworth is to be used twice internally a VR conference app for meetings with around 100 executives have used a complete question-answer software. Facebook wants to find out what is necessary so that business conferences can be held regularly in VR.

A Facebook team is working on a brain-computer interface that will allow the user to think letters into the computer. Image: Facebook

It should also make progress Facebook's brain interface which was first presented in 2017 at the F8 developer conference. It should recognize brain signals and evaluate them in such a way that the user can type through thoughts.

The system was initially the size of a refrigerator, but now you can hold it in your hand, reports The Information. The vocabulary would be continuously expanded. The goal is to think 100 words per minute. However, the brain interface is still a long way from being integrated into a smartphone, for example.

Facebook is also working on a brain interface specifically for AR glasses and recently bought the startup CTRL-Labs, which intercepts electrical signals from the brain to the hands with a bracelet.

A brain chip that is placed directly in the brain like Elon Musk's Neuralink is out of the question for Zuckerberg for the time being: "Facebook wants to perform brain surgery, I don't want to be at the congressional hearings," Zuckerberg said at an internal meeting.

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