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Price study provides information: This is what SEO costs you today

Many companies place search engine optimization in professional hands so that they occupy one of the coveted first places in Google results. The question of the price for a good SEO agency always plays a decisive role when it comes to deciding on a particular service provider. But what does effective search engine optimization cost in Germany today? A cost study by the SEO agency Schild Roth now provides information. The company anonymously surveyed 521 SEO agencies in Germany's 80 largest cities and evaluated the results.

The price of success: SEO agencies cost an average of over 1,200 euros a month

In addition to the finding that 95 percent of the agencies offer their services by means of a monthly commission and a fixed monthly budget, the study also determines the average price that companies, private individuals etc. pay to SEO professionals. The service providers charge an average of EUR 1,256.71 per month. This price results from the hourly rates that the SEO agencies from the respective cities stated in the context of the survey. Hamburg is the front runner. In the Hanseatic city, SEO specialists demand an average hourly wage of 122.33 euros. In second place is the city of Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia (an average of 120 euros hourly wage). Followed by the SEO agencies from Regensburg, who set an average price of 112.50 euros per hour, and thus land in third place.

Companies that hire a search engine optimization agency based in Bottrop are the cheapest. The price for the SEO services is just 47.50 euros per hour. It gets a bit expensive in Erlangen, Bavaria. The agencies charge an average of 55 euros for one hour of search engine optimization.

Continuous SEO measures bring more and are cheaper in the long term

Actually, it should be clear to companies by now: A one-time search engine optimization is of no use. Nevertheless, Schild Roth writes in her price study:

Many managing directors & owners have the desire to achieve top positions with a one-time SEO optimization. You want to keep the costs low & you have so far lacked the necessary understanding that in 95% of the areas a really relevant sales success or top positions in organic Google search can only be achieved with continuously implemented measures over a longer period of time.

It is not surprising that companies have an interest in keeping the price for SEO as low as possible. On the other hand are the agencies who point out that successful placements can only be achieved after three to five months of continuous optimization. You can find out how much a top 10 ranking on Google would cost you with a new tool from Seobility. By the way, the service providers stated that the perfect weekly workload was around 15 hours a week. Since this is a calculable investment, constant implementation of SEO measures is not only cheaper, but also more effective.

The SEO agency Schild Roth points out that in the context of the study “only a statement about prices, but not about quality” is made. The agency also explains that if you hire an extremely inexpensive agency, you should expect that the quality and possibly also the results may not achieve the desired effect.

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