Which language is older Hebrew or Arabic

Are Arabic and Hebrew very similar?

Yes very. There are closely related Semitic languages ​​such as German and English are closely related because they are both Germanic languages.

It is very easy for Arabs to learn Hebrew. Conversely, not quite so, because the variety of grammatical forms in Arabic is greater and there are more sounds that sound similar.

The latter is only due to the fact that Hebrew was revived in the 1920s after 2,000 years of "pause". Namely by people who had European, i.e. Indo-European, mother tongues. Until then, Yiddish - actually a German dialect - was their common colloquial language.

Some sounds - such as that Ayin - would probably have to be spoken in Hebrew as in Arabic.

Jews who have immigrated from Arab countries and whose mother tongue is Arabic basically speak Hebrew like Arabic. And then, as a foreigner, you would not recognize that this is not Arabic!

A friend of mine, a very intellectual Arab, always had fun with me: whenever I said Hebrew words to him, he more or less quickly came up with Arabic words that have a similar meaning or had an older language.

To him, Hebrew sounds like a kind of "obsolete Arabic". So maybe something like Old High German for you: At first you wouldn't understand anything. The more you listen and read, the more you notice something.

So: yes, very similar. Like sisters!