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Create a chatbot: 29 tools you can use to create your own chatbot

Chatbot Marketing is very trendy. They are now even referred to as the “new apps”. The systems are all still under development, but there are already some chatbots that will relieve you of many tasks and make your work more effective.

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Right at the front is of course the function of “chatting”: If a customer is on your website and has a question, but you are currently unavailable, the chatbot answers your customer's question.

How detailed the answer and the following conversation will be, of course, depends on how well developed your chatbot is.

There are two different types of chatbots for this:

  1. Chatbots that are limited by rules and programming and only work according to defined patterns and commands.
  2. Chatbots that have artificial intelligence, use machine learning and learn and become smarter with every application.

No matter which chatbot you want to create: you need no programming language! Each of the applications that you will find in my post works via a simple builder with which you can assemble the right chatbot.

I've also created a chatbot several times. For example via Manychat, with the chatbot I was able to do Facebook Messenger marketing directly. I was allowed to work on another customer project Create Rümpel Fritz, who digitally prepares customer inquiries on the website. Or Sophie, with her you can write via chatbots.

The market overview of chatbot tools to create yourself

I'm up for my research 28 different chatbots, tools and providers encountered.


Personalize your website by asking for data from your visitors in conversation. This makes the customer journey more attractive and increases the conversion rate. Landbot can be used with drag and drop. You kind of connect the dots between the individual interactions.

The following points must be observed in particular:

  • Easy to set up using drag & drop
  • For applications in ecommerce, banking, e-learning, HR and many more
  • Chatbot templates
  • Free


With Chatbot4you you have a German provider where you can set up your chatbot yourself. A visual and text-based builder is available to you for this, which you can use with drag & drop for the flow of conversations and lead generation. This can be used best for an active customer approach.

Your bot can then answer questions on your website, in Facebook chat or as an app. This modern type of communication can relieve your team and give your customers quick feedback.

Chatbot4you also relies on AI-supported answering of support inquiries.

The most important points at Chatbot4you are:

  • Chatbot for websites and Facebook
  • GDPR compliant
  • Live chat is also possible
  • FAQ chatbot with a simple improvement
  • API for your own further development
  • HTML code for easy embedding in websites


ManyChat is one of the best-known providers of messenger bot marketing. The provider specializes in Facebook and Messenger. ManyChat can also be used particularly well for eCommerce companies, for example to send information about ordering via chat. There are integrations here with Shopify and other providers.

Particular attention should be paid to ManyChat:

  • Fast, uncomplicated setup of the chatbot (2 minutes according to the website)
  • Messenger, Telegram
  • Free tariff
  • Numerous integrations
  • Bot templates


Chatfuel is a provider specializing in Facebook Messenger. Communication with visitors and followers can be prepared there with automation and sequences. Chatfuel describes itself as a no-code chatbot platform, because you can click your chatbot together using drag and drop and individual buttons and sliders.

Special features are:

  • Templates to choose from
  • Updates for the paid version
  • Chatbot for Messenger, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram
  • Starts for free


IOX is positioning itself as a chatbot builder with great speed. The first bot should be up and running within just 30 seconds. Templates are used so that your bot management system is set up directly for one of the selected platforms. Of course, you can still fine-tune afterwards.

Features of IOX include:

  • Suitable for many areas such as health, customer service, making appointments
  • Use of pictures and videos possible
  • Chatbot for Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Whatsapp, Messenger, own website, Wordpress, Service Suites & CRMs
  • Basic version: € 47 per month / Pro version: 297 € monthly
  • free demo version


You can also use the SAP Conversational AI to set up a chatbot to automate processes and provide customer support. The system also supports bots in all possible languages. The bot platform is aimed at the entire team with an easy-to-understand design.

The following points should be emphasized:

  • Learning function: bot learns from every conversation
  • Chatbot for Messenger, Slack, kik, Twitter, Skype, Telegram and more
  • Free


With ChatterOn you can build an AI bot yourself. The functions of a bot are combined with those of a conversational flow builder. Here, too, the facility can be set up quickly using different templates. With machine learning, your bot should also get better with every application.

Interesting facts about ChatterOn include:

  • Use for table reservations, answering questions, etc.
  • Bot learns from conversations
  • Fast setup (max. 5 minutes)
  • Only for your own website, app, etc.
  • Free


With tars, the focus is on higher KPIs. In particular, the conversion rate should be able to be improved enormously on a landing page with a chatbot. From the conversation workflow to the evaluation, everything runs via drag and drop and visually well-prepared dashboards.

Also worth mentioning are:

  • For many different professional fields (health, restaurant, travel, finance) in many areas (generation of leads, customer support, yoga trainer)
  • Multi-language support
  • individual training including contact person possible
  • Only suitable for your own website
  • from $ 99 monthly


WotNot is a chatbot platform that allows you to build an AI bot without any coding knowledge.

  • Suitable for various professional fields, e.g. insurance, healthcare, travel, eCommerce, education and many more.
  • Bot builder
  • Live chat
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Integration with: Slack, Shopify, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zendesk, Wordpress, HubSpot and many more.
  • $ 99 / month, 14-day free trial


Collect more leads on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Collect Chat you get closer to this marketing goal. The conversation history can be simply clicked together with the simple drag and drop tool. The chatbot is then integrated into the website via HTML code or plug-in and can be used immediately.

You should pay particular attention to these points with Collect Chat:

  • Mainly customer service and generating leads & sales
  • Chatbot for Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Wordpress, Slack, Xero
  • From free, recommended standard version with all features: $ 39


With Drift you benefit from live chat and chatbot power and can thus optimally qualify your website visitors. The bot replaces the classic form and creates an increased and faster conversion through skillful interaction.

Among other things, these points are noteworthy:

  • Propose helpful websites for unanswered questions
  • For your own website only
  • CRM tool integrations
  • Free


Octane AI is particularly interesting for e-commerce companies. As a chatbot, the tool can be used well in the customer journey for conversion. Customers can also be qualified with quizzes. The setup is on a no-code basis.

Features for the tool are:

  • Chatbot for Shopify, Klaviyo, Dashbot, Yotpo, Yext
  • Suitable for shopping campaigns, news, questions, generating more purchases
  • For Facebook Messenger only
  • from $ 9 a month

Bot community

Botsociety sees itself as a conversation design tool. This means you can design the conversation history using drag and drop and thus set up your chatbot. This works very well for chatbots and voice assistants. To be able to imagine this a little better, the comparison with a sketch or Figma is quite appropriate. It is a design tool, not for graphics, but specifically for communication processes.

These points are noteworthy:

  • Compatibility of the design with different sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Interactive tool for testing effectiveness and functionality on real people
  • For Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google assistant, Alexa, Slack and more
  • Monthly $ 79 per user for unlimited messages and themes
  • Free version that lets you try each feature once


The provider Motion AI has since been bought up by HubSpot and can now be integrated into the CRM solution. Set up your chatbot completely internally and link it to your CRM contacts.

  • Integration of all known information about a person into the conversation (e.g. title, occupation) for a more “human” chatbot
  • Chatbot for SMS, Slack, Messenger, website, email, Smooch, via the API
  • Free

Flow XO

With Flow XO, you don't need any programming skills to create a chatbot. As a no-code tool, the tool can be set up and configured with a click. So welcome your website visitors with the chatbot, help them with questions or complete the purchase directly in the chat.

The following points must be observed:

  • Payment function via chatbot
  • "Chatbot entertainment function"
  • SMS, Slack, Messenger, Telegram, Website, Twilio
  • Free


Less customer support and thus higher satisfaction and better sales. Sounds exciting and Botsify offers a builder system for social media channels. With different triggers, the chatbot communication can be controlled according to AI guidelines and thus the course of a conversation can be reproduced.

  • Up to 1000 simultaneous calls per chatbot
  • Different languages ​​possible
  • Chatbot for Messenger and your own website
  • Free

Messenger people

As a software as a service tool, messengerpeople offers quick access to communication with customers and visitors. You can communicate via live chat, chat blocks or chatbot. The tool is aimed at medium-sized and large companies.

Noteworthy are:

  • Suitable for marketing and distributing your newsletter
  • Customer service only via live app
  • Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Apple Business Chat
  • € 699 per month

On sequel

This provider is particularly suitable for media and entertainment bots. A drag-and-drop builder is available to create the chatbot. So it is quite easy to set up a communication channel with your followers and fans that can also be used to sell.

Particularly noteworthy are:

  • Service, personal chatbot, game bot etc.
  • Group chat function
  • Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Kik
  • Free


The platform is aimed at developers who want to use one API over 30 channels. The key channels include SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and much more. RCS Business Messaging is also already possible via a special access.

Facts about GUPshup are:

  • Suitable for business
  • Many different uses
  • Use for individual small messages up to large campaigns
  • Chatbot for Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Skype, SMS, Telegram
  • Free


With the simple builder, chatbots can be set up for multi-channel communication. Numerous templates are available to get you started. The connection via webhooks with other programs and the combination with a live chat is also exciting, even if a little more technical know-how is required here.

These points deserve special mention:

  • Many different areas of application
  • Unlimited free messages
  • Unrestricted support possible
  • Serverless bot
  • Snatchapp, Web, Skype, WeChat, Messenger, Slack, Email, Twilio, Viber, via API
  • Free


A lot has happened at Converse, so that the provider is no longer freely available on the market. Apparently the service is only available to selected developers. It remains to be seen what will happen here in the near future.

What is special is:

  • Business
  • Chatbot for Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Telegram, Smooch, Twitter, SMS
  • Free


With the Chatbot Builder from Morph you build your bot for WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. It is one of the few providers with which you have an official WhatsApp integration. Automatic and manual interactions are therefore possible between you and your followers or visitors. With the right communication strategy, many new customers can be created. The Chat Flow Builder, which is very suitable for professional chatbot marketing, should also be noted.

What is special about Morph.ai is:

  • Primarily for marketing
  • Demo version available
  • For messenger, website and WhatsApp
  • Free
  • Chat AI


MobileMonkey is a chatbot builder for numerous devices and applications. The bot is designed to gain more leads and to talk to your website visitors and thus potential customers. MobileMonkey relies on its own technology called Omnichat, with which instant messaging is possible for SMS, web, social media and more.

Special features are:

  • marketing
  • Chatbot for SMS, Messenger and Facebook
  • Free
  • Top marketers trust it, such as Neil Patel or Brian Dean

Moin AI

With the chatbot from Moin AI, the customer effort can be greatly simplified. It is an AI chatbot solution with which the answers to over 60% of customer inquiries can be given automatically. Depending on the company, this can save a lot of working time. In addition to customer service, the bot is also suitable for sales and marketing.

Particularly noteworthy are:

  • standalone AI
  • Set up in 14 days - no do-it-yourself kit
  • Integration with CRMs possible


At Tidio you can choose between a template and creating your own chatbot. With a click you connect the individual chat interactions and determine which triggers the chatbot should react to and how.

The following points must be observed:

  • Different use cases, such as lead generation bot, welcome bot, exit page bot, shopping cart bot, telephone call request bot, etc.
  • Choice between live chat and chatbot
  • Starts with a free plan
  • Integrations for CRM, eCommerce, Help Desk


With aiaibot you rely on chatbot software that is suitable for use in customer dialogues. On the Conversational AI platform, for example, a sales assistant can be created, which is available around the clock for customer inquiries. The use is intended for the website, but can also be integrated into other channels.

Particular attention should be paid to points such as:

  • Channel-independent, machine learning, intelligent automation
  • Easy to use, quickly adaptable, plug & play integration
  • Integration of images, GIFs, videos, file uploads and surveys
  • Easy connection without code to e.g. Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and much more.
  • Price: From € 26.91 per month

Chat Camp

Under the catchphrase Guided Selling, Chatchamp supports customers with its chatbot solution 24/7 in the selection of products. With the right integrations, the bot solution can also be used in e-commerce with Salesforce, Zapier, emarsys and co.

Please note the following with Chatchamp:

  • Guided Selling provider
  • Use in different industries possible, such as beauty, electronics, fashion, nutrition
  • Lead generation possible via Facebook Messenger
  • Price on request


Without any programming knowledge, Onlim can be used to create an AI chatbot that is there for your customers around the clock. Both text and voice are supported on numerous channels. Customer service, sales and marketing benefit from this solution.

The following aspects are noteworthy:

  • Create an AI chatbot without programming knowledge
  • Knowledge and conversational platform
  • Multi-channel via text and voice
  • Templates available

Chatbot help: Who can create your chatbot for you?

If you don't have the time yourself or if you have more complex requirements for your chatbot, then it is worth calling in an agency. I can recommend these two agencies:

1000 ° bot

The company 1000 Grad specializes in software development and, among other things, in the creation of chatbots.The bot can become the communication interface for the website or social media channels.

Particularly noteworthy are:

  • Chatbot as a virtual assistant in the field of customer service, employee communication, etc.
  • Provider “1000 ° Digital” will create your chatbot including all-round support right from the start
  • Web chat, Facebook Messenger
  • 1000 ° bot from 85 € per month
  • Free demo version


Chatlogue's expertise ranges from AI-supported chatbots to voice assistant applications. The interested party can be qualified and brought to the customer along the customer journey. The chatbot agency conceives, designs and develops individual solutions.

Features of chatlogue are:

  • Main goals: lead generation, sales, marketing, customer service
  • The provider “Chatlogue” creates the right chatbot for you
  • Accompaniment and support right from the start
  • Chatbot for websites, Messenger, Whatsapp, amazon alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana
  • Price on request

Chatbot factory

At the chatbot factory, solid chatbot and conversational bot-flows are implemented with the help of the appropriate chatbot tools. From advice to support and implementation, you are in competent hands.

It should be noted here:

  • My own offer as a chatbot freelancer
  • The best bots from my research
  • Are you looking for help creating a chatbot? Then take a look at my offer for you here.

Voice chatbot

It's not just chatbots that chat with the customer. If you have a chatbot with the "Voice Search" want to build, you should at least have a basic knowledge of the programming language. These are two of the voice chatbots:

amazon alexa

  • Adoption of the current Alexa Voice Service including level of knowledge
  • Development of new skills possible
  • Basic knowledge of programming language is required to work with the Alexa Skills Kit
  • Integration of the cloud-based language service in your own products: customer communication, offering added value
  • More information at https://developer.amazon.com/de/alexa


  • In contrast to amazon alexa: setup of language AND text necessary
  • Takeover of previous skills and creation of new features for your own product
  • Functions: customer support, simplification of processes such as information collection for greater productivity of employees
  • More information at https://developer.microsoft.com/de-de/cortana

Which chatbot works on which platform

Since I have listed a lot of chatbots for you here and you may not know directly which chatbot is suitable for you, I have listed the providers again by channel. This makes it easier for you to find your perfect chatbot.

Facebook Messenger

  • IOX
  • 1000 ° bot
  • Recast.ai
  • collect.chat
  • Botanalytics
  • Octane.ai
  • Bot community
  • Motion.ai
  • Flow XO
  • Sntachbot
  • Messenger people
  • Manychat
  • Chatfuel
  • Botsify
  • On sequel
  • GUPshup
  • Chat club
  • Converse
  • Morph.ai
  • MobileMonkey
  • Chatlogue
  • aiaibot
  • Chatbot4you


  • IOX
  • Messenger people
  • Chat club
  • Chatlogue
  • Bot community
  • aiaibot

Amazon Alexa

  • amazon alexa
  • IOX
  • Chatlogue
  • Bot community


Other platforms such as Slack, Twitter, Skype, Telegram etc.

  • Recast.ai
  • collect.chat
  • Botanalytics
  • Motion.ai
  • Flow XO
  • Manychat
  • Chatfuel
  • On sequel
  • GUPshup
  • Converse
  • Bot community
  • aiaibot
  • Chatbot4you

Own website

  • ChatterOn
  • Tars
  • drift
  • Botsify
  • Chatlogue
  • Chatbot4you
  • Landbot

Chatbot instructions: This is how you create your chatbot

Now you have an overview of the different chatbots and their platforms. But how you can create a Whatsapp chatbot, for example, I will explain here.

Your Facebook Messenger bot

Using the example of Snatchbot:

  1. Decision: automated bot or human chatbot
  2. Build the chatbot according to your own requirements: simple or multiple choice answers, translations, sending receipts, etc.
  3. Publish and use in Facebook Messenger

Your Whatsapp chatbot

With IOX it works like this:

  1. Decision: Klickbot with given answers or free text
  2. What do you need the Whatsapp chatbot for? (Shopping, customer service, help with job interviews)
  3. Write and define options or questions individually and without programming language
  4. Customize design
  5. Distribution of the bot with a link via Whatsapp
  6. Forwarding of the customer to Whatsapp chatbot via link on website

The amazon alexa bot

  1. Select hardware kit depending on the equipment
  2. Add suitable software
  3. Follow “AVS Guidelines” (instructions for design, functionality of the device and appropriate marketing)
  4. Using the cloud: adding new features possible
  5. As soon as the chatbot is ready and the product is ready for sale: Tracking of data and support from Amazon.de possible

Your chatbot for "Cortana"

  1. Define hardware and software (condition: device must be able to operate text and speech)
  2. Create new skills using various editors and add them to Cortana
  3. Customize design, language and intelligence
  4. Share or publish a skill with a group
  5. Make the product available for sale

Chatbot Analytics: Improve your bot regularly

Creating a chatbot is not a completed task. As soon as the bot is online and collects user data, optimization begins. With tools for chatbot analytics, fine details can be measured and used for improvement.


Exciting approach to make your chatbot marketing even better. With Botanalytics, a chatbot can be measured and improved in detail. The tool works with different bot builders on numerous platforms and then offers extensive data on all aspects of conversational flows.

Please note here:

  • Customer service & communication
  • Analysis tools for higher activity and more conversions
  • Multiple members and bots possible on one account
  • Chatbot for Messenger, Slack, Google, Kik, Telegram, Line, Skype, Tii, SMS, Viber, Twilio
  • Free

It depends on your individual needs

Whether and which chatbot you should buy depends entirely on you:

  • Which channels do you want to cover?
  • What does your chatbot do?
  • How much money do you want to spend on him?

You can also do simple things like answering or forwarding customer questions yourself with a free chatbot.

My recommendation: Take a closer look at Landbot. You can use it to create pretty cool things.

Regardless of what you need a chatbot for - you will definitely find one that suits you and your needs.

Are you thinking about building a chatbot? Maybe you even have one already? Write me your opinion, questions or suggestions in the comments!

Do you want to find out more about smart digitization? We have reported on many other exciting topics here.