Is NPD an epidemic

NPD continues to change

Frank FRANZ reported in a DS interview from June 2020 on the status of the "restart": In addition to the "Professionalization of media work" do you have measures like that "Debureaucratisation, rethinking the forms of action and setting political priorities and topics" already initiated. The most discussed point is the question of the name. FRANZ said:

“But I did not join the NPD to maintain letters, but because the NPD as a party and tool was the most suitable means to achieve our political goal. And everything else has to be subordinate to the question of whether a tool is suitable for achieving the political goal. "
“(...) A name change would also be a kind of 'application' to potential allies to show that we have learned from mistakes. That we are ready to make real politics. That we see political operations not only as a permanent establishment for maximum provocation at any price, but that we want to get closer to our goal with intelligent, constructive and productive measures. "

He also called "All benevolent forces" to get in contact with the NPD.
In the August 2020 issue of DS, the new "DS-TV" studio was presented. Here you want according to your own statement "(...) produce certain formats such as moderated reports as well as interview and discussion programs much more professionally (...)"

Since November 2020 the NPD has been operating the YouTube channel "avosTV". According to the description, the videos published there are about "Politics, economy and culture from a patriotic point of view". The weekly magazine "P [R] OSITION" is particularly noticeable here "Reports and analyzes every Friday about events in Germany, Europe and the world".

In terms of content, the previous videos mainly deal with Corona and the events associated with it. In addition, "avosTV" reported on the US presidential election, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Black Lives Matter and other current national and international political events. [The entire AfD party and the Black Lives Matter movement are not objects of observation by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution.]

With the innovations in the area of ​​its own media and the open appearance towards other (right-wing extremist) "forces", the federal NPD is trying to become more modern and above all more attractive to the population and the electorate. So far, these efforts have not had any direct impact on the Baden-Württemberg State Association. As already indicated above, this elected a new board in October 2020. There is a direct connection to the federal level with the deputy chairman Alexander NEIDLEIN, who lives in Bavaria and is also a member of the federal executive committee as general secretary.