Flammable foods can cause joint pain

Joint and bone pain? You should avoid these foods!

Bone pain can make any movement a pain. But those affected can do a lot to alleviate their symptoms. This includes eating right - some foods can make bone pain worse.

In order not to aggravate bone pain through an improper diet, those affected should cut some foods from their menu. Because studies show that they favor the development of relapses and can exacerbate bone pain and discomfort in the joints.

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What is joint pain?


How do tomatoes affect bone pain?

Tomatoes are generally considered to be anti-inflammatory - but patients with gout should avoid them. Scientists recently found that tomatoes can make gout flare-ups. They interviewed around 2,000 gout patients - 20 percent of them reported that tomatoes caused pain in them. The researchers then analyzed data from almost 13,000 subjects who did not have gout.

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Gout - When uric acid crystals settle in the joints

They found that eating tomatoes increased the uric acid level in the subjects' blood. An elevated uric acid level is believed to be the main cause of gout and leads to uncomfortable bone pain.


What do omega-6s do to my bone pain?

Omega-6 fatty acids belong to the group of so-called polyunsaturated fats. They are important for a healthy brain. The fatty acids are contained in many foods (for example sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil) and the daily requirement of ten grams is covered quickly - so there is rarely a deficiency.

Rather, there is an excess of fatty acids: When this happens, the excess omega-6 fatty acids begin to turn into substances that promote inflammation - at People with joint and bone pain can experience the discomfort amplify.

For this reason, experts advise using olive oil (consists mainly of omega-9 fatty acids) instead of sunflower or rapeseed oil for daily needs, and coconut oil for high temperatures.


How does lemonade affect the joints?

Too much sugar not only promotes the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases - it can also damage the joints and Cause bone pain. It promotes the formation of so-called cytokines, which are components of the immune system that cause inflammatory reactions. A 2014 US study found that women who drink lemonade every day have a 63 percent increased risk of developing arthritis. The World Health Organization recommends limiting your daily sugar consumption to 25 grams (around six teaspoons).


What should I not eat if I have bone pain?

You can find out which foods you should avoid when you suffer from joint and bone pain in our bone pain picture gallery? You should avoid these foods!


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