How are the employment conditions in Singapore

The Hong Kong example frightens Singapore

The protests in Hong Kong now appear to have stalled and popular support is collapsing.

None of the protesters' demands refer to the real problems: overpopulation and unsanitary housing, unemployment and employment conditions, difficult access to care and education. On the contrary, the five demands of the movement are primarily aimed only at humiliating the regional government:
repeal the law on the extradition of criminals to mainland China;
Introduction of general election of the head of government;
to free the destroyers and stop calling them "rioters";
Denouncing police violence and the role of the triads;
Head of government Carrie Lam resigns.

Because this movement could spill over to the other British-created city-state, Singapore, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on his country's trade union conference for help (pictured): "If we see riots like the one in Hong Kong, it will be impossible to govern Singapore, to take measures and implement difficult decisions, to plan everything for the long term ... Trust in Singapore will then be destroyed. I think Singapore will then be over. "