Is it worth it to become a gynecologist

Start your own business as a gynecologist

Medical studies are still considered to be one of the most demanding. However, after a successful graduation, the efforts are rewarded with attractive earning opportunities and promising career options. In this sense, it can be an option worth examining to become self-employed as a (specialist) doctor after graduation. In view of the high learning volume, this perspective does not seem tangible for many in the course of studies, especially since the specialist training (takes an average of 5 years) is then necessary in order to be able to practice as a practicing doctor. Medical professionals who have settled down emphasize that above all practiceExperience is an important prerequisite for becoming self-employed after completing specialist training. In this respect, it becomes clear here that the path to a branch as a specialist should be planned well in advance: also in order to allow the financial scope for action to be as large as possible, because for the establishment or takeover of a practice, high six-figure costs are to be calculated.

Starting your own business as a gynecologist: what this post shows

The aim of this article is to present the option of starting your own business as a gynecologist in a practice-oriented manner. This is a wide range of medical specialties which, in addition to prevention and diagnosis, also includes, above all, the monitoring of pregnancies. Investigations within medical students show that almost 6% choose the specialty gynecology / gynecology. In view of this, anyone who wants to become self-employed as a gynecologist or settle down can choose one of the 10 most popular specialties. Overall, the path from high school to your own practice for gynecology / gynecology is long: 6 years of study (standard period) and 5 years of specialist training for the license to practice medicine show that long-term planning seems essential. In this regard, this article would like to point out strategic options, whereby the basic framework conditions are to be taken into account.

Setting up a business as a gynecologist: becoming self-employed after setting up a practice with your own practice

  • Which framework conditions have to be taken into account?

  • Gynecology: requirement profile for this activity

  • Establishing a practice: what options are there?

  • Treatment spectrum with visible added value

  • How much does a freelance gynecologist earn?

  • Requirements for starting your own business as a gynecologist

Analysis of the initial situation: trends & developments

Anyone who wants to become self-employed as a gynecologist must first examine the gender issue and its effects, which are central in this specialist area. In the early 1990s, only about one in five gynecological practices was run by a woman. It was a male domain, but it has not been possible to speak of it in recent years. In 2013, around every second practice was run by a gynecologist. If you look at the specialist training in this area, women are now clearly in the majority with almost 75%. The official figures seem to show that men are withdrawing more and more from this field.

What are the consequences of this development?

This development can become a problem for male specialists. In the worst case, this can lead to a practice not being well utilized and therefore not really running economically. Rather worrying for male gynecologists is the development over the last 20 years that more and more women want to see a doctor. In general, cases of abuse that have become public have ensured that gynecologists are under a certain general suspicion. Practicing doctors report that they only use certain examinations very carefully. In this regard, the gender issue plays a major role in the business idea of ​​'self-employed as a gynecologist'. Male specialists are likely to have a harder time or encounter more resistance if they want to set up a practice. There should be clarity from the start about the more complex framework conditions. Surveys show that women clearly prefer an attentive and empathetic type of doctor. With a view to the success-critical factors image and acceptance, it should tend to be easier for women doctors in the specialist field of gynecology.

Positive development: the birth boom in Germany

A positive development clearly speaks in favor of the step of founding a practice for gynecology: a birth boom has been going on for years, so that the waiting room could potentially be filled with many pregnant patients, depending on the location.

Special requirements for this specialist

Anyone who wants to become a specialist in gynecology must have a high level of empathy and sensitivity. The topics in the treatment room are actually always very personal and intimate, so that the gynecologist becomes a person of trust, especially during illness or pregnancy. In this respect, it can be very valuable to gain relevant experience in the course of specialist training and to prepare holistically for the task at hand. Anyone striving to start a business as a gynecologist at an early stage should choose the content of the specialist training according to their ideas and the opportunities at the targeted location.

Establishment as a gynecologist: central strategic aspects

If you want to set up a practice for gynecology, you have to clarify the availability at the location. On the one hand, there are legal restrictions with regard to cash register seats (more on this later). On the other hand, it may be the case that there is only a well-filled waiting list for a planned practice takeover. The specific options for the step into self-employment as a gynecologist must be clarified in the early phase, and a different location may then be sought. Those who are flexible can adjust to the needs and also move the center of their life. Specialist care tends to be better in cities than in rural areas. There, depending on the catchment area, the question of capacity utilization arises. There is no alternative to a location analysis in every respect, also in order to be able to quantify the existing competitive situation. The rooms chosen must be functional and inviting, as well as easily accessible by public transport. If these prerequisites are met, patients from the wider environment can also be won over. With a view to the birth boom mentioned, it should be checked how high the rate is specifically at the location. The existence of hospitals with departments for obstetrics can also be informative in this perspective and open up cooperation for a holistic range of treatments.

Establish a practice or aim to take over the practice?

Every licensed gynecologist who wants to establish himself is faced with this elementary strategic decision. In general, the location analysis must show which option can be taken at all. In terms of costs, the two solutions do not differ significantly, although taking over the practice tends to be more expensive. This can mainly be explained by the fact that, apart from the price for the takeover, investments in new technology are often necessary. Should a practice be taken over, it can be seen whether it is going well. The most valuable asset when taking over a practice is certainly the patient base. Studies show that when the practice is taken over, only a good 10 to 20% of patients migrate. In this respect, practice operations can begin immediately with a full waiting room. In the case of a start-up, a patient base would first have to be established. At a location with a supply gap or high demand, this shouldn't be a problem either.

Statutory or private: Which target group should you treat?

From a purely economic point of view, the temptation to focus on private patients is obvious, as the fees can be around three times as high on average. At many locations, however, it will not be possible to achieve a satisfactory level of occupancy with a private practice, as the higher fees would then fizzle out. If you want to make this strategic decision, you should take a very close look at the demand-oriented figures for the location. Resident gynecologists take the lowest risk when they target both target groups.

What does it cost to open a practice?

Anyone who sets up a practice starts from scratch. The location, the team, the range of treatments and the procedures in the practice can then be designed according to your own ideas. Anyone who takes on a practice for gynecology is forced into a certain framework that can only be changed with great difficulty over a long period of time. The cost of renovation and any remodeling work depends on the size and condition of the premises. Medium five-digit sums are not uncommon. As far as the equipment of the practice rooms is concerned, medical technology is particularly important. Think of the typical examination chair and ultrasound equipment. If you want to minimize financial risks, you can consider buying used equipment or leasing options. All in all, it is not uncommon for a total amount that significantly exceeds the threshold of 100,000 euros. Therefore, the importance of the business plan for starting a business as a gynecologist comes into focus: Anyone who presents a coherent overall concept here will be able to convince banks / financiers. In general, however, it is relatively easy for medical professionals to obtain the capital they need compared to other founders. As a rule, specialist practices are very profitable.

Practical tip for financing a business start-up as a specialist

If you want to put the financing of a practice or takeover on a broad basis, you can, among other things, fall back on the Deutsche Bank program, which is designed for health professions. The so-called 'PraxisCheck' can be very helpful if an economic imbalance is looming. The portal also provides key figures in order to be able to carry out a comprehensive and, above all, meaningful competition analysis.

Treatment spectrum with visible added value

Anyone who founds or takes over a practice runs a business. In this respect, apart from their medical expertise, resident doctors must also shine in accounting and billing matters. It is important to meet all legal requirements and to bring order and structure to all figures and processes right from the start. The organization of the practice in particular plays a decisive role with regard to the desired feel-good atmosphere. In this respect, the entire team has to consider which offers can be used to bridge unavoidable waiting times. In addition, it can be considered how the income base can be improved thanks to IGEL services.

Market health services confidently

From a marketing point of view, such services can be attractive arguments for patients compared to the competition. In view of the baby boom, investments could be made in high-performance 3D / 4D ultrasound technology in order to offer self-payers in this area a unique examination experience. It is important to market the range of treatments efficiently right from the start, to which a modern and search engine optimized homepage can make a measurable contribution. Overall, the image on the Internet now plays a critical role for all resident doctors. If you are looking for a gynecologist in XX, you will quickly see that there is no longer anybody looking for a review portal. And studies show that many patients allow themselves to be influenced negatively and positively by such rating portals. Therefore it should be in the form of Monitoring (possibly by an external provider) necessarily have a certain strategic importance.

What does a self-employed gynecologist earn?

Anyone who opts for an employment relationship will be able to achieve a collectively agreed gross wage between 5,800 and around 7,500 euros. Anyone who becomes self-employed as a gynecologist undoubtedly carries a higher financial risk. But this is rewarded with far better earning opportunities. Statistical evaluations show that monthly earnings well over 10,000 euros are not uncommon. Ultimately, however, this also depends on the individual cost structure of the practice and, in particular, on regional conditions.

Formal requirements to practice as a gynecologist

In order to be able to become self-employed as a gynecologist, you must first and foremost have a license to practice medicine. That means: The necessary specialist training must have been successfully completed. If you want to focus on those with private insurance, you can get started practically immediately. The situation is different with regard to the necessary billing with those with statutory health insurance. Those who focus on this target group will have to obtain approval as a statutory health insurance physician. However, this is more of a formality, so that nothing should stand in the way of starting your own practice in the near future. The prerequisite, however, is that a cash register seat is available in the destination area.

Check alternatives and trends

Prospective independent gynecologists should deal with the topic of planning areas right from the start of their business start-up. The indicators in this context show whether the targeted location is medically oversupplied or undersupplied. This results in the consequence of an open or closed supply area. In the latter, there are only poor chances of setting up a practice for gynecology on your own. In principle, a practice can only be opened there if a seat becomes vacant. While the approval for general practitioners is quite restrictive, there are usually hardly any problems for specialists. Especially not if a location with undersupply is targeted anyway. Because the subject Work life balance Especially when self-employment plays a major role in ensuring a high level of life satisfaction, more and more doctors are sharing a seat in the cash register. In this way, the workload can be reduced while the earning potential is still very good. There is also a trend towards the establishment of group practices in order to spread risks and to be able to offer patients a holistic range of treatments. In addition, a group practice can remain open at least with a trunk operation even during vacation time. This seems necessary anyway for the regular care of pregnant women.

Short summary for the business idea 'start your own business as a gynecologist'

  1. In view of the birth boom, medical shortages in many places and the need for regular examinations (which the vast majority of women also accept), the economic prospects for starting a business as a gynecologist are very good

  2. In recent years there have been fewer and fewer male doctors in private practice in the field of gynecology (gynecology). In this respect, doctors in this area of ​​medicine tend to have a harder time settling there, as many women explicitly want to be treated by a woman

  3. The usually more cost-intensive takeover of a practice has the advantage of being able to use a valuable patient base

  4. The range of treatments should be consistently tailored to their needs in order to offer patients added value, especially with additional services (e.g. 4D ultrasound baby TV), which also improves their income

  5. In order to be able to set up or take over your own practice, a license to practice medicine is required. Depending on the location, admission restrictions must be checked if there is an oversupply.