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Apprenticeship at PENNY? Just nice.

Achieving more together!

Apprenticeship training is very important to PENNY. PENNY is currently successfully training apprentices in the following areas in every third branch nationwide:

  • as Retail saleswoman / man in the branches and
  • as Meat seller in the meat departments.

Achieving more together!

We see apprenticeship training as a successful investment for the future, which is why we continuously adapt and improve the training of our apprentices to current circumstances.

Our apprentices are our managers of tomorrow. That is why we not only train them to become specialists in retail during their apprenticeship, but also develop them to become managers.

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Apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman / man

Many people know the teaching profession as "Retail salesman / woman“. 

But what can you really expect if you choose this apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship as a meat seller

This apprenticeship is rather unknown to many people. Some associate it with the profession of "butcher", others think that meat is only sold at the counter.

What is really behind this teaching?

The hard work and commitment of our apprentices is rewarded accordingly.

For this reason we offer the following benefits:

Apprentices are our managers of tomorrow. This is precisely why the training of our apprentices is worth every PENNY to us.
The PENNY apprentice academy is part of the training program for our apprentices. In this context, different, exciting seminars are completed each year of the apprenticeship. In addition to the practical experience in the branch and the vocational school, the apprentices receive additional knowledge, adapted to their apprenticeship. In addition, the best possible preparation for the upcoming final apprenticeship examination is ensured.

Which seminars can you expect at the PENNY Apprentice Academy?

1st year of apprenticeship:

  • Welcome week
  • Communication under the microscope & conflict resolution for apprentices
  • REWE personality seminar
  • Cashier training (Learning content: checkout process, customer orientation, etc.)

2nd year of apprenticeship:

  • Customer orientation 2.0 & marketing and sales

3rd year of apprenticeship:

  • WWS training(Learning content: ERP system, orders, etc.)
  • LAP preparation
We select our future apprentices in a multi-stage selection process.
After we have received your application documents (curriculum vitae, cover letter and certificates), we first check whether your qualifications basically match our requirements profile. If this is the case, a non-binding interview will first take place in the branch. Practical days as part of the practical work days or work trials are planned as further steps. An apprentice test completes the application process.
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