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Scrabble Variations: An Overview

Who says you can withScrabble-Stones can “only” play the most famous word game of our time? The possibilities of playing other games with the pieces of this classic board game are not as varied as the words that can be put in the original, but a lot of Scrabble variations have already accumulated over the time the game has existed - quite a lot Quantity.

Scrabble variations with and without additional funds

We have therefore researched the slightly different word games for you.

As a default, we had set ourselves that you can play the games with the "infrastructure" of any Scrabble game and that it is mainly word games. That means, you don't need more than the game pieces, the racks and possibly the game board.

We have also added other Scrabble-related games to our collection that require additional or different material, such as a smaller game board.

What we found in our search were entertaining games that are wonderful to play if you run out of breath on a Scrabble game night. Some of these games are also suitable for tournament players to train their word knowledge and to get a different look at Scrabble. Even Scrabble professionals use some variants to improve their skills.

Word games with Scrabble inventory


Clabbers comes from the English-speaking world and is played just like Scrabble, including all known rules. The difference: instead of words, anagrams of the words are used.


Duplicate has its origin in Belgium and in the French language. All players receive the same stones at the same time and should ideally play the word with the highest number of points that they can form from the letters. You can read more about this in our article on Duplicate Scrabble.

Ecological Scrabble

Ecological scrabble has nothing to do with nature conservation, but with recycling. This variant is so called because the empty letter tiles can be replaced, recycled: If a player plays a word that contains an empty letter tile, the other player can swap it for the letter to be replaced so that he can continue to use the empty letter tile.

Pirate Scrabble

Pirate Scrabble is also known as Anagrab in English and is often played in English-speaking countries. The name Anagrab is an amalgam (contracted morpheme) from the English words anagram and grap, because a played word and thus the points can be stolen by the other player at any time. Pirate Scrabble is a word game played with the Scrabble letters. Find out more about Pirate Scrabble here!

Solitaire Scrabble

Solitaire Scrabble is the solo version of Scrabble. The aim is to achieve as many points as possible or to place all letters. It is used for training for tournaments and for memory training.

Tag team

At Tag team two teams of two players each play against each other. Each player has their own rack with their own letters. When a player has laid a word, his team player puts another word afterwards. This variant is also played at the National Scrabble Championship in the USA.

Take Two

Take Two is also called Speed ​​Scrabble and is played with the letters of Scrabble. 1996 appeared in F.X. Schmid-Verlag, however, has its own variant with its own letters. The aim of both variants is to form a word from ten letters as quickly as possible. Then, however, there are two arbitrarily drawn letters that have to be created.


Wordox many know it as a fast online word game. But you can also play it well in real life with the existing Scrabble pieces. The aim here is that words and thus points are stolen from the other player. The only disadvantage: the Wordox game board is not 15 x 15 but 13 x 13.

Word games with extra material or altered material


Bananagram was published by Kosmos in Germany in 2009. It is the commercial version of Take Two, where there are only 144 stones and only one stone can be moved. There is no game board, instead the letter tiles are in a bag shaped like a banana.

Scrabble Blitz

Scrabble Blitz is a dice game released by Mattel in 2007. The game is played on a reduced game board with 9 x 9 fields and a total of twelve different dice, which are provided with letters instead of the numbers. We'll explain to you exactly how Scrabble Blitz works!

Super scrabble

Super scrabble was published in Germany in 2007. The number of playing fields and the number of letters were almost doubled. There are new bonus fields on the game board: four times a four-fold word value and eight times a four-fold letter value. The game board has 441 (21 × 21) playing fields with 120 bonus fields.

Scrabble freestyle

Scrabble freestyle gets by without a board. In addition, the letter stones are round. A letter value is also missing. It's all about getting rid of your stones. Due to the idiosyncratic shape, this variant remains exciting. You can read a review from us about Scrabble Freestyle with us.

Scrabble Slam

Scrabble Slam is a card game that was released by Hasbro in 2009 and is only available in English to this day.

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior is a variation for children from Mattel that grows with them. On the double-sided game board there is a Scrabble variant for children from 5 to 7 years and one for slightly older children between 7 and 10 years. Two to four players can take part in a game of Scrabble Junior.

Scrabble trickster

Scrabble trickster was published by Mattel in 2010. By playing trick cards, traditional Scrabble rules can be broken easily. For example, proper names can be used with the help of a card. We explain Scrabble Trickster to you on

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