Which company manufactures solar cells


In view of the enormous growth in photovoltaic systems not only in Germany, but worldwide, the importance of the market has increased overall. Photovoltaics is a booming branch of industry that makes a significant contribution to economic power, especially in Germany.

Competition and market development

For a long time, German photovoltaic manufacturers were global leaders. For some years now, however, they have suffered from the competition, especially from the Chinese module manufacturers. Consumers, on the other hand, benefit from this increased competitive pressure. Because of the Asian competition, many German providers saw themselves forced to lower prices. In the meantime, however, a consolidation has started in the photovoltaic industry.

German manufacturer

There are a number of well-known German photovoltaic manufacturers who regularly do particularly well in quality tests and investigations. They are considered to be manufacturers of premium products and are accordingly priced in the upper segment. Renowned German manufacturers are for example Schott Solar, Solarworld, Conergy or Q-Cells. In some cases, however, the manufacturers' production was relocated abroad. These premium products are characterized by long-term performance guarantees and high quality.

American and Asian manufacturers

The American manufacturer First Solar is an established manufacturer with a good reputation. Some Japanese companies are also established on the German market. Well-known names are Sharp or Kyocera. Here the consumer can count on high-quality solar modules, which also demand their price. The competition from China is increasing. The production capacity in China has multiplied to such an extent in recent years that there are now considerable excess capacities here as well. However, not all manufacturers from China produce cheap products of limited quality. Good quality can be expected from Yingli Solar or Trina Solar. In contrast, photovoltaic modules from manufacturers with unknown names should be viewed critically. Even with a declared warranty of 20 years. Because who knows whether these companies will still exist after a few years or how the guarantees will be enforced?


To select the right photovoltaic modules, it is worth considering test results from the magazine Photovoltaik, Photon, Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest. The number of photovoltaic manufacturers is ultimately confusing. With an investment that should last at least 20 years, the decision in favor of a quality manufacturer certainly makes sense. After all, yields and returns can only be achieved if the quality of the entire photovoltaic system is right.