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KILLER BE KILLED teamed up with Nuclear Blast Entertainment for the release of their 2014 debut. The mystical gathering is the result of several joint writing sessions, creative and philosophical conversations and finally a studio stay in Los Angeles. All of this was done in camera, and was therefore safe from any interviews as a foretaste, which would have driven the expectations of the metal scene immeasurably.
KILLER BE KILLED consists of guitarists Max Cavalera and Greg Puciato, bassist Troy Sanders - who all share the vocal role - together with drummer David Elitch. The album was produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, STEVE EARLE).

"It's a mixture of SABBATH-heavy Doom mixed with a bit of Thrash, Hardcore and Punk," explains Puciato, searching for the right words to describe something really unique.

“It's a very special project. Absolutely unique and with a lot of potential, ”agrees Cavalera. "The album is a mixture of hard, fast and melodic songs."

With vocals and lyrics by Puciato, Cavalera and Sanders, the aggressive song collection spans the range from rousing brutality, to carnage in the style of a garage band to melodic, tricky hooks. Sanders jokingly describes the band as, "a perfect mix of a legend, a freak, a monster and a wookie."

All of this is filtered through a prism of metal history that evokes the raw aggressiveness of the early SEPULTURA, mixed with the progressive, esoteric, shamanic borrowings of MASTODON and a hint of dissonance from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. The songs have a much more traditional structure than the main bands of the actors KILLER BE KILLED, with drums that are masterly in precision, power and groove.

"I like the idea of ​​Greg, Troy and I singing together and then having David Elitch with us as a fantastic drummer," said Cavalera. "To be part of it is something completely different for me."

“It would be totally nonsensical to do something together if it sounded the same as our other bands,” says Puciato. “The biggest difference to the sound of my band is, primarily because DILLINGER is the musical outlet of [guitarist / founder] Ben [Weinman]."

MetalSucks put Puciato at number 1 of the top 25 best metal frontmen of our time, but he also has the electro-pop formation THE BLACK QUEEN as a creative mouthpiece, together with NINE INCH NAILS tour guitarist Josh Eustis from TELEFON TEL AVIV and Maynard James Keenan's PUSCIFER. In 2012 Puciato made a guest appearance with MIXHELL, the DJ project of Max’s brother and SEPULTURA co-founder Iggor Cavalera.

For Cavalera, collaborations are of course no novumi, as he had numerous guests on SEPULTURA’s genre-defining work »Roots«And SOULFLY’s gold-plated debut in 1998. One of these SOULFLY guests, Chino Moreno, was often on stage with Puciato, both with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and the DEFTONES. Max was one half of NAILBOMB, together with the English producer and mastermind of FUDGE TUNNEL, Alex Newport. This pairing released their only studio album in 1993 and performed at the legendary Dynamo Festival in 1995.

"We played the songs from SOULFLY’s"omen"And then started talking about a whole album, like it was with Alex Newport," explains Puciato. “We both had some riffs together and then we wrote songs in the desert in a 72 hour mad session. In the end we had about 15 demos in which we used the same drum engine that Max had already used in the »Chaos A.D. «Had worked."

Knowing the reputation that comes with working with some of the best drummers in the world, Puciato asked David Elitch, who toured internationally with the psychedelic troupe THE MARS VOLTA. His expertise in all areas from jazz to metal, led to live and studio collaborations with international greats, including Justin Timberlake, the French electronic guru M83 and the Norwegian singer-songwriter Lady Susanne Sundfør.

KILLER BE KILLED was created at a time when the main bands of those involved were moving towards a common direction: Max had with »Savages«The ninth SOULFLY album has just been released, for many the strongest of his legendary career. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN album »One Of Us Is The Killer«Went from zero to number 1 on Billboard’s hard rock album at the beginning of the year. The current MASTODON album »The Hunter«Was chosen as album of the year 2011 in Kerrang !, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Classic Rock, Terrorizer and Total Guitar.

MASTODON and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have already completed numerous tours together. During one of these tours in late 2011, Puciato told Sanders about his new project. Hardly went by before Sanders and Cavalera met for the first time at a festival in South America: “Hey, I'm Troy. And I think we're in a band together. "

The chemistry was clearly noticeable from the start: “When we carried ourselves to write and record the album, it completely exceeded all my initial expectations,” says Sanders. "The collective energy and mutual respect for one another made everything so easy and for me it was like therapy."

KILLER BE KILLED is the newest band, with a contract with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the joint venture of Nuclear Blast Records founder Markus Staiger and the extremely influential ex-Roadrunner Records A&R VP Monte Conner, who since 1987 work »Beneath The Remains«Has now worked with Max Calavera on 18 albums.

The debut album by KILLER BE KILLED is on 05/09/2014 under the name "Killer Be Killed" published.

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