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strong graphics
huge game world
exciting story mode


large storage space consumption
high graphics settings need a powerful computer
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GTA 5 for PC was last updated on May 15, 2020 and is available for download here.

The CHIP editorial team says:

GTA V is the newest part of the popular open-world shooter series and impresses with its huge game world.

A real highlight in terms of PC gaming is "Grand Theft Auto 5 (V)" or GTA 5 for short. Anyone who has played the predecessor knows how hot it is here. In GTA 5, action is all the rage in the city of Los Santos. In contrast to the console versions, GTA 5 goes one step further on the PC and runs on powerful computers with even more optical details and optionally also in 4K resolution.

GTA 5: Open World and Online Mode

Story mode encompasses the lives of three different protagonists who are all equally deeply involved in one big cause. In "GTA Online" you play together with other players in the Los Santos game world.

GTA 5: memory usage

GTA V offers such a great gaming experience that 65 GB of hard drive storage are required for the PC version. If you want to get a first impression of the game, you shouldn't miss the new 4K trailer.

We also offer you a lot of additional information on GTA 5 on CHIP: You can find our detailed opinion on the game here. You can find useful tips and instructions for the game in our CHIP practical tips.

How much does GTA 5 cost?

GTA 5 usually costs around 30 euros. You can get the PC version of GTA 5 from MMOGA for 15 euros.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

There is currently no official release date for GTA 6. We have summarized all the news, rumors and leaks about GTA 6 for you, but publication is not expected before 2021.

What is the goal in GTA 5?

GTA 5 is an action-adventure game with an open game world. Although there is also a story with missions, the appeal of the game is to move away from it. As the title suggests, this is essentially about car theft and crime.

For which consoles is GTA 5 available?

In addition to the PC version, GTA 5 is also available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as the Playstation 3 and 4.

Phone support for GTA 5 for PC and more

Using the free landline number 069 2991 7711 get help from experienced experts on everything to do with your PC and software. The call is free. More information.

CHIP conclusion

CHIP conclusion to GTA 5 for PC

With GTA 5, developer Rockstar has created an epic in gaming history and has already thrilled the console versions. The PC version is also a real hit with its high resolutions and smooth gameplay.

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Clicking the download button will take you to the game's page on Steam. Here you can buy and download the game.

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