Can I feed my dog ​​idle

Feeding Pets Meat Is It Good Karma Or Bad Karma?

a non-Buddhist answer:

it comes down to it - people who feed their dogs who haven't bought store food should really be experts on what dogs eat - and when you're feeding a vegetarian diet, I believe that making mistakes is much harder

There are some good quality balanced vegan dog foods available from some well known manufacturers like Natural Balance whose experts advise them on the food ... but I'm not sure you have this in India (your Indian right?)

It might be more compassionate to feed your dog a good diet of meat than to give him a home-cooked diet without meat

But even if you do give your dog homemade meat, you still need to be an expert on the subject so you don't screw it up

............ That being said - the longest-living dog in the world, who lived to be 27, ate a vegan diet of "rice, lentils and organic vegetables" ..... but me I'm sure your owners knew which vegetables to give her - they could be organically grown - I don't know where the dog got B12 from - maybe his own body can do it ... these are topics to check first - and understand them very well

Anyway, I don't think feeding dog meat is the same as eating it itself, which is far more important: not atheist and in my personal understanding of Theravada, it has benefits for you personally as it reduces attachment and even helps develop metta can contribute

So stick with the meat until you are sure ...... !!! You can try getting scraps of meat from butchers - my grandpa brother used to do this - he got scraps of meat from butchers to feed his dog and they were high quality parts too - this seems like a good solution - good kamma for You and the butcher !!!


I would love to get a comment from someone who didn't like this answer and explain to me why - if it's the cause I wrote (a non-Buddhist answer) I just said no one considered this to be 100% I will look at my Theravada view of the subject, except when I talked about the benefits of avoiding meat in the Buddhist sense and why someone should not avoid giving meat unless they are very detailed about the needs of the dog diet and a very balanced diet - also a varied one


Your answer has been a useful answer to me.


Thank you - and if I comment on it I will say it again to everyone who reads: If you give your dog homemade food with meat, but even more a vegan diet, you should defiantly know what you are doing and have a big one online Do Your Research - And Even After It You are constantly giving your dog food information about a good home-cooked diet (meat or no meat).


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