Think of yourself as a difficult person

How did you deal with a difficult situation?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

Tell us about a difficult situation at your last job. How did you deal with it?

This is meant

This question is one of the behavioral questions and is therefore particularly tricky. Remember the question about your professional successes and failures and first make the difference clear to yourself: If the positive phrase there primarily served the learning effect from a closed situation, this is not about whether you are in a difficult situation "went for a swim", but how you successfully solved it. From your answer, the person you are speaking to will draw conclusions about how you will behave in similar situations in the future. It is also important to him how you define a "difficult situation" for yourself.

This is how you should answer

It is crucial to convey that you do not duck your head in every unforeseen situation - you are only good for routine work. First, state your point of view: Since crisis situations are inevitable in everyday work, consider coping with them as part of your professional task. This creates a positive starting point right from the start. Then give a concrete example that will show that you can keep a cool head in such situations and react quickly and confidently.

You need to prepare this question well: remember situations when things got tough and which you have successfully dealt with. Nothing here is more deadly than an example in which you have not acted successfully. Think of the deadline pressure that you have mastered by increasing your workload. Perhaps, through a mediating activity, you saved an order that threatened to fail?


You have to be prepared for this delicate question. Emphasize your proficiency in dealing with crisis situations and choose an example that conveys qualities such as independence, competence and motivation to achieve and that shows that you have successfully dealt with such a situation.

Questions about work ethic and motivation