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Pagan gods

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Pagan gods



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Pagan gods are gods who arose through self-defined religions before the introduction of Christianity. This included not only the most famous religions of the Greeks, Romans and Northern Europeans, but also those of the Slavs, the Celts etc.

Another meaning for pagan is the worship of multiple deities, such as in Hinduism, Chinese mythology and many more.


Long before Christianity was established, people worshiped various - then non-existent - deities. At the beginning God was not very happy about this fact, but he soon realized that by creating other deities he could easily shed responsibility for disasters, crop failures, etc.

"Well, at first, the creator was furious. 'How dare you not recognize his beneficence?' But soon enough he birthed us: Ra, Anu, Hera, Mixcoatl. All the rest. [...] Why? To take the blame. Bad harvest? Still-born child? Our bad. Not his. "

Over the centuries, more and more epic stories were told about the pagan gods; However, God's ego could not endure this in the long run. Since then, according to Fortuna, he has liked to hide behind any religion as long as it brings him advantages. The pagan gods, on the other hand, would have lost their raison d'etre and would lead a shadowy existence.

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