What is BPO in the call center

Nowadays customers expect a high level of competence, friendliness and easy accessibility from a call center. High customer satisfaction is our top priority. Through the training units planned, developed and implemented together with our client, we provide our agents with the necessary specialist knowledge to be able to answer all calls competently. Constant feedback, mystery calls and coaching by our customer care specialists ensure that your calls are answered professionally.
Expansion of your capacities
Increase the efficiency of your own call center by expanding your availability or capacity with us. For example, we take over all calls that come in outside of your on-call hours. Or calls that cannot be accepted because all lines are already busy (transfer of overflows).
Infoline for your products and services
We give your customers comprehensive information about your products and services - by phone, email or chat. If we receive important feedback from your customers, this will be noted in our database and forwarded to you. If the customer is looking for personal contact, we will refer him to the nearest sales point and dealer.
Acceptance of orders
We take orders over the phone for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We enter the orders directly into your ordering system or forward them to you immediately. We provide price information and make reservations and cancellations for companies in the travel industry. We work with both common and customer-specific reservation programs.

Professional complaint management
We offer you a 24/7 telephone complaint management service. We receive your customers' complaints and forward them to the right contact person - the first step towards restoring customer satisfaction. The customer's complaints are documented and filed accordingly and are thus included in the quality assurance systems of our customers.
Answering your emails
E-mail inquiries are often answered very late or not at all. CET Telemarketing guarantees timely and competent answering of all emails. Special training courses and electronic reference works (“FAQs”) ensure that the same problems are always answered in the same way by all agents.