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Here you will find Step by step tutorials for Microsoft Excel 2007 (most of the instructions can also be used for Excel 2003/10/13). The lessons are logically structured and easy to follow whether you are one Beginner or advanced are. Where possible, we offer detailed screenshots so that you can follow the procedures graphically.

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Excel is probably the most important computer program in the workplace today. More and more employees are hired only with Excel skills. Even if you have been in the job for a long time, it is easily possible that your employer will switch to Excel for new tasks.

Schoolchildren, students and retraining students in particular should be able to use Excel. But more and more professions also require Excel skills. In addition, the program can also be used excellently in the private sector.

The uses are endless, including:

  • Analyze large amounts of data with sorting and filtering functions
  • Manage private finances and track monthly expenses
  • Calculate mortgage interest
  • Use Excel as a database and save appointments, phone numbers and much more

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Sometimes it is not possible to use the conditional formatting to highlight cells in color, as the conditions that lead to the later formatting of the cell are only defined when the text is entered.

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