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Ramstein is not a music band (it is written with mm), but ...

F I N I T O (on July 31, 2018)

After many years, the entire homepage and the "Current" page will be closed. For about 10 years she has presented current events almost monthly - a history calendar of atrocities, human rights violations and other upsets.

I found the increasing manipulation of language and thinking by the leading media to be particularly disturbing. In the so-called democracy, the WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception) come before the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). A key experience in falsifying facts was the depiction of the war in Ukraine, e.g. Udo Lielischkies in the Tagesthemen of May 20, 2014 (scroll down). But the Internet, if used correctly, can hold against, e.g. Telepolis, Rubikon, Nachdenkseiten ... For me, lectures by Mausfeld were very enlightening.

My provider closes this type of website construction kit, so there are no more entries. The future will show how long they will remain available: Todo cambia, everything is in flux ...




  • a US military base in Germany near Kaiserslautern
  • most important war hub and command center outside the United States
  • Command center of NATO air warfare weapons
  • necessary relay station for the US drone war in Asia, Africa and Europe
  • priority goal next to Büchel in a possible west-east confrontation
No war on German soil? Thousands of innocent drone victims indict (here).
The vast majority in our democracy do not want that - and hardly know anything about it. Why don't our representatives close Ramstein? How are they influenced? Swiss Research provides information (here). Drewermann said at this year's demo in front of the Ramstein main gate:
Close Ramstein and open your hearts!
Karl Marx and I (on his 200th birthday, May 2018)

As a participant in the 1968 movement, I also read writings by Marx-Engels while studying in West Berlin. Their historical and dialectical materialism answered many questions about the present and the past. For personal life questions, the opposite helped me later: spirituality. His "religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature ... is the opium of the people" can go with both. If, however, man-made injustice is justified in established religions with reference to the judge on the other side, a revolutionary uprising is necessary. The “dictatorship of the proletariat” emerged as a vision out of the zeitgeist. In 1859, at the same time, Marx published the “Critique of Political Economy” and Darwin “The Origin of Species”. Its “struggle for existence” is reflected in Marx's worldview of competition: the elite's system of struggle is called capitalism, and that of the dependent majority is called communism.

The uprisings of the masses were suppressed by force until the beginning of the last century. The last clear event of the "proletarians of all countries unite" was the fraternization of the enemy soldiers at Christmas 1914 in World War I, but this was ended by the military leadership and the church. Then there was a new bloodless weapon, developed in the USA by Edward Bernays, among others: Propaganda as opinion-making. Marx could not take this into account in his work, because psychology as a weapon of influence was only scientifically researched with Freud, Bernay's uncle.

So we in the capitalist West have been exposed to this industry of consciousness for a long time, are increasingly programmed in a market-radical, “neoliberal” manner - without realizing it? Perhaps that explains a lot of our egomaniac schizophrenia of the always-more, knowing full well that this is not sustainable.

The capitalist business model has brought a lot of external prosperity, from which the working class also benefited here, at least as long as the socialist counter-model existed. But it is built on theft: we live at the expense of the south, at the expense of the future and nature, which is still viewed as a commodity. The oppressed class today are more people of the South and future generations. Therefore: You cocoa farmers in Africa, you young people, you who flee from hopelessness, unite!

Social Darwinism with its competitive system and the “right of the fittest” as the zeitgeist in Marx ‘Life then had its devastating effect in fascism, and today it seems to trump again. However, there are increasing numbers of voices that show that with humans, nature and the planet (everything is one) there is more cooperation than confrontation (e.g. Margulis "The symbiotic planet"). We live in exciting times.




Gas or not gas - that is the question!

On April 7, 2018 in Duma, then on April 14, war of aggression between three NATO countries on Syria.

Or: What does Duma have to do with Dutschke?

Tell me where to get information and I'll tell you what you think. Western and Eastern leading media show contrary narratives. Whoever researches both sides with a lot of time, clicks on independent investigative journalists and thinks about their own thoughts, remains wavering like the truth. Then democracy also suffers - what should you choose? Will the truth ever be revealed?

A look back is clearer: Following a similar pattern, we were lied into wars by politics and the media, to the advantage of some elites around the military-industrial complex, to the detriment of civil society on both sides.

My question: Why are politicians who we elected participating in this? Answer: In our representative democracies in particular, it is career-enhancing to spread forgeries. Thoughts by Edward Bernays (The Art of Manipulation here), Mausfeld (The fear of the elites of the people) and others prove this.

Why do people with a tendency to narcissism come to the top of the political agenda, for whom ethics, truth, justice and peace are secondary? Because there is no other choice? Only the adapted eels come up. Unadjusted ones are sorted out. We have systemically negative selection. If real representatives of the people have made it, they won't live long, at least not in office, like Mossadegh, Arbenz, Lumumba, Dag Hammarsköld, Allende ...

Exactly 50 years ago Josef Bachmann did the job for the NPD and Springer press and shot Rudi Dutschke out of the 68 movement. If he had not died of the long-term consequences, he would probably have co-founded and continued to run the anti-NATO party at the time, the Greens. Instead, Joschka Fischer later took over the leadership role and, with the well-known forgeries in 1999, made her a supporting party in the Kosovo war, which was contrary to international law. - And that is why those responsible for the lied Iraq war in 2003 have not been brought to justice until today, but live like fishermen respected instead of ostracized.

“Bread and games” is still the “recipe for the masses”: entertainment to hold down and news to keep up with. However, the breadcrumbs are decreasing, for the benefit of parties called populist. The current crisis times with increasing violence, enemy phobia and the danger of war are similar to those of the 20s and 30s of the last century, when the emerging communism was fought with fascism and war. Is war again being targeted as a last resort before collapse?




Until the end of the dead end? (March 2018)

Are we heading for a new war confrontation? The conspiracy theorists around May, Merkel and Co build on the new-old enemy image! To distract from your own system problems? The expulsion of diplomats (due to Skripal) used to be a distinctive sign of war preparation. Sleepwalkers said no, "In whose interests could such a horror scenario be?" and walked into it anyway. Who is it good for, who has the great damage? In 1983 Geier was already singing Swoop (here). Herbert Grönemeyer gives another advice (here).

Do you know bonobos? This great ape lives in a fertile area south of the Congo in a peaceful and friendly community system. Conflicts of interest are resolved through love, not violence. The chimpanzees live on the other side of the Congo River. With them there is threat, revenge, confrontation and violence up to the killing of adversaries. Because both were always separated by the wide river, the different forms of society could develop undisturbed from one another in a peaceful and a violent direction.

How is it with Homo sapiens? Up until the Neolithic Age there were peaceful partnerships: According to Riane Eisler (chalice and sword) and Marija Gimbutas (The Goddesses), there was hardly any evidence of violence in skeletal finds from this period. That changed when hordes of young men penetrated from the outside with force and robbed. Were these "youngsters" expelled from their societies for lack of food? Was that where the dead end of violence began?

Today's world shows increasing violence again: We are at war with one another and against the environment and nature. And at war with ourselves: mental and physical illnesses, self-exploitation disguised as optimization of the ego ... The love of self and others has withered ... What has become of the love of Jesus' enemies in the Christian West? NATO? Could the traumatized children from their wars visit our islands of wellbeing today as devastatingly as the hordes did back then, because they were deprived of their perspective of life?

Who or what brought us here - to the end of a dead end? The image of a natural world of violence: K.o. instead of co-op. Win or go under in MONO theism and capitalism, in so-called social Darwinism and neo-liberalism. We're wrong! - If there remains the longing for an earth on which we can live peacefully together (The symbiotic planet, Lynn Margulis), there remains the longing for a great change (Joanna Macy). Are we already in the confusing change of road?


Philips Galle head of a fool around 1560 (Renaissance - also changeover)




How madness came back to our minds (Febr. 2018)

“Never again… such a madness”! The followers and many fanatics among us also breathed a sigh of relief. The whip of retribution and personal suffering had put an end to the mass frenzy of the Greater German Reich. Parties, trade unions, media and public opinion were looking for a new beginning, away from the bellicose capitalist system (CDU in the Ahlen program 1947: "The capitalist economic system has not done justice to the state and social interests of the German people ..."). They had not forgotten how fascism was revived at the Rendevouz between Hitler and industry in February 33 (here)

But it was soon made clear to us that among the old enemies and new occupiers there are also friends. The High Commissioner for Germany John McCloy (US magazine Harper's called him "the godfather of new Germany") and the new Chancellor work well together as relatives. Chewing gum and Coca Cola, Hollywood culture and consumer doping, plus the temptingly offered cut of the horrific war debts are the new promise from the West. And Papa Adenauer knows: The Soviet Union, communism are the greatest threat to peace and prosperity (here). Therefore a ban on the KPD! Our future can only be secured through rapprochement with the West, ie new old capitalism, rearmament, joining NATO, nuclear weapons ... The majority of those who do not want to interfere with protests, general strikes, peace marches, but are otherwise without power - we have a representative and none direct democracy! A few intellectual peacemakers like Böll are dumped in the left corner.

At the end of the 1960s, the rebellious student movement endangered the western economic system ("Hippies make love not war"). Encouraged by BILD, Josef Bachmann fired at Rudi Dutschke in April 1968 (not with the call "Allahu akbar" but "dirty communist pig"). The screeching 68ers should first do something instead of hanging out on the street. Their laziness is countered with professional bans.

At the beginning of the 80s, the so-called peace movement became a serious burden on our Atlantic friendship. The 5th column of Moscow demonstrates against the US peace rockets Cruise missile and Pershing2, thank goodness unsuccessful. In the end, Gorbi saw who was victorious in the systematic battle and withdrew his soldiers. The star in Germany is the fresh fisherman: with our warriors he prevents another Auschwitz in Kosovo / Yugoslavia and fights the new Hitler.

The new millennium begins with a UN peace decade! Our fight against terrorism and the new Hitler continues: after Milosewic the bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, now Assad, supported by Putin ... We take responsibility for the R2P, the humanitarian interventions, our obligation to protect human rights. Mama Germany pays attention to this. She takes care of us - and the NSA / USA takes care of them. We're fine! Ursula has just announced that she will bring the new European war headquarters to Germany. And glue saves the truth in the evening. We thank God that he puts our fate in such hands and not in those of Mossadegh, Lumumba, Dag Hamarskjöld, Olof Palme and the like.

Vigils or madness, that is the question here. Your Wahnfried W.


Perception is the reception of the world with one's own senses, with an original sense of fellow humanity, love and community of the inhabitants of the earth, precisely what is peculiar to the social being human. The opposite is a false perception, i.e. a delusion. It arises from the unchecked absorption of strange intellectual noise, from accepting judgment sharing, labeling, stigmatizing ... Human feelings, the unconditioned present child consciousness, are overwritten with negative terms and images of the enemy. Rejection is an essential characteristic of the ego sense of self. It works individually through inner lack of peace and collectively as part of an ethnic group, nation, religion ... warlike to the outside world.

Propaganda and manipulation are the media tools for such influencing. The madness of fascism shows itself in the mass frenzy of hatred and enemy images. On the other hand, it helps: Look at everything from a distance and decency, self-thinking, silence, nature, culture and beauty and the change of perspective: See the world through the eyes of the announced enemy.




Solution for Jan. 2018 and our future

The presumption of people to take responsibility for the living earth seems ridiculous to me -
it is the rhetoric of the powerless. Our planet cares for us, not we care for it.

Our inflated moral imperative to tame an unruly earth or heal our sick planets only shows our excessive capacity for self-deception.

In reality, we have to protect ourselves from ourselves.

(Lynn Margulis 1998 in her book "The symbiotic Planet", now German as "Der symbiotische Planet" in bookshops; blurb: "The evolution of life on our planet is still very one-sided on the mechanisms of mutation and selection described by Darwin "Struggle for existence" reduced. Here Lynn Margulis shows the other side of evolution and proves that multicellular, "higher" life did not arise billions of years ago in a war of all against all, but only through cooperation and symbiosis of early organisms. )




When IT junkies sing "Come you shepherds ..." (Dec. 2017)

It is becoming increasingly clear to many people: The way we live here cannot go any further! We know, but we don't act on it. We continue as before. How come Habit, comfort and fear of change, well-established rites and traditions, the persistence of culture ... If everyone continues to do it, it cannot be so wrong. As a social being, humans are reluctant to oppose community culture. Being different and disengaging used to mean exclusion and was a threat to existence. And so in the Christian West we celebrate Christmas in this hollow way, with repressing hypocrisy and the joy of peace and charity that is missing in everyday life.

2000 years ago there was a person who was different and who acted. Is that why he has been worshiped, sanctified, and transfigured? And are we divinized to this day offered as redeemers for our indolence and other (hereditary) sins? And can we, as Christians, continue like this, with wars and the exploitation of humans and nature? Did he die for our sins?

Whoever wants to explore Jesus' source of strength for other life and actions should learn from the Bible as well as from numerous other texts that have been banned, forgotten and rediscovered. This shows a person with basic trust in God the Father and all his creatures. This all-connectedness enables him to overcome the assessment division. When the sharing of good and bad thinking is given up, empathy, dialogue, cooperation, and ultimately even love of enemies emerge. - Jesus was totally independent of the thoughts and actions of his contemporaries, experienced and consolidated in the loneliness of the desert and in the lust for violence and ridicule of the crowd. A mystic, as it exists in other religions, with the experience of being one, the unio mystica. The Christian master Eckhart and the Islamic scholar Rumi wrote similar spiritual texts around 1300. And in Buddhism there are the same thoughts of non-duality, the abolition of the dualism of good and bad, as in Thomas' Gospel.This good news is a challenge especially for us today: It challenges us to get out of our old ways of thinking and trading.

The mystic Angelus Silesius wrote this poem for Christians around 1675:

Will Christ

a thousand times to

Bethlehem born

and not in you, you

stay forever




500 years of the Reformation 100 Revolution (Oct./Nov. 2017)

Both changed the world! But what do we hear about the revolution even though a European country is celebrating it? And what do both have to do with each other?

Luther watched the people's mouths, wrote down the anger of the times, used the media effectively, activated the masses. The clerical order from Rome began to falter. But when the people rose up, peasant wars, the Anabaptist movement and the witchcraft also radically threatened the ruling secular power of the nobility, he put them down.

The Russian revolution from Oct./Nov. 1917 drove out Tsar and Pope and brought about a radical change in the system. Is that the reason why this “empire of evil” (Reagan) is either hushed up or defamed by the West until today (Putin is to blame)?

The German November Revolution of 1918 will be honored next year?

Revolutions are usually very bloody. What was it like in the aftermath of Luther's Reformation? He saw the devil at work in Pope, Heid, Jud and Türck, called for the killing of Anabaptists, farmers, witches, people of different faith and the disabled and had enthusiastic executors not only in the "Lemgo Witches' Nest". The Reich pogroms around his birthday in November 1938 also referred to his "Firstly, that their synagogues or school are set on fire ...". The late Luther was a fiery anti-Semite who defended the privileges of the authorities, not human rights. “Luther was a child of his time” is explained apologetically.

But there were others too: Thomas Müntzer saw, shaped by medieval mysticism, that inner maturation of the human being and changes in external circumstances are connected. Who overcomes the "fear of creatures", the fear, can free himself from oppression. It was therefore clear to Luther: This man and the peasants are the devil. In 1525 he therefore called
to the massacre of the farmers in Frankenhausen, as a result of which almost 6,000 of them
murdered and Thomas Müntzer was arrested, tortured and executed. For the brutally persecuted Anabaptist Movement Non-violence, freedom of belief, separation of church and state and community orientation were important demands. Also wrote in 1517 Erasmus from Rotterdam the "Lament for Peace" in which his pacifist-humanitarian spirit speaks. In our time it would be more necessary than ever. Have you heard of all of this in this anniversary year?



My election platform for Sept. 24, 2017
Why do I as a citizen and sovereign in this democracy have to comply with the programs of the parties? Art. 21 of the Basic Law only says that the parties participate in the formation of the political will of the people. But in reality they alone determine politics, we have a representative party democracy. In a real democracy, the future of the community is shaped according to the ideas of the majority of the citizens. In the following I have therefore listed my ideas about the future of Germany, i.e. my election program. The only option left is to put my cross with the party that approves most of the 12 points. But there should be at least 8, otherwise I cannot call my choice democratic and responsible.

1) Peace through understanding and preventive conflict resolution; Withdrawal of all German soldiers from abroad (Art. 26 GG); Participation in the UN resolution on the ban on nuclear weapons.
2) Rejection of § 13VstGB, which has been in effect since January 1st, 2017, according to Prof. Deiseroth a license for war, disguised as "humanitarian intervention" and "preventive self-defense".
3) No arms exports, promotion of conversion programs.
4) Investigation of the entry into the war, exposure of the last war lies (Racak in Yugoslavia, Taldou in Syria, Maidan / Krasnoarmeisk / Odessa in Ukraine ...).
5) Complete German sovereignty (cf. Prof. Foschepoth "Überwachtes Deutschland"), i.e. also in accordance with the will of the majority, withdrawal of the US atomic bombs from Büchel, closure of Ramstein (recognition of the innocent drone victims; both are places of aggression and thus self-endangerment).
6) Abolition or reorganization of the protection of the constitution, better control e.g. of the deployment of informants and early detection of their effect in criminal offenses (example Peter Urbach), clarification of the NSU complex, compensation of the NSU victims, Addendum: more here.
7) No genetic engineering in Germany; Bundestag resolution similar to that of the Russian Duma. Promotion of ecological agriculture instead of chemical agribusiness.
8) Wages that secure a livelihood, fairer pensions, long-term basic income.
9) Eliminating the causes of flight, including through justice in world trade; no subsidized agricultural exports, fair contracts instead of EPAs.
10) Economy for the common good instead of profit economy with mountains of debt; no privatizations (e.g. no PPP on the motorways, withdrawal of the relevant amendments to the GG).
11) Referendum in the Basic Law as provided for in Art. 20, according to the 3-stage proposal by Mehr Demokratie e.V.
12) System question: How do we want to live? Review, self-criticism and perspective of the future of the parties. After the Nazi collapse in 1945, the question of the system was also asked. The majority of the survivors no longer wanted a capitalist system because it was recognized as promoting war (cf. Ahlen program of the CDU, general strike on November 12, 1948). Today it is becoming increasingly clear that this economic system has a destructive effect, outside and inside, on nature and the environment, on people's body and soul.




In the intoxication of power - G 20 in Hamburg

Or: Do you all want to be foreign ministers? (Beginning of July 2017)

Headlines: Days of Violence! Where is the rule of law? Who will protect us from ...? The events in the reverse film: Black smoke over Hamburg - burning cars - shops are looted - stones and other stuff fly ... Demonstrators get to know water cannons, clubs, pepper spray and other things and sense anger at "your friend and helper". In some media, "disproportionate police actions" are criticized: days of violence.

Previously struggles for demo opportunities and protest camps, escalation: bans on democracy in the city center - the Entenwerder camp on the Elbe as a compromise is cleared by the police despite judicial approval - access routes blocked off - sleeping tents (?) Torn down. After that: The demo at the fish market is dissolved right from the start. Elsewhere, a plainclothes policeman protects an alleged colleague (agent provocateur?) With a warning shot. Where is the rule of law?

We had everything 50 years ago. At the anti-Shah demonstration on June 2, 1967, the demonstrators were treated like at the fish market according to the "liver sausage tactic": lock the front and back in a narrow passage, then in and on! And a plainclothes policeman fired a "warning shot", fatal for Benno Ohnesorg at the time (more here). In the later anti-Springer demo, the undercover agent Peter Urbach delivered the Molotov cocktails for burning cars. Then as now you fell into the trap. The provocation is reinterpreted in the media: the left is to blame.

Weeks beforehand forecasts, e.g. from attac: The system elite will use this summit to secure their power and criminalize their opponents. The ordinary citizen and voter should see frightening scenes and accept the goal: more surveillance, more police, more SEK ... and blacks Lists of dangerous journalists.

With the look of the alien, these events are insane! Two groups fight each other, both hooded in black, both armed, both with the idea of ​​doing the right thing. And on both sides, there were many young men who were angry with a show of strength and a battle arena. The Maasai sent their youngsters alone to hunt lions in the savannah. That is no longer possible with civilized savages. So keep throwing stones or water and swinging clubs? Or both - if you switch sides at the right time. The power tastes sweet. Especially if you have felt faint for a long time. An interview with a pillage: "That was great! We dominated the headlines, not the politicians!"

Those who feed the lust for violence and power early instead of love, have the chance to become foreign minister later - see "Cleaning Troop". And can more easily push through war operations - against the will of the peaceful majority! Who will protect us from it? The party democracy hardly. Rather civil society, if it becomes active, recognizes and demands its democratic rights - e.g. in 3-stage referendums as it proposes more democracy!




June 10, 2017 Augustdorf: The hitman's performance show?

We. Serve. Germany. Do what really matters! The federal "armed forces" as a parliamentary army on behalf of the elected policy. So who is responsible for war and killing? The soldier, the politician, the voter? The boss gives a speech, beginning with the grieving memory of a soldier who was recently killed in a target practice with a bazooka. And who commemorates the civilian victims of this intervention army? Who mourns the children of Kunduz (Afghanistan)? Who knows about the refugees killed in the school in Al Mansoura (Syria), which was bombed after the German "reconnaissance photos"?

30,000 visitors, many families with children enjoy the games and attractions. Skuddenschafe, the Paderborn-Senne Biostation, the Techn. Hilfwerk and many others present themselves. And the Lemgo volunteer fire brigade! Because of sponsorship? - The Lippe Peace Initiative cannot be seen. "No protests against Bundeswehr Day in Augustdorf" reports the LZ. The NRW-Stiftung Natur-Heimat-Kultur and the Bundesforst show the preservation of the unique Senne through military use. And our soldiers are building wells and schools in Afghanistan - "like the good Samaritan", said the former head of the Lippe church, Dr. Dutzmann, at the same time evangelical military bishop of Germany. - Look there, the military chaplaincy is also represented with a stand - to alleviate possible remorse.

The highlight of the entertainment program is the "Dynamic Vehicle Show of Panzer Brigade 21", accompanied by film music: leopard, marten, fox and various other armored vehicles, soldiers with G36 at the ready behind bales of straw, shooting with blank cartridges (hearing protection is available). Playing war can be fun - like robbers and gendarmes used to be. Computer games with a drone shot are coming soon.

The battle villages can also be seen in a large senna sand model, starting with Tin-City, which was built at the time to train the British for urban warfare against the IRA in Northern Ireland. Up-to-date the fighting villages for Afghanistan, Iraq ... and possible street fighting here. Our friends from the UK and Holland also present themselves, and the Ukraine! At it? Definitely no one from Donbass. I would prefer Russians - for the sake of peace! But NATO must have an enemy, if only out of self-preservation! After the hunger phase around the turning point with Gorbachev and the hope for peace, the corks are popping again at the military-industrial complex and the allied elite. And so that the people can participate, there are such events.

The peoples have lost every battle for peace at all times. But we were born in this world to win. We have no choice. (Hannes Wader)



Putin orders retaliatory strike (! April 2017)

(STUSS) At 3:45 am CET this morning Putin gave the order for a military strike against NATO airfield Büchel in Germany. The ABC weapons there were destroyed, as well as some carrier aircraft. In a short TV address, Putin said: "These barbaric weapons are a global threat. I call on all civilized nations to end nuclear armament. Nuclear weapons have brutally killed millions of innocent people. Beautiful babies were made by NATO DU ammunition killed, disfigured or born with deformities. " Photos of Iraqi newborns were shown without eyes or mutilated.

Russian media unanimously support the retaliatory strike and condemn the US modernization of the A-bombs. This will set in motion a new spiral of armament. These weapons are not just a threat to Russian security. In the event of war, they would also be used against the population in Germany, as the NATO exercise Wintex / Cimex89 shows. With the NATO march on the borders of Russia, the red line was crossed. The population still remembered the siege of Leningrad and the many millions of victims of the fascist attack. Nationalist forces in Russia have long been calling for a tougher course against Western aggressions and annexations in the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Will the German government proclaim the NATO alliance case to force the US to react? Or will she appeal to the UN about the prohibition of violence in the charter? Since the attacker has a veto right in the Security Council, there will be no decision. Peace lovers worldwide fear a 3rd world war. The Pope sees him already being brought about in steps.
In the UN, over 130 countries around the world are working to outlaw A-weapons. The NATO countries refuse.

Addendum in June: This scenario is an April Fool's joke. The US attack on a Syrian airport on April 7, 2017 was not one. Trump had ordered him in response to an alleged Syrian poison gas massacre in Khan Sheikun. In reality a "staging of the USA" says Prof. Günter Meyer here.




Dear acquaintances and strangers, friends of the truth (March 2017)

I'm looking for the truth - even if it doesn't confirm my opinion! In my opinion, only possible with peace instead of frustration in your own soul. They are hampered by a strong urge to recognize and confirm. --- In the past few months I have written some texts for this position and discarded them again. Too many head-shaking events. With this great dynamic of change, one indignation follows the other. So here are brief thoughts strung together.

- "Capitalism at the end!" To read more and more, e.g. in the Catholic magazine Publik-Forum. We've had something similar before, from the 1920s onwards. At that time the "little people" were turned against each other. Street fights fought right against left. However, in the background they collected consent and money against the growing communism, e.g. Hitler, Thyssen, Flick, Prescott Bush, Ford, Rockefeller ... "Germany over ..." and "America fisrst", all disguised with the social cloak, even in the name of "National Socialism".

- The new “social media” are massively accused of spreading fake news, of course from their competitors, the old established media. Do the elites see their interpretive sovereignty in danger? Noam Chomsky in “The Consensus Factory”: “The smart way to keep people passive and docile is to strictly limit the range of accepted opinions.” Perception management works: alternatives are defamed or kept silent, declared a restricted area.

- Why is the terror rampage from the Christmas market on Breitscheidtplatz so little publicly discussed in order to uncover causes and backgrounds?

- The police and the military are being massively upgraded. With whose money? Have we been asked? When the smart way of manipulation no longer works, the counterinsurgency has to take effect. After soft power comes hard power. Is that why the police and the armed forces do joint exercises?

- The outrage about the world conditions is diverted from the real causes to "enemies" (Islamism, Russia ...).

- At the moment, politicians of some nations are checking whether the people are still following the leader and to what extent they can be led (or seduced). Clearly visible in the USA. Have the electorate not yet learned that, in the end, they pay the most for enmity?

- People who make this fatal development clear are marginalized. Examples: The Swiss historian Daniele Ganser lost his job, among other things because of his questions about 9/11 (here). When Rainer Rothfuss, professor for political geography, invited him to a lecture at the University of Tübingen, he was also kicked out of there (here). Rainer Mausfeld, Prof for Perceptual Psychology, has retired, can he therefore speak plain text? "The fear of the power elites ..." (here). The killed journalist Ken Jebsen has now managed to clear up a lot in his interviews on youtube.

And now? What to do? Pay attention when anti-feelings, enemy images are (should) be generated. What purpose could that serve? Who is it good for, who does it harm? Researches the authenticity, justification and evidence of the reports. Find the other side of the story. Disregard the old threat that you shouldn't listen to enemy broadcasts! Stand by your own opinion, even if you are to be silenced in discussions with the accusation of "contact guilt with fascists, anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists ...". Have the courage to use your own understanding (Kant).



Post-factual Christmas + Fake News Year

"Post-factual" is the un-word of 2016: when instead of facts "perceived truths" are spread, facts are also ignored and lies are spread.This un-assessment is probably intended for the alternative media. But do the serious media only spread facts in their reports? All wars of the last decades were prepared by their media lies. More and more people see it that way and therefore obtain information as an alternative to the "public service". It becomes threatening for the elites when the positions they have propagated are no longer accepted by the population. Therefore countermeasures! "Defense centers against disinformation (!)" Are being set up by the governments in the USA and EU, because propaganda is always only carried out by the others! Intendant Limbourg made Deutsche Welle a media warrior with an additional 4.5 million taxpayers' money (2015), "who defends Western values ​​against Russian propaganda". How is this type of journalism to be explained? Maybe because insider groups (associations, parties, Atlantikbrücke ...) convey a wagon-castle mentality that puts blinkers on the worldview.

But I wonder why more people from civil society are not protesting against the devastating war lies against the "war on terror" and those responsible. Where does this resistance to truth come from? Do you want to be lied to if it is to your supposed advantage? War for cheap fuel! And are the spirit of subjection and people cohesion stronger than aspects of truth and humanity? Rather be lambs silence than leave their flock for other insights. Research results show an archaic burden: Humans carry lies with them if they ensure that they belong to a clan. Exclusion used to be fatal. Do we take part in the emotional community staging at Christmas because it feels so comforting in these difficult times? "Jesus is already crying" is the title of a Dadaist song by Erdmöbel (here). 2017 will show whether the New Year brings more fake news. I can only choose correctly if I am properly informed.



December 19, 2016 shock sadness fear in Berlin

Screenshots from ARD focal point from December 23, 2016. Here is the whole show (12 min). The necessary questions are missing: why was Amri not arrested? Who is responsible for the failure? How can something like this be prevented in the future?

In an interview by Telepolis with former federal judge Deisenroth, he speaks of state failure! More here! What he does not say: As with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Paris, Nice ... here too the consequences are remilitarization, expansion of the state surveillance and coercive apparatus, diversion from system problems ... Who is it good for and who does it harm? Think for yourself! Do not leave this important activity to others!

What is to be made of constitutional protection agencies and state offices when they support a potential assassin through informants, drive him to the later scene of the crime and ultimately do not prevent the crime from being committed?

And what is the media reporting about it ?!

Addendum in Nov. 2017: In this report by special investigator Jost it says:
Amri was rejected as an asylum seeker and had to leave the country. On July 29, 2016, he actually wanted to leave Germany in a Flixbus. But he was prevented from doing so. Since Amri was still being monitored, the investigators in Berlin followed the action in Constance "live on the phone" (Jost). Amri was taken off the bus, two forged Italian ID cards were found and he was arrested. However, only in deportation custody, from which he was released two days later and returned to Berlin.




The Great Trumpeter (Nov 2016)

Typical USA: gifted people and underflies voted for Donald Trump? The facts: 80% of evangelical white Christians have done it, but many blacks and youth have not. Trump feigns, lies, cheats !? Compare his statements with those of high politics. Who lies undercover and who more openly, more clearly? Trump shows democracy politics as it is: a show! Another piece is playing behind the stage. Human rights are played in the front, mining rights and wars of interest act behind. Trump is a political clown and indignation coach: Choose me, because I will show you clearly what is behind the Western values. - The sorcerer of a sick system. Someone who takes things to the extreme (and thereby makes it clear?) What we only suspect with gut instinct in politics: people are hypocritical, tricked and lied when they serve the interests of the ego.

The show: "Our community of values, western democracy brings freedom, peace and justice into the world". However: wars, injustice and the rich and poor gap are increasing rapidly. Millions are driven to flee by the NATO military operations known as the "mission". The audacity of war lies is unsurpassed. More effective than the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destructions) are the other WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception), the means of mass deception, called media. Hitler's sentence “after 5.45 there will be a shot back” has also been imitated in the last wars.