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The Trapdoor is a kind of horizontal door the size of a block.

Properties [edit]

  • Wooden trap doors are opened with a right click, iron trap doors with a switch.
  • Light shines through trap doors
  • Falling blocks are destroyed when hitting a trapdoor.
  • Trap doors can be moved by pistons.
  • If a trapdoor receives a redstone signal, it is opened. As soon as there is no more signal, it is closed.
  • If you place a trap door on a fence or gate, you can jump over the two blocks. However, animals cannot.
  • Mobs recognize an open trap door as closed. This allows you to build nasty traps, e.g. with fall damage, as the monsters simply run into nothing.
  • If a player stands in an open trap door and then closes it, the player goes into the swimming position. This allows players to crawl through 1x1 block large corridors on land if there is a trapdoor at the beginning of this corridor.

Manufacture [edit]

The recipe for the iron trap door is different from that of the wooden trap door.

Use [edit]

Application [edit]

A trapdoor, like steps, can be placed on the top or bottom half of a block. The trap door is then placed on this block and the hinge is then located on the lower or the upper side of the block, respectively. Trap doors can also be placed on the bottom or top of a block. In this case the hinge is always on the side of the block that is further away from the player.

If you use a wooden trap door, the trap door is opened or closed like a normal door.

If there is a ladder directly below the open trap door, the trap door itself serves as an extension of the ladder.


Wooden trap doors can be used as fuel for the stove.