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In a small group: our favorite board games for 2 people

We are a couple and therefore, among the games that we put on the table, there are also many board games for 2 people. Of course, almost all board games can be played by two, but our overview is specifically about those that have already been developed as games for two. But there are also a lot of them and we want to introduce you to our favorite board games for 2 people.

7 Wonders Duel

The little brother of 7 Wonders made it to the top of the 2-person games with us. We have it with us on almost every vacation. It always offers new challenges and we fight doggedly for every point. Emotions boil here when the partner takes this one card that would have brought you so much and then simply sells it. For oneself, sometimes only useless cards are left behind, with which one in turn opens the way to new cards for the other person, which one would actually have liked to have had. The nagging feeling is present here that the other player always has a better move than you and that arouses ambition.


It happened at the game event Mannheim Spielt. The little puzzle game was explained to us at the Lookout booth. Our daughter asked if it was difficult to fill his tableau completely with patches. The nice explainer said: “It is possible, but very unlikely.” Our daughter's answer: “Challenge accepted.” Interestingly, she managed to fill the tableau up to one square in her first game. Patchwork thus secured a place in our game collection. The simple puzzle mechanism paired with the strategic depth when it comes to which patch is best to use, makes patchwork the ideal two-person game. It's easy to explain and, with around 30 minutes, played pretty quickly. There is also a second and third game right after that. It is clearly Uwe Rosenberg's puzzle game that we put on the table most often.

The fox in the forest

A trick game for two people? The various versions of Skat actually only work really well with three or more players. The fox in the forest is one of the few exceptions in which this also works very well with 2 players. Tricks have to be served in the classic way and there is a trump color. Some of the cards also have special abilities. The real trick, however, is that you are not allowed to take too many tricks, otherwise you will be too greedy and therefore collect minus points. So the challenge is to be able to take exactly the right number of stitches. The author Joshua Buergel has come up with a really nice and exciting variant of a trick-taking game, which Jennifer L. Meyer added with wonderful illustrations. It actually never stays with one lap.

The Fox in the Forest (2017)


Klask is a bit out of line here because it is not a “board game” in the true sense of the word. It's a game of skill in which two players try to maneuver a small ball into a hole on the opponent's side, similar to air hockey. The game figure is controlled via a magnetic handle that is attached below the game table. You also get points if you manage to get two of the three small magnets from the middle of the playing field to the opponent's figure or if his playing figure detaches from the magnet. Klask is a different kind of board game for two, but no less recommendable. It's always very fast for us and our daughter is absolutely enthusiastic about Klask. Caution: addicting!

Imperial Settlers

Admittedly, Imperial Settlers can be played with up to four players or even solo. But with four players the downtime is simply too high and if you play alone, something is simply missing. But it is also Jan's favorite game and therefore often appears on our gaming table as a couple. The special thing about Imperial Settlers is not only the graphics and the simple game mechanism, it is the asymmetry of the individual races. Every race plays completely differently and mastering it is the real attraction.

Compared to its rival 51st State, Imperial Settlers has the advantage that it focuses more on building an empire and you try to create well-functioning production chains. And if you are fed up with the basic game, you can buy various expansions. In addition to small expansions that only introduce new rules and cards, there are new races who come back into the game with new mechanisms and want to be mastered. With us, Imperial Settlers is the board game for 2 people that offers the most variety.

Star Wars rebellion

When the children are out with grandma and we don't know what to do for the next four hours, Star Wars Rebellion comes to us. Here Jan is again the driving force, because as a Star Wars fanboy he practically wants to live in this universe. The game can be played with four people, but it is really intended for two players. Here it shows its true size. In addition to rules that are absolutely easy to learn, it is the imbalance of the individual parties that makes Rebellion a great game.

As an imperial player you have the resources to rule the galaxy and destroy the rebels, but such a galaxy is not exactly small and it is the search for a needle in a haystack. You also have time pressure, because the days of the empire are numbered. In contrast, as a rebel, you have to live in constant fear of being caught right away. And since you don't have enough resources, you can't risk an open battle with the Empire. Then there are all the emotions that arise during a game. Death stars that are destroyed or not. Or, if in the last round the empire discovers your rebel base and two infantry units oppose each other and a die roll decides the fate of the galaxy. Very recommendable rating!

Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)

Unlock! Adventures

How do you keep fit? Sure, with exercise, but how do I keep my head fit? Of course, this works best with puzzles and there is only one series of games for us at the moment. Sure, we also have various other escape games on the table, but in no other series do we look forward to new adventures as much as we do with Unlock! Series is the case. The biggest problem we have with this is when we have played through the latest adventure, we have to wait again for another one to appear.

Of course, the adventures also have their ups and downs. With currently a total of 6 parts, each with 3 adventures, there is actually something for everyone. Whether we are experiencing wild times in Unlock! Timeless Adventures or whether we as Sherlock Holmes in Unlock! Heroic Adventures determine. We are always happy about the gripping story peppered with tricky puzzles.

Furthermore, the Unlock! Series on how wonderfully an app can be linked to a board game. If you'd like to read more information on each part, check out our Unlock articles on all of them! Share it on our board game blog.

Unlock! Timeless Adventures (2019)

We hope you enjoyed our small selection of board games for 2 people. Some more noteworthy games for two that are very popular with us Targi, Caverna cave against cave and The Game Face to Face. However, all three are not in our collection. The list could go on forever.

But what are your favorite games for two people?